Drinking Games For Couples – Fun and Sexy Games to Keep the Alive

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By David

Every couple comes to a stage when they just the two of us. Their couple friends have babies, or they are out on a trip or anything between. The reality is that you need only the two of you to have fun. You and your partner can have some old-fashion fun playing drinking games for couples. Do not mistake drinking games only for large groups.

So, let’s take a look at some games you can play. Options include drinking games for two, verbal drinking games, and more.

Why play Drinking Games for Couples?

Why it is important to spice things up? Well, think of your relationship as a marathon. In the beginning, you two have fun and go wild. You are adventurous. And your body sends signals to increase dopamine levels. That is the love hormone.

As time goes by, you feel more and more comfortable. You feel closer to your partner. This is when love transitions into an attachment. At this point, you feel a sense of safety and accountability.

But not every relationship lasts for too long. You need to spice things up every now and then. Otherwise, you fall into a routine. And we know routines are boring. There is always a desire for a certain amount of affection. These drinking games for couples will help you get there.

Set the Rules

Before you start playing or think about any drinking game questions, set the basic rules. Talk with your partner about how do you want to do this. Remember, many of these truth or drink card couples games include a lot of secret telling. Are you comfortable with that? How far do you want to go?

Set the ground rules. This will help you avoid getting in uncomfortable situations. For example, you might don’t want to talk about your first sexual encounter.

Before engaging in sexy games, discuss whether stripping is okay. Respect your partner no matter his answer. Drinking games for couples should be fun and exciting. Adjust the rules to your own personality.

And most importantly, pace yourself. There will be a lot of drinking. You do not want to get drunk within 10 minutes. Drink slowly and responsibly. The night is long and it is yours. So, let’s go.

13 Drinking Games for Couples

Beer Pong

Let’s start with the classic college time game. You can play beer pong no matter the number of players. Go head to head. It is more fun and competitive. You can talk about anything you want during the game. Some couples make arrangements for the Sunday dinner plan. Others, plan for something sexy afterward.

Power Hour

You should try this only if you can handle a lot of alcohol. It falls into one of the most dangerous drinking games for couples without cards. How to play it? You are on a schedule. You need to drink one ounce of beer every minute for an hour. That is 60 ounces of beer. And all while staring deeply into your partner’s eyes.

Boat Race

The boat race is a group game. It falls into college group games and group Valentine games. But you can adjust it for two players. The game is an acronym for a beer on a table. In this drinking game, participants race to finish their drinks in a sequence. You need to regulate the vessels from which you consume alcohol and punishment for spilling.

Never Have I Ever

Think of as the prototype of question drinking games for couples. This game will help you get to know each other on a deeper level. Do not try it at the beginning of the relationship. You might not feel comfortable at that point.

The premise of the game is simple. You “Never Have I Ever” and then say something truthful or crazy. If your partner has done it, he takes a shot or drink. You can use it to admit the terrible things you did in the past.

Straight Face

Ready for some fun and crazy drinking games for couples? Let’s go. Write down a number of ridiculous things on a piece of paper. Your partner needs to read the piece without laughing. If they manage that, they score a point. If not, they need to take a shot. Take turns, and have fun. You can laugh and joke as much as you want. Plus, you can get creative.

If you want to get naughty, you can adjust the rules. Write as much naughty and dirty words as possible. Fold these into chits and throw them into a bowl. If you can read it aloud without displaying a flicker of expression, you score a point.

Drunken Artists

If you are good at drawing, you can try your skills. The goal is to draw something as quickly as you can. Then, your partner has to figure out what is it. You can set up some ground rules. For example, drawings of objects in the home. If your partner doesn’t figure out in 20 seconds, he takes a drink.

The best part about this game is you do not need to spend money. Any drinking games without cards are cheap and easy. All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen.

Truth or False

There are a lot of ways you can play truth or false. We choose one that stimulates creativity. You write a number of different nouns on a piece of paper. When it is your turn, you have to come up with a story involving the noun you selected. You can tell a true or false story. Your partner has to figure out.

You can use the game to get closer as a couple.

Eye contact

Some of our drinking games for couples involve looking at each other’s eyes. This game is a bit dirty and naughty. You start by looking deeply into your partner’s eyes. You need to remain still. If you blink, you take a shot. When you blink twice, you take off a piece of your clothing. The intensity rises, and the sexual tension builds up. You can finish the game in the bed, but try to resist as long as possible.

Two truths and one lie

We all know this game. Usually, there is no alcohol involved. But we want to make it more fun. Take turns by saying three things about you. You need to say two truths and one lie. Your partner has to guess the lie. Remember, when you are drunk, you might admit things you wouldn’t as sober.

Truth or Dare

When alcohol kicks in, you can put an adult spin on this game. For example, start daring sexy things. It is a great way to spice up the relationship. The downside is your partner might think you wouldn’t do that sober.

Naughty Jenga

We are now getting deep into the naughty territory. It is time for a dirty spin on classic games. You can attach chits with naughty dares on all Jenga pieces. Play as you usually do. Every time you remove a piece, you have to perform the dare. Then add it to the top of the tower. If you do not want to perform the dare, you take a shot.

If you knock down the tower, you drink two shots.

Blindfolded touch

You will not find these games in the drinking games for couples app. If you are ready to get naughty, we have the ultimate game. Blindfolds are the sexiest tool in the bedroom. A simple touch can go electric in a second. You do not see it coming.

So, how to play this game? Blindfold your partner. Then, guide his/her hand to a certain body part of yours. Do it slowly, teasingly, and recklessly. Your partner has to guess your body part. But he can touch it only with his index finger. If they guess it, you take a shot. If not, they take a shot.

Flip, sip, or strip

We said we put a dirty spin on classic games. The coin flip is one of the oldest games. All you need is a coin. Sadly, you cannot play this game with more than two people. So, if you are into threesomes, try some other drinking games for 3.

So, how you play it? Flip a coin, and your partner has to guess heads or tails. Guess right, and nothing happens. Guess wrong, and they take a drink. Give them a second chance to redeem. If they guess wrong again, they must take off a piece of clothing.