Drake Maye Brother: Exploring the Athletic Lineage in the Maye Family

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Drake Maye’s emergence as a prominent quarterback for the North Carolina Tar Heels has brought attention not only to his burgeoning career but also to his familial ties in the world of sports. He is the latest in a lineage of athletes, being the younger brother of Luke Maye, who made his mark as a forward for the Tar Heel’s basketball team. The Maye family’s athletic prowess is further evidenced by their brother Cole Maye, who chose a different path in sports, excelling as a left-handed pitcher in baseball.

The siblings have each carved out their own niche in collegiate athletics, showcasing the diverse talents present in the Maye family. While Luke gained recognition for his basketball skills, Drake is creating his legacy on the football field, and Cole on the baseball diamond. Their individual journeys display a shared commitment to sports at a competitive level, underscoring the rich athletic tradition within the family.

In a family where athleticism runs deep, Drake Maye’s story is of particular interest because it connects two popular American sports—football and basketball—through familial bonds. The achievements of the Maye brothers not only highlight their personal skills but also illustrate the broader narrative of intercollegiate sports as a unifying thread for families in the athletic sphere. Today, we will talk more about Drake Maye brother.

Drake Maye’s Early Life and Background

drake maye brother

Drake Maye was born into a family with a formidable sporting legacy in Cary, North Carolina. His passion for sports was ignited in a household where athletics was a shared interest and a binding force. As the youngest of four brothers, he spent his formative years in the nurturing environment of a competitive and sports-loving family.

Family Influences:

  • Father: Mark Maye, a significant influence, is a former athlete whose experiences shaped the Maye brothers’ approach to sports
  • Brothers:
    • Luke Maye: Former forward for the Tar Heel and a notable figure in Drake’s early life
    • Cole Maye: Also contributed to the athletic ambiance of the household
    • Beau Maye: One of the pillars in their tightly knit family framework

Education and Sports:

  • School: Drake attended Myers Park High School, where he made a name for himself on the football field
  • State: His journey was rooted in North Carolina, where the Maye family has a long-standing history

Drake’s upbringing in Cary was defined by his regular engagement in sports-related activities. His character and athletic prowess were honed within the family setting, with each member playing a role in his development. From the backyards to the fields of Myers Park High School, Drake’s childhood experiences in North Carolina laid the groundwork for his future in athletics and upheld the family’s sports legacy.

High School Career

Drake Maye distinguished himself during his high school career as an impressive athlete, excelling in football and demonstrating athletic versatility by participating in multiple sports. His high school years were marked by significant achievements on the football field, active engagement in various sports, and commendable academic performance.

Football Achievements

In football, Drake Maye made an impact as a quarterback. He showcased his skills by securing numerous wins for his team and contributing a remarkable tally of touchdowns. His performance on the gridiron earned him recognition and set the foundation for his future in college athletics.

  • Notable accolades:
    • Won several Player of the Week awards
    • Named to All-State teams

Multi-Sport Participation

Aside from football, Maye was also active in other sports, notably basketball and baseball. His participation in these sports underscores his all-around capabilities as an athlete.

  • Participation included:
    • Starting positions in basketball and baseball teams
    • Leading teams to victories in regional competitions

Academic Achievements

Maye’s excellence was not limited to athletics, as he also performed well academically. Balancing sports and studies, he achieved a commendable academic record throughout his high school tenure.

  • Examples of accomplishments:
    • Honor roll student
    • Recognition for outstanding academic performance in mathematics and science

College Years at UNC

Drake Maye’s tenure at the University of North Carolina was marked by a meteoric rise as the starting quarterback, replete with impressive statistics and records, while also staying committed to his academic pursuits.

Rise as a Starting Quarterback

Mack Brown, the head coach of North Carolina football, found a gem in Drake Maye following the departure of former starting quarterback Sam Howell. Maye quickly established himself as a standout player in college football. His arm strength, decision-making, and athletic prowess made him the starting quarterback for UNC, steering the team through a series of wins and elevating the Tar Heels’ offensive game.

Statistics and Records

Passing Yards and Touchdowns:

  • 2022 Season:
    • Passing Yards: 3,500+
    • Passing Touchdowns: 30+

Maye’s sophomore year featured a stunning performance that garnered national attention. His passing yards soared above 3,500, and he tossed more than 30 passing touchdowns, cementing his status as an elite player in UNC football history. These achievements contributed to Maye being named the ACC Player of the Year, a reflection of his dominance in the conference.

Academic Pursuits

Alongside his athletic achievements, Maye remained committed to his studies at UNC. Balancing a rigorous football schedule with academic responsibilities, he exemplified the true spirit of a student-athlete. His dedication to both fields resonates with UNC’s emphasis on academic excellence for all its athletes.

Luke Maye’s Basketball Career

Luke Maye’s journey in basketball is marked by notable achievements with the North Carolina Tar Heels and a professional career that spans several leagues and countries.

Tar Heels Success

At the University of North Carolina (UNC), Luke Maye made significant contributions to the Tar Heels’ basketball program. His tenure at UNC was marked by the Tar Heels’ success in the NCAA basketball circuit. Maye’s most prominent moment came during his sophomore year when he hit a game-winning shot against Kentucky, propelling UNC to the Final Four. In the 2017 season, UNC clinched the national championship, with Maye playing a vital role throughout the season.

Throughout his college career, Maye was recognized for his impressive stats, including rebounds and assists, which helped solidify his position as a key player for the Tar Heels. His consistent performance earned him a place on the All-ACC First Team, showcasing his prowess during his time in the collegiate basketball era.

Professional Basketball Journey

Following his college success, Luke Maye went undrafted in the 2019 NBA Draft but joined the Milwaukee Bucks for the NBA Summer League. He then signed a contract with the Bucks but was waived and later allocated to their NBA G League affiliate, the Wisconsin Herd.

Maye’s professional basketball journey took him overseas, where he signed with Dolomiti Energia Trento in Italy. Later, he moved to Spain to play for Baxi Manresa and then Coviran Granada. His international career also included a stint in the Turkish Basketbol Süper Ligi. Throughout these experiences, Maye continued to participate in the Basketball Champions League, displaying a resilient and adaptable approach to his professional career across various competitive platforms.

Cole and Beau Maye’s Sports Endeavors

Cole and Beau Maye, siblings of Drake Maye, have carved out their own paths in the sports world, with Cole excelling in baseball and Beau making strides in basketball.

Cole’s Baseball Career

Cole Maye pitched for the University of Florida baseball team, marking his presence in a sport different from football, where his brothers made their mark. As a member of this prestigious collegiate program, Cole contributed to the team during his time there. His summer stints included playing for the Charlottesville TomSox, where he further honed his skills on the mound. His college career also involved experiencing a redshirt freshman season, an important year for athlete development and growth.

Beau’s Athletic Achievements

Beau Maye has pursued basketball passionately. Following his family’s athletic lineage, he took to the court, most notably joining the University of North Carolina as a walk-on player. His height, standing at 6-foot-9, came as a valuable asset to the team. Prior to this, Beau also demonstrated his basketball prowess at Wofford in South Carolina and played overseas with Tofas, providing him with varied experiences across different levels of the sport. His athletic journey through basketball underscores the Maye family’s broad sporting legacy, beyond just the quarterback position in the NFL.

The Maye Family Legacy in Sports

The Maye family has cultivated a significant legacy within the University of North Carolina Tar Heels sports programs. Mark Maye, the patriarch, established his mark in the 1980s as a standout quarterback for the North Carolina Tar Heels football team. His tenure at UNC set a strong foundation for the family’s athletic lineage.

Years later, the Maye family’s connection to UNC sports saw a resurgence through Luke Maye, who etched his name in Tar Heels basketball history. Unlike his father, Luke’s contribution came on the basketball court, significantly during the Tar Heels’ celebrated runs in the NCAA tournaments.

Drake Maye, the youngest of the Maye siblings, has mirrored his father’s path but with his unique flair. As a talented quarterback, he adds contemporary prestige to the Maye legacy at UNC. Drake’s early performances have hinted at a promising future, possibly extending to an eventual career in the NFL, much like the progression seen by other successful Tar Heels quarterbacks.

The family’s athletic prowess is no coincidence, as each member has contributed at a high level of collegiate sports, particularly within the North Carolina Tar Heels athletic program.

Family Member Sport UNC Contribution
Mark Maye Football Quarterback in the 1980s
Luke Maye Basketball Forward, significant NCAA tournament runs
Drake Maye Football Quarterback, current player

While Mark and Luke have set the bar, Drake continues to build upon the Maye sports tradition at UNC, shaping a legacy that could foreseeably influence the NFL draft prospects and beyond. Their collective story exemplifies a rare combination of multi-sport talent and a continued association with the Tar Heels.

Drake Maye’s NFL Prospects

Drake Maye enters the 2024 NFL Draft with a strong buzz surrounding his college performance as a quarterback. At the University of North Carolina, he exhibited strong leadership and the ability to perform under pressure, earning ACC Player of the Year honors in 2022.


  • Athletic Ability: Impressive agility for his size, with good speed
  • Arm Strength: Has the capability to make all the necessary throws

His draft stock has been consistently high, with projections placing him as a top five pick. In terms of draft class ranking, Maye is often discussed as the second quarterback behind Caleb Williams.


  • Heisman Trophy: While details about his standing for the Heisman Trophy are scarce, the award is a benchmark for collegiate success and could boost his draft credibility if he was a contender

As a quarterback, resourcefulness and decision-making are essential, and Maye has shown that he can direct an offense effectively. While specific stats like a 40-yard dash time or vertical leap are not provided, these combine results will be pivotal in teams analyzing his physical capabilities.

With his decision to forgo his bowl game, the body of work Maye has put forth in his collegiate career is the primary basis for his draft evaluation. Teams will scrutinize his past performances and combine results to predict his NFL trajectory. As it stands, his prospects are optimistic, with a strong likelihood of becoming a high first-round draft pick.