Did You Have This Dream Last Night?

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By David

Research shows that general searches for disturbing nightmares have increased by 146% over the last seven years. Getting nightmares is a terrible experience as they keep you awake and leave you feeling fearful, depressed, anxious, and confused. Our minds typically use dreams to organize our thoughts, a reality call, or a way of coping with our daily issues. Here are different types of dreams and their meanings and why they happen.

Why Do Nightmares Happen?

It is crucial to know that dreams are generally based on what excites you and what scares you. Dreaming is generally the mind’s method of dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of being alive. Before you retire to bed, ensure you do not have things worrying you to avoid having nightmares.

When you have nightmares, the mind wants to take care of a problematic situation in your life. Consequently, as much as bad dreams are frightening to go through, they, however, help to shed light on things you have been mishandling, ignoring, or something wrong. The most common nightmares can be caused by stress. Or they can be caused by supplements or medications, heavy meals just before bed, and sleep apnea.

Types of Dreams

1. Dreams Caused by Losing Your Teeth

Losing teeth is among the most common dreams related to stress that you may experience. Teeth are not just tools that people use to bite and chew food; they represent power. If you are having bad dreams related to your teeth falling out or losing teeth, it means you are possibly going through a difficult challenge in life. Therefore, this shows that you are having difficulty going through your problems.

2. Reckless Driving

When you have dreams whereby you forget how to drive or crash into another vehicle, it is considered a nightmare. Hence, this means that your subconscious tells you to control an occurrence or circumstance in your life.

It could be the responsibilities you have been ignoring or your road to success. Therefore, whenever you have this dream, ensure you reexamine your life and see if you are on the right path for success and doing what you need to do.

3. Free Falling

When you dream about falling, it could mean that you are feeling unsupported. You may find yourself having these dreams due to relationship issues with your loved ones, stress, or feeling anxious at work. Therefore, you need to reexamine your life in general and notice where you are over-exerting yourself in handling an uncontrollable situation.

4. Dreaming of A Loved One’s Demise or Your Demise

Like death, endings and change are unavoidable in life. Death is among the most common etiology dreams, and it may be difficult for you to cope if you are not prepared for them.

Dreaming about a loved one’s passing or your death usually symbolizes completing something plus the start of another. Thus, this could mean many things, from changing jobs to a breakup. If you have a dream about the demise of your family member, it likely means that you are worried about their well-being.

Additionally, when you have a nightmare of a kid dying, it symbolizes overcoming immature actions or your youth coming to an end. It would help if you were more self-aware about your dreams so that you may have more of a grasp on the power to control your life.

5. Missing Public Transport

Missing your bus, train, or flight is among the common nightmares people have when sleeping. The meaning of this dream is linked to meeting deadlines. Moreover, it could be a way of enabling you to be more prepared and use your time wisely. Additionally, dreaming about this is a method of making sure you are ready for an available opportunity because it is about to come.

In conclusion, ensure you can cope with these nightmares whenever you experience them. You can do this by changing your bad habits, being optimistic, and managing your everyday stress. If you are unable to cope with them, you can seek help from professionals if you are comfortable with that option. Therefore, ensure you understand your dreams and their meanings to relieve stress and have a good night’s sleep.