Eric Hartter – Net Worth And Quick Bio

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Real Name:Eric Hartter
Net WorthN/A
Height:177 cm
Occupation:American Tattoo Artist

You might not have heard of the name Eric Hartter. It is not a household name. Some might say, it is an unknown name. The name Eric comes to mind when you cross-reference it to one of the most popular artists, Eminem. And that is because Eric is the father of one of Eminem’s daughters.

We take a look at his life journey, and how he came across Eminem. Eric is an American tattoo artist. He came to fame for dating Eminem’s ex-wife, Kim Mathers. And he is also the biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers, Eminem’s adopted daughter.

Before his downhill, Eric was one of the best tattoo artists in the US. We have no details about his actual age and birthday. Later in his career, he grabbed the headlines after getting involved in various criminal activities.

Quick Bio

Born in the US, he met Kim Mathers when things ended between her and Eminem. The rapper broke up with Kimberly after finding out she cheated on him. At the time, Eric worked as a tattoo artist, but also kept a drug dealing business.

Eminem and Kim broke up and got divorced in 2001. Eminem penned some lyrics to that effect. She did get back to him, but that didn’t last. And that was before her relationship with Eric Hartter.

Eric and Kim dated for a short time, but that relationship produced a daughter, Whitney. But he couldn’t even visit Kim in the hospital. At the time, he had to hide from the police. The police had an arrest warrant out on Eric for peddling drug charges.

After Kim gave birth to Whitney, Eric begged her to let him meet with his daughter. But she asked him to come to court and prove his relationship with Whitney. That didn’t happen. Eric never spent time with his daughter.

Whitney Scott Mathers was born on April 16, 2002, just six months after Kim and Eminem broke up. That means Kim dated Eric and had sex with him before the split.

After Kim gave birth to Whitney, she started seeing Eminem again. And she eventually moved back in. And Since Eric couldn’t handle his responsibilities as a father, Eminem assumed full legal responsibility for Whitney. The family never allowed Eric to see his daughter.

Eric had every right to see his daughter. But Kim wanted him to take a paternity test at court before that. And because he couldn’t appear in court, he never definitely confirmed his parenthood of Whitney.

Lawsuits, arrests, legal actions, and more characterized the relationship between Kim, Eminem, and Eric Hartter. Whitney never met her biological father. She can search for him when she turns 18.

In July 2019, Hartter pleaded guilty to “being a prisoner possessing contraband as a fourth-time habitual offender”. At the time of the arrest, he served time in prison for “allegedly stealing $200 worth of Red Bull from CVS store” in December 2018.

In March 2020, Eric died from a suspected overdose. A source close to the family revealed that he struggled for years with drug addiction. They believed he started abusing heroin recently. One thing is certain: Hartter had a long rap sheet.

Net Worth

We do not know the exact number of Eric Hartter’s fortune. He kept his finances low-key. But he had to pay money for criminal records and drug charges. And his divorce from Kim brought even more financial strains on him.

He made a lot of money through his involvement in the drug business. But he got caught by the police and lost a huge chunk of his fortune. He often had to pay large fines due to criminal and drug charges. As of November 2020, Eric Hartter found his peace. He is no longer in this world. And we do not know Eric Hartter’s fortune at the time of his passing.

Sadly, Whitney never got the chance to meet her biological father. She only knows of Eminem as her father. And in multiple interviews, she says that works for her.