10 Sexy Pictures Of The Magical Elizabeth Lail

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By David

You can say Elizabeth Lail is the star of your latest Netflix obsession. Born in March 1992, Elizabeth has appeared in a couple of Netflix shows in the past several years.

Fun fact: most of her famous roles come in supernatural and horror television series. For example, she appeared in Dead of Summer, You, and Once Upon a Time. The Elizabeth Lail hot pictures from Once Upon a Time remain her best.

Born in Williamson County, Texas, she grew up in Asheboro, North Carolina. She graduated from Asheboro High School in 2010 and then attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Lail got her graduate degree in May 2014.

As a young girl, she worked in student film productions. For example, after graduating, she appeared in Model Airplane and Without. Following the minor success of those movies, she moved to New York City to pursue stage work. At the time, she landed an audition for Once Upon a Time. In the supernatural series, she portrayed Anna in the fourth season of the series.

Following her appearance in Once Upon a Time, Elizabeth got a starring role in the horror series, Dead of Summer.

And then in July 2017, Lail got the female lead role in the Netflix television series, You. She starred opposite Shay Mitchell and Penn Badgley. For her appearance in You, Lail got a Saturn Award nomination.

While she mostly appears in horror and supernatural series, Elizabeth has crafted a fan base. And despite appearing in horror movies, she retains an image of an adorable young woman. Do you want to see some hot pictures of Elizabeth Lail? Let’s take a look.

1. Looking All Innocent And Naïve

Photo: pinterest.com

One of her best features is that she can look as innocent as you can imagine. And then in a split second, she turns into a Goddess of beauty. Elizabeth has that adorable look that will make you fall in love. And then she can turn up the heat and make you love her even more.

2. The Business Woman

Photo: pinterest.com

Most of her roles come in a horror series or supernatural series. But Elizabeth is a classy and sophisticated lady. Just look at her in this businesswoman outfit. Dressed for a photo shoot, she does a great job of promoting the style.

3. It Is All About The Eyes

Photo: pinterest.com

Elizabeth’s beauty and charm come from her eyes. She has amazing, deep eyes. When you look at her, she can easily put a spell on you. Hey, after all, she portrayed a magical user in Once Upon a Time. Maybe she can really put a spell on people.

Jokes aside, her eyes give her an adorable charisma that will make anyone go mad about her.

4. Teasing All The Time

Photo: pinterest.com

Some people view Elizabeth as this young and adorable little girl. But she will turn 30 soon, and she can put her adorable look behind her. Gone are the days of the innocent young lady. Elizabeth has matured and can play deeply emotional roles. And she knows how to tease with a single move.

5. Classy Lady

Photo: pinterest.com

Photographers love Elizabeth. Why? Because she looks good in everything she wears. And she looks hot as well. Just take a look at this hot picture of Elizabeth Lail in jeans and a shirt. Not many ladies can look stunning in a casual blazer and jeans like Elizabeth.

6. Elizabeth Lail Lingerie Photo

Photo: pinterest.com

Taken from a photo shoot, this picture shows Elizabeth in sexy underwear. She does these commercials for companies. And why not? The Netflix star has a stunning body, giving her plenty of options to earn money as a model.

7. Elizabeth Lail Bikini Photo

Photo: pinterest.com

We saw a couple of hot pictures of Elizabeth Lail. But the cherry on the top is when you see a woman wearing a bikini. And finally, we have some bikini shots of Elizabeth Lail. Look at how sexy she looks just after taking a swim in the sea.

8. Anna, The Magical User

Photo: pinterest.com

Elizabeth got famous with her appearance in Once Upon a Time. In the show, she portrayed Anna, a magical user. This is a photo of her appearance on the red carpet. We just love it when she puts on a mini skirt. It really allows her legs to shine.

9. Chilling At Home

Photo: instagram.com

Even when she stays at home, Elizabeth looks sexy and hot. Well, this is probably a photo from a photo shoot in her home. But whatever the case, a young woman in a dress on a bed is a sexy picture. And we cannot help it.

10. Elizabeth, The Pin-up Lady

Photo: instagram.com

Not many Hollywood ladies can pull off a pin-up woman look. Elizabeth is one of the few that looks amazing in something that got popular in the 1960s and 1970s. And that is the true testament to her beauty.