Emilio Owen: Who is Gary Owen’s Stepson?

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Real Name:Emilio William Toliver
Birthday:January 18, 1991
Net WorthN/A
Height:175 cm
Occupation:American Reality TV Personality, Son of Kenya Duke, Stepson of Gary Owen

Emilio Owen, born Emilio William Toliver on January 18, 1991, is a celebrity kid who rose to prominence as the stepson of American actor and stand-up comedian Gary Owen. His mother, Kenya Duke, a businesswoman and realtor, and Gary Owen got married, making Emilio an essential part of their blended family. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Emilio is of American nationality and has African-American ethnicity.

Gary Owen, Emilio’s stepfather, is renowned for his successful career as a comedian and was even named the Funniest Serviceman in America. He was born on July 26, 1974, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and garnered both fame and success in the entertainment industry. His mother, Kenya Duke, is a successful entrepreneur, working in the real estate business.

In Emilio Owen’s personal life, he maintains a close bond with his mother and stepfather, as well as his siblings Austin and Kennedy Owen. He also has a romantic partner named Taylor Patton. Despite the attention surrounding his famous family members, Emilio’s own career and net worth remain relatively unknown. Overall, his life is a testament to the strong family ties that can exist in blended families in Hollywood.

Early Life and Background

Birth and Parents

Emilio Owen, born Emilio William Toliver, entered the world on January 18, 1991, in Cincinnati, Ohio. His mother, Kenya Duke, later married the famous comedian Gary Owen, making Gary Emilio’s step-father. Emilio has two younger siblings, Austin and Kennedy Owen.

Emilio’s biological father is Emilio Toliver Sr., though not much information is available about him. Over the years, Gary Owen has assum`ed the role of a loving and supportive father figure, and the family continues to share a strong bond.


During his early years, Emilio attended a local high school in Cincinnati where he completed his basic education. After high school, Emilio chose to pursue his interest in arts and enrolled at The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Emilio’s ethnicity is African-American, and he holds American nationality. His maternal side has strong connections to the African-American community, while his step-father, Gary Owen, is known for being a Caucasian comedian who is particularly popular amongst African-American audiences.

Emilio Owen spent most of his growing years in Cincinnati, Ohio, eventually moving to Oakland, California, as an adult.

Recounting Emilio’s journey, it’s evident that he was raised in a supportive family that influenced his life choices and the pursuit of his interests.

Family Dynamics

Relationship with Parents

Emilio Owen was born into a blended family, with his mother Kenya Duke and his biological father Emilio Toliver Sr. Although his parents were not married, Emilio shares a close bond with both his father and his mother. In his life, a significant parental figure emerged when his mother Kenya married comedian Gary Owen. Their partnership brought more stability and a sense of a complete family, and Gary soon took on the role of Emilio’s stepfather.

Despite the divorce between Gary Owen and Kenya Duke, it appears that Emilio has maintained a positive relationship with his mother and stepfather. Through the years, the bond amongst the family members, including Gary, has remained strong, proving that, regardless of the marital status or the challenges faced, the love and support remain constant.

Siblings and Step-Siblings

In addition to his relationship with his parents, Emilio’s family dynamic is also enriched by the presence of his half-siblings from his mother’s marriage to Gary Owen. He has a younger brother, Austin Owen, born in 2001, and a younger sister, Kennedy Owen, born in 2002. Their shared experiences as siblings strengthen their bond and contribute to the cohesive environment in their family unit.

Emilio’s role as an older brother has given him the opportunity to support and guide Austin and Kennedy as they grow up. Likewise, his younger siblings provide him with companionship and contribute to the sense of a close-knit family.

Even though Emilio’s siblings are technically his half-siblings, due to their shared mother and different biological fathers, the emphasis in their family relationship lies on their emotional connections rather than their genetic ones, demonstrating the value of love, support, and family unity in navigating the complexities of a blended family.

Emilio Owen’s Public Persona

Media Appearances

Emilio Owen, born on January 18, 1991, in Cincinnati, Ohio, is primarily known as the stepson of the famous American stand-up comedian and actor, Gary Owen. Although he is often associated with his stepfather, being a celebrity kid has not influenced Emilio to pursue a career in the entertainment industry himself. Instead, he has mostly kept a low profile and maintained his status as a private person. Nonetheless, he appeared on “The Gary Owen Show,” a reality television series that showcased the life of Gary and his family, which aired in 2016.

Social Media Presence

Emilio Owen has a presence on social media platforms, where he mainly shares glimpses of his personal life and occasionally interacts with his followers. While not being as active as other celebrity children, his presence on social media platforms is authentic and enjoyable for those interested in his life. His follower count generally relies on the fans of his stepfather Gary Owen and individuals intrigued by his family dynamics. As a private person, Emilio is selective about the content he shares, focusing on intimate moments with family and friends.

Overall, Emilio Owen’s public persona is primarily driven by his connection to his famous stepfather Gary Owen. He prefers to maintain a private lifestyle, limiting his media appearances and social media engagement.

Relationships and Personal Life

Romantic Relationships

Emilio Owen is known to have been in a romantic relationship with a beautiful lady named Taylor Patton. The two have been together for quite some time, enjoying each other’s company and supporting one another. Although not much information is available about the duration of their relationship or how they met, it is apparent that they share a strong bond.

Private Aspects

Preserving the privacy of his personal life, Emilio Owen tends to avoid discussing his previous relationships or any other details regarding his romantic life. His focus tends to center on his career and maintaining a low-key presence when it comes to affairs of the heart. Emilio’s parents, Kenya Duke and his biological father, had a relationship that ended for reasons that remain undisclosed. However, Emilio was raised in Oakland, California, and takes his upbringing seriously.

As the stepson of comedian Gary Owen, Emilio has a unique family dynamic, including two half-siblings: Austin Owen, born on November 27, 2006, and Kennedy Owen, born on July 3, 2002. These siblings were born through Kenya’s marriage to Gary Owen. Despite challenging times, including the divorce of Kenya and Gary in March 2021, Emilio has maintained a strong spirit and continues to focus on his own personal growth and endeavors.

Career and Education

Collegiate Journey

Emilio Owen pursued his passion for the arts by enrolling at the Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati after completing his high school education at Lakota West High School. During his time at the institute, he worked hard to enhance his artistic skills as well as his educational background. However, it is also worth mentioning that Emilio later joined North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University to further expand his knowledge and experience.

Professional Endeavors

In addition to his educational accomplishments, Emilio has explored various career paths, showcasing his adaptability and determination. One of his notable professional positions was working as an Operations Expert at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shields. This role allowed him to gain valuable experience in the corporate world, while honing his interpersonal skills and understanding of workplace dynamics.

Not limited to just one career path, Emilio also delved into the realm of entrepreneurship. He successfully established and managed his own business venture, demonstrating his abilities as an innovative thinker and dedicated individual. Throughout his professional journey, Emilio has consistently maintained his passion for the arts and continued to develop his creative talents.

In conclusion, Emilio Owen’s academic and professional endeavors illustrate a dedicated individual who is driven by his passions and goal-oriented mindset. His diverse range of experiences and achievements speak to his strong work ethic and commitment to personal growth and development.

Legal and Financial Matters

Marriage and Separation

Emilio Owen is not a public figure and information about his personal life is scarce. However, the search results provided information on a similar situation with Gary Owen and Kenya Duke. Gary Owen, a popular comedian, and Kenya Duke were married for over 17 years. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end when Kenya filed for divorce in March 2021, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason behind their decision to part ways.

Spousal Support and Assets

As part of the divorce proceedings, financial matters such as spousal support and division of assets needed to be addressed. Taking into consideration their respective net worths and celebrity status, both Gary and Kenya had to negotiate an equitable distribution of their joint assets.

Notably, Kenya was seeking a considerable amount of spousal support, which included:

  • Monthly spousal support: A sum of $44,000 per month
  • Additional support: A separate payment to cover the expenses for their children

It is important to note that each divorce case is unique, and the division of assets and spousal support determinations vary based on the specific circumstances and financial situations of the involved parties.

Notable Connections

Family Ties with the Entertainment Industry

Emilio Owen is well-known for being the stepson of famous stand-up comedian and actor, Gary Owen. Gary Owen gained prominence through his work on Comic View. As a regular on BET, he became successful and was crowned as the “Funniest Serviceman in America”. Emilio’s association with the entertainment industry comes mainly through his connection with his stepfather, Gary Owen.

Gary Owen has had notable roles in multiple movies and has worked with various celebrities. Some of his acting credits include films such as Think Like a Man, Ride Along, Daddy Day Care, Little Man, and Meet the Blacks. Emilio’s family connection to the entertainment world sets the stage for potential future endeavors in the industry.

Associations with Celebrities

Emilio Owen’s exposure to the entertainment world has also led him to be associated with various celebrities through his stepfather’s connections. For instance, Gary Owen has worked closely with Kevin Hart and Gabrielle Union on multiple projects.

  • Kevin Hart: Gary Owen appeared alongside Hart in Think Like a Man and Ride Along, creating strong bonds between the actors.
  • Gabrielle Union: Gary Owen and Union were both featured in Think Like a Man and its sequel, Think Like a Man Too. Their professional relationship has undoubtedly led to personal connections as well.

Through his stepfather’s career, Emilio Owen has interacted with several figures in the entertainment industry, enriching his own experiences and connections. Though Emilio may not have directly pursued a career in the same field, his association with celebrities and family ties to the entertainment industry have undoubtedly influenced his life.