Ebberly Strathairn: Life and Career of David Strathairn’s Son

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Real Name:Ebberly Strathairn
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Occupation:American Architect, Son of David Strathairn

Ebberly Strathairn is the son of renowned American actor David Strathairn, known for his diverse roles in both film and television. Born in 1987, Ebberly has managed to keep most of his life out of the public eye, choosing a different career path compared to his father and steering away from the entertainment industry. While not much is known about his personal life, he has made a name for himself in his chosen profession.

Having pursued a career as an architect, Ebberly Strathairn has built a successful and reputable career separate from the spotlight of his father’s acting. Although private about his personal life, his professional achievements reflect his determination and skill.

In this article, we will provide more insight into the life of Ebberly Strathairn, his choice of career as an architect, and the influence of his family background. Understanding the person behind the name can further shed light on the Strathairn family and their various accomplishments in different fields.

Early Life and Family Background

Ebberly Strathairn was born in 1987 to his parents David Strathairn, a well-known American actor, and Logan Goodman. David Strathairn’s parents are Thomas Scott Strathairn Jr. and Mary Frances. Thomas Scott Strathairn Jr., Ebberly’s paternal grandfather, was a physician, and his wife, Mary Frances, worked as a nurse.

The Strathairn family has a diverse ancestry that includes English, Scottish, Irish, Portuguese, Hawaiian, and one-sixteenth Chinese descent. David Strathairn, the father of Ebberly, was born on January 26, 1949, in San Francisco, California, and has two siblings, a brother named Tom, who is a teacher, and a sister named Anne.

Eberly grew up in a family with a strong connection to the acting world, thanks to his father’s successful career. David Strathairn is best known for his roles in movies like Good Night, and Good Luck, and Lincoln. Although not much is known about Ebberly’s early life, it can be assumed that his father’s career and connections might have influenced him to some extent.

Josephine Lei Victoria Alana is known to be Ebberly’s significant other. The couple shares a deep connection and enjoys spending time together. Not much is known about their relationship, but it appears that they maintain a low public profile and are supportive of each other’s personal and professional lives.

In conclusion, Ebberly Strathairn was born into a family with a diverse cultural background and an artistic environment. His father’s accomplished career as an actor may have played a significant role in shaping his personality and interests, while his relationship with Josephine Lei Victoria Alana adds a meaningful aspect to his personal life.

Father – David Strathairn

David Strathairn is a renowned American actor with an illustrious career spanning over four decades. He has appeared in numerous stage, film, and television productions, showcasing his versatile acting skills. Some of his notable works include Nomadland, The River Wild with Meryl Streep, and Good Night, and Good Luck, directed by George Clooney.

Strathairn began his career with filmmaker John Sayles, starring in films such as Matewan and Eight Men Out. Over the years, he has also appeared in television series like The Sopranos and Lovesick. Throughout his career, Strathairn has received numerous awards and nominations for his performances.

His collaborations with several prestigious directors have made Strathairn a prominent figure in the industry. He has worked with Steven Spielberg in Lincoln, Guillermo del Toro in the upcoming Nightmare Alley, and starred alongside Grace Gummer in Blue Car. Additionally, Strathairn has appeared in popular franchises such as the Bourne movies.

David Strathairn’s television career has been just as impressive, with appearances in shows like House and The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd. In recent years, he has taken part in popular series such as The Blacklist, Billions, and The Expanse. His portrayal of Temple Grandin’s mentor in the biographical film Temple Grandin earned him a Primetime Emmy Award.

As an actor of many talents, Strathairn has also explored various genres like drama, thriller, and biopics. Some of his other noteworthy films include Silkwood, City of Hope, A League of Their Own, A Map of the World, L.A. Confidential, and Passion Fish. Strathairn has the ability to adapt to different roles, showcasing his versatile nature and dedication to his craft.

In summary, David Strathairn, father of Ebberly Strathairn, has established himself as a distinguished American actor with an extensive and versatile body of work. From films like The River Wild and Good Night, and Good Luck to television series like Alphas and We are Marshall, Strathairn has demonstrated his outstanding acting abilities throughout his noteworthy career.


Ebberly Strathairn has maintained a private life away from the public eye. Information on Ebberly’s education is limited, but we can look into the educational background of his father, David Strathairn, as a possible influence.

David Strathairn attended Redwood High School in Larkspur, California, before continuing his higher education at Williams College in Massachusetts. Williams College is a prestigious liberal arts institution known for its strong academic programs, and David graduated with a degree in Theater. Later, he honed his acting skills at the American Conservatory Theater’s Advanced Theatre Training Program in San Francisco.

As for Ebberly, although his educational background is not explicitly mentioned in the available information, it is likely that he attended schools in New York, where David Strathairn built his career in acting. The exposure to an artistic family background and growing up in a city known for its thriving arts scene might have had an impact on Ebberly’s education and career choices.

Taking into account the lack of information on Ebberly Strathairn’s education, it is essential to avoid spreading false or exaggerated claims. However, the importance of education in the Strathairn family and David’s educational background at Williams College might provide some context on their values and aspirations.

Career Path

Ebberly Strathairn, the son of renowned American actor David Strathairn, has chosen a different career path from his father. Instead of following in the footsteps of his father’s acting career, Ebberly decided to pursue his passion as an architect. He is known to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in his field, with a knack for both residential and commercial architecture.

As a dedicated architect, Ebberly has worked on a wide array of projects. From designing modern and contemporary homes to crafting refined commercial buildings, his expertise spans various architectural styles and sectors. In his work, he consistently demonstrates a strong understanding of different cultural influences, incorporating these elements into his unique designs.

Though the exact name of the architectural company Ebberly is associated with remains undisclosed, it is clear that his creative talent and dedication to his craft have led him to work with some of the most established and acclaimed architects in the industry. Collaborating with other professionals, Ebberly has been instrumental in creating buildings that not only cater to their intended function but also showcase a sense of style and elegance.

In summary, Ebberly Strathairn has successfully carved out his own niche as an architect, with expertise in both residential and commercial design. His keen eye for detail and ability to blend various cultural influences have contributed significantly to his unique architectural style, making him a valuable asset both as an individual designer and as part of a larger architectural firm.

Music Influence

Ebberly Strathairn, the son of renowned actor David Strathairn, has grown up in a family where artistic talents are admired and encouraged. Although his career path is not extensively documented, his half-brother Tay Strathairn’s involvement in the music industry is well recognized. Tay’s musical journey is an excellent example of the music influence within the Strathairn family.

Tay Strathairn is a talented musician, who has been part of popular rock bands such as Dawes and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Being a keyboardist and pianist, he has contributed to the unique sound of these bands and significantly impacted their success.

Dawes is an American folk-rock band, formed in 2009, which has released a number of critically acclaimed albums. Their music is known for insightful lyrics, profound storytelling, and skillful instrumentals. Similarly, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is a band with a distinctive indie-folk sound, celebrated for their energetic live performances and uplifting songs.

In addition to Tay’s personal accomplishments, his collaboration with fellow musician Logan Goodman has further solidified his position in the world of music. Their shared passion for creating meaningful and evocative tunes has led to fruitful partnerships and exciting projects.

In conclusion, the Strathairn family, particularly Tay Strathairn, has had a significant influence on the music industry. With talent, dedication, and a love for melody, they have crafted impressive careers and continue to make a lasting impact on the world of music.

Personal Life

Ebberly Strathairn, son of the famous American actor David Strathairn, is reported to be 36 years old. He was born in 1987 to David Strathairn and his mother, Logan Goodman. Ebberly has an older brother, Tay Strathairn, who is also an actor known for his roles in Nomadland, Lone Star, and Julie & Julia.

Despite being born into a family of actors, Ebberly opted for a career in architecture, a choice that distinguishes him from the family business of acting. His passion for architecture has led him to a successful career, contributing to design and structure.

When it comes to Ebberly’s relationship status, there’s not much public information available. It’s unclear if he is currently single or in a relationship. His private nature has allowed him to keep most of his personal life away from the public eye, maintaining a low profile compared to his more famous family members.

In summary, Ebberly Strathairn chose a distinct career path as an architect, contrary to his family background in acting. While his relationship status remains a mystery, he successfully maintains a private life away from the limelight.

Net Worth

Ebberly Strathairn, son of the famous American actor David Strathairn, has made a name for himself as a successful architect in the United States. Specializing in designing buildings, houses, and objects for various sectors such as healthcare, residential, education, and cultural and commercial areas, Ebberly has managed to create a significant income for himself.

His father, David Strathairn, boasts an impressive career in the film and television industry and has an estimated net worth of $6 million. This financial success can be attributed to his exceptional acting skills that have landed him numerous prestigious awards, including an Oscar nomination.

While the exact net worth of Ebberly Strathairn is not publicly known, it can be assumed that he has also garnered a substantial amount of wealth through his architecture career. Additionally, his brother Tay Strathairn has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2021, primarily attributed to his involvement in the music industry.

Considering the success of the Strathairn family, Ebberly’s net worth is likely a reflection of his dedication, hard work, and talent in the field of architecture.

Film Contributions

Ebberly Strathairn, son of the renowned American actor David Strathairn, has been known to maintain a low profile, unlike his father. David Strathairn, on the other hand, has made notable contributions to the film industry as a talented character actor. This section will take a brief look at some of his impressive work in movies and his collaboration with other notable figures in Hollywood.

David Strathairn’s early work includes a collaboration with director John Sayles on the film Eight Men Out. As a period drama set in the United States, it showcases the infamous 1919 Black Sox scandal. In the film, Strathairn played the role of Eddie Cicotte, showcasing his ability to delve into complex characters with ease.

Another notable film directed by John Sayles, in which David Strathairn starred, is Limbo. This particular film features David Strathairn in a leading role, further establishing him as a dependable and versatile actor in the industry. It is worth mentioning that Strathairn’s collaboration with Sayles has led to a productive and long-lasting professional relationship.

David Strathairn has also worked alongside reputable figures in the industry like Steven Spielberg and George Clooney. In Steven Spielberg’s historical drama Lincoln, Strathairn portrayed William H. Seward, adding yet another significant role to his grid. Moreover, his performance in Good Night, and Good Luck, directed by George Clooney, earned him a nomination for an Academy Award for the Best Actor for his portrayal of Edward R. Murrow.

Among David Strathairn’s numerous roles, it’s important to mention his appearance in films like Silkwood, a drama directed by Mike Nichols, and the Bourne film series, where he played a skilled government official chasing the protagonist, Jason Bourne, in the thrilling action-packed spy saga.

Although born in San Francisco, David Strathairn’s acting career has spanned across various locations, with notable works in Los Angeles and beyond. Throughout his career, he has continually demonstrated his ability to deliver emotionally captivating and powerful performances, solidifying his place as one of Hollywood’s most respected character actors.

Awards and Accolades

Ebberly Strathairn, son of the renowned actor David Strathairn, has inherited a legacy of excellence in the acting industry. David Strathairn’s impressive list of accolades confirms his status as a respected figure in the world of film and television.

Throughout his esteemed career, David Strathairn has received numerous awards and nominations, including some of the most prestigious honors in the industry. Among these accolades is the Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, which he earned for his impeccable portrayal of journalist Edward R. Murrow in the critically acclaimed film, Good Night, and Good Luck.

Additionally, David Strathairn has been nominated for a BAFTA Award and two Golden Globe Awards for his various performances over the years. His contributions to independent cinema have not gone unnoticed either, as he was honored with an Independent Spirit Award for his role in the film Passion Fish.

David Strathairn’s work on television has also been highly acclaimed. He won a Primetime Emmy Award for his portrayal of Dr. Carlock in the HBO biographical film Temple Grandin. Furthermore, his role as John Dos Passos in the HBO miniseries Hemingway & Gellhorn earned him another Emmy nomination.

In addition to these prestigious honors, David Strathairn has been recognized in various film festivals around the globe. One significant achievement is the Volpi Cup, which he won for his performance in the film We Are Nowhere and It’s Wow at the Venice Film Festival.

As a member of the Strathairn family, it is evident that Ebberly has a strong connection to the world of cinema and a rich heritage to draw from. It will be interesting to see how his own pursuits in design and architecture might one day intersect with the illustrious acting career of his father, David Strathairn.