Dawn Hasbrouck – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs

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Real Name:Dawn Hasbrouck
Birthday:December 14, 1974
Net Worth$1 million
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American News Anchor

Dawn Hasbrouck is a familiar face in the world of television. She started her journalism career in 1999. Since then, Dawn completely took over the TV screen. Her presence cannot go unnoticed. The Boston Business Journal listed her Top 40 under 40 a while ago. Now, she is in her mid-40s. And she is only going higher. Let’s take a look at Dawn Hasbrouck’s fortune.

What is her life story? How she got where she is? Today, we take a look at the life and assets of Dawn Hasbrouck, a familiar face in the world of Fox News. Hasbrouck is an accomplished performer and she now serves as a role model for future female journalists.

Career Ups and Downs

Dawn managed to carve a path and place in the world of television. But it didn’t come easily. She used her passion to climb the ladder of success. Here is how all started.

Born in Chicago, she attended St Ignatius College Prep. During that time, she took part in the school’s track and tennis team. She also attended the musical theatre program. And on top of that, Dawn served as the cheerleading captain. In a way, she tried to keep an interest in many fields, so that she can decide which one suits her best.

During her high school years, Hasbrouck also attended the Sherwood Conservatory of Music and the Merit School of Music. There, she served as a young voice pupil. After graduating from high school, Dawn attended Duke University. She got a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and a certificate for Film and Video Productions.

Following her time at Duke, Dawn attended the University of California and studied at the School of Cinema and television. To top it all, she has a degree in journalism from the School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Dawn finished her education in the school’s Council of 100, a group celebrating the top female graduates.

While studying journalism, Dawn interned at KCAL-TV in Los Angeles from 1996 to 1999. Then she got her first job as a journalist.

She started her journalism career in 1999 as a news anchor for WTGS/WGCL for one year. Her career also includes stints in Des Moines, Iowa at Who News Radio, in Lexington, Kentucky at WKYT-TV(CBS), in Savannah, Georgia at WTGS/WJCL-TV (FOX/ABC), and in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at WITI-TV (FOX).

But her most successful stint before Fox 32 News radio came in Boston. There, she worked for three years in WBZ-TV (CBS) in Boston, Massachusetts. There, she got recognized for her work by the Boston Business Journal. They featured her in their Top 40 under 40 list.

Now, she works in Chicago as an anchor for Fox 32 News. She anchors the weekday’s news program. She anchors the show airing between 5 to 9 pm in Chicago, Illinois. She joined Fox in 2010.

Dawn doesn’t share many details about her married life. We know that she got married to an African-American man by the name of Brandon. They dated for a few years before getting married in a private ceremony in September 2006.

The couple has three children, all males. They got their first child in 2008, and the last one in January 2017. Her husband works as the vice president of Wachovia Corp.

Despite their busy schedule and lifestyle, Dawn and her husband find time to travel to exotic places with their children.

Net Worth

Thanks to her unique set of skills and talent, Dawn manages to stay on top of the game for a long time. She is at the very top of journalists. Her reporting and news telling ability helped her win praises and award nominations.

Born in Chicago, Dawn kept her priorities before anything else. And she always finishes the task at hand. Passion serves as her driving force. And thanks to it, she managed to climb the long ladder of success and reach the top.

According to estimates, Fox 32 News anchors earn between $60,000 and $80,000 annual salary. And as of October 2020, Dawn Hasbrouck’s fortune is more than $1 million.

Some believe that she earns even more than the average salary at Fox News. After all, Dawn is a hardworking and dedicated journalist.