Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer – Biggest Influence on Doja Cat

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Real Name:Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer
Birthday:January 1, 1970
Net Worth$700,000
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American Painter, and Artist, Mother of Doja Cat

Have you heard Doja Cat? She went viral in 2019 with the single Mooo! She turned into an Internet meme and reached viral success. But do you know her mother? Well, turns out, her mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is the biggest influence and support for Doja Cat. What do you know about the woman who raised one of the hottest music stars in the past year?

Let’s start with a little intro about Doja Cat first. Born in October 1995 as Amala Ratha Zandile Dlamini, Doja Cat is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she started releasing music on SoundCloud as a teenager. She signed a record deal at the age of 17 and released her debut EP in 2014.

Following a commercial hiatus, she released her debut studio album Amala in 2018 to commercial failure. But one year later, she went viral with the single Moo!, turning into an internet meme and reaching viral success.

Her music achieves popularity on social media applications like YouTube and TikTok. Doja has earned three Grammy Award nominations and won two American Music Awards.

Now let’s talk about her mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer.

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Deborah gave birth to her daughter in Tarzana, California. She then relocated to the Bronx and New York suburb of Rye. She lived there for the first five years of Doja Cat’s life. The family then moved back to California, living in a Hindu ashram for four years.

Deborah got married to Dumisani Dlamini, a black South African actor. He danced in The Lion King on Broadway and the 1992 movie Sarafina.

Early in Doja’s childhood, Dumisani returned to South Africa, leaving her mother to raise her as a single parent. Elizabeth also raised Dojas’s unidentified sister. Her father, Dumisani, continues to leave public comments on Doja’s Instagram account to this day.

Deborah doesn’t speak publicly about the divorce and relationship with Dumisani. There is no information why he left her and went back to Africa. They had a marriage that produced two daughters. He has once said that he felt homesick and went back home. Before he returned to Africa, Dumisani got a divorce from Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer.

Doja inherited his talent for dancing. But her mother served as her biggest influence and support from a young age. In one interview, she said, “I used to live in New York, my mom was kind of a hip-hop head. It’s really ironic because I’m Jewish, my grandma’s Jewish, my mom’s white and was never exposed to music like that until she started meeting people, and said she loved the music”.

Elizabeth listened to bands like Fugees and Jamiroquai during Doja’s childhood. She also listened to music from Alice Coltrane and John Coltrane.

Thanks to her mother’s influence and support, Doja earned three Grammy nominations.

Nowadays, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer spent her time painting. Her mother opened a gallery when both Deborah and her mother sell paintings.

But she didn’t come into the limelight until her daughter burst into popularity and famous. But despite everything, she tries to keep information about her early years private.

We know she has Jewish roots, but you can hardly find information about her childhood and education. But we know she developed her love and talent for painting from a tender age. And she loves painting like life itself.

Most of her paintings emphasize the theme of environmental issues. Deborah makes use of gouache, oil, and wax to create her masterpieces. A major feature of her work is mixing colors. She loves to play around with colors and has a talent for mixing them.

Net Worth

The Jewish-American painter got fully recognized for her talent after the burst onto the scene of her daughter, Doja Cat. She works as a painter and artist. But she has many more talents.

Deborah created a website where fans can see and purchase her paintings. As of 2021, her cash flow is assumed to be $700,000.

But we do know the net worth of her daughter. As one of the hottest names in the music industry lately, Doja Cat has a fortune of more than $4 million. She went viral with her song Mooo!, followed by her single, Say So.