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David Schwimmer

Many people know David Schwimmer as “That guy from Friends”. But he is more than just that. Following Friends, Schwimmer made a successful career in Hollywood. Still, people remember him as Ross Geller from Friends. How much is David Schwimmer net worth?

He got a few smaller roles before appearing in Friends. The show was successful worldwide. It is still one of the best shows ever made. Many shows nowadays try to copy the plot and story of Friends. As one of the cast, David Schwimmer net worth is $85 million. But he is not the richest among the Friends.

Friends Salary and Earnings

The cast of Friends was ahead of its time. And David is one of the most responsible for that. After the second season, he encouraged his castmates to band together and ask for a higher salary. They demanded equal and higher pay. They know the show was successful and wanted to cash in. But most importantly, they knew the power is in number.

Because the show couldn’t write off the entire cast, they grouped together. The cast negotiated collectively. As a result, they got $75,000 per episode in season three. That number rose to $85,000 per episode in season four, $100,000 in season five, and $125,000 in season six. When they got to season seven, the popularity was through the roof.

So, the band got a salary of $750,000 per episode in seasons seven and eight. For the last two seasons, they made a whopping $1 million per episode.

During the time on the show, they also negotiated syndication royalties. At the time, that was uncommon for actors. They didn’t make back-end profits unless they had ownership rights. But because of the show’s success, they negotiated syndication royalties for the entire cast.

They negotiated the rights in 2000. Each cast member got 2% of back-end profits. The decision still stands today, and they make close to $20 million per year from royalties.

Who is the richest member of Friends?

Each cast member earned the same amount of money from the show. They had an equal salary and equal syndication royalties. But after Friends, they had different successes. They were part of different job opportunities.

Each of the cast members has a net worth of millions. But who is the richest? Not all of them have had equal careers.

Matt LeBlanc is the “poorest” among the cast. He has a net worth of $60 million. After Friends, he immediately started his show, “Joey”. He portrayed the same character from Friends, but the show was not as successful. It lasted for only two seasons. Now, he is the main cast member of Man with a Plan, another sitcom.

Lisa Kudrow has a net worth of $70 million. She stayed relatively low-key following Friends. Her biggest attempt was the sitcom The Comeback.

Matthew Perry appeared in a movie during Friends. He starred in The Whole Nine Yards. Following Friends, he appeared in a couple of low-profile movies. Perry has a net worth of $80 million.

Courteney Cox had one of the better careers. She was famous even before Friends. Cox got her big break after appearing in a music video for Bruce Springsteen. She also appeared in Family Ties in the 1980s and was part of Ace Venture. Following Friends, she had her show, playing the main character in Cougar Town. Her net worth is $120 million.

The richest among Friends cast members is Jennifer Aniston. She switched to romantic comedies, and starred in The Break-Up, Along Came Polly, and similar movies. Aniston has a net worth of $170 million.

Still an active actor

Where is David Schwimmer today? And how does he make his money? Friends was one of the biggest shows of all-time. But he continued with a successful movie and television career after that. Following the end of the show, David tried a variety of new acting formats.

For example, he was a title character in the 2005 drama film Duane Hopwood. He also voiced Melman the Giraffe in the Madagascar film franchise. David starred in a dark comedy, Big Nothing, and in a thriller, Nothing But the Truth. He made his West End stage debut in 2005. Among his latest roles, he appeared in the miniseries The People Vs. O.J. Simpson.

But he brings money as a director as well. He directed 10 episodes of Friends, the TV show Joey, and more. He is now more behind the camera than in front of the camera.

You can say he doesn’t need money anymore. He can stop working and live lavishly until the end of his life. But it is the love for the job that keeps him coming back. Schwimmer is still active in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

David has a rather “boring” personal life. He began a relationship with British artist Zoe Buckman in 2007. They married in a small private ceremony in 2010. The couple has a daughter, Cleo Buckman Schwimmer.

Before marrying Zoe, he dated Minnie Driver, Tina Barrett, Brandi Glanville, and Natalie Imbruglia. In 2017, David and Zoe split up.

He is active in charities and organizations for helping people. He is an active director of the Rape Treatment Center in Santa Monica. The center specializes in helping victims of date rape and child rape. David also campaigned to ban drugs such as GHB and Rohypnol.

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