Dave Marrs Twin Brother: Exploring the Family Dynamic of the HGTV Star

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Dave Marrs, known for his role in the HGTV show “Fixer to Fabulous,” has a brother named Matt Marrs who, contrary to what some might guess, is not his twin. Although they share a familial bond, there are notable differences between them in terms of their personal lives and professions. Matt Marrs lives in Bentonville, Arkansas and possesses a unique background distinct from that of his brother.

Matt Marrs has attracted public interest partly due to Dave’s celebrity status but cultivates a life that stands on its own. In contrast to being in the public eye like his brother, Matt leads a more private lifestyle. He married Karey Ross Marrs and together they have a family.

Their upbringing in a military family in Kiowa, Colorado, and their shared high school experience at Kiowa Undivided High School speak to their shared history. Despite the common threads in their early years, the paths they chose in adulthood diverge, painting a picture of two siblings with individual identities and life choices.

Now, let’s talk about the dynamics between the two siblings. We will explore all we know about Dave Marrs twin brother Matt.

Dave Marrs Background

Dave Marrs, a figure renowned for his expertise in renovation on HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous,” has a multifaceted background deeply rooted in both education and military service. His journey from Colorado to becoming a beloved TV personality intertwines with a disciplined upbringing and a commitment to craftsmanship.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Kiowa, Colorado, Dave Marrs developed an affinity for building and design early in life. He attended Kiowa Undivided High School, a significant milestone in his educational journey, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Military Service

After high school, Dave Marrs continued to serve his community and country by enlisting in the Navy. His military service, embodying discipline and perseverance, cemented the skills and ethos that would later be evident in his meticulous work renovating historic homes.

Professional Career

Dave Marrs’ twin brother has made significant strides in the real estate and construction industry, particularly through his involvement with Marrs Developing and Marrs Construction. His role as a builder and contractor showcases his skills and expertise, which includes carpentry, home renovation, and the preservation of historic homes. Here is a closer look at his professional career.

Marrs Developing

Dave Marrs’ brother co-founded Marrs Developing, a real estate development company known for its commitment to crafting high-quality, sustainable, and community-focused projects. Their work typically involves identifying properties with potential and transforming them into desirable spaces, often with a nod to the original character for those that are historic homes.

Marrs Construction

Within Marrs Construction, his role as a general contractor comes into play where he oversees the construction and renovation of homes. He is an expert craftsman with a keen eye for design and detail. This role involves:

  • Coordinating with architects and designers to bring visions to life
  • Managing construction crews and sub-contractors
  • Ensuring adherence to building codes and safety standards
  • Delivering projects on time and within budget

Skills and Expertise

As a professional in the industry, Dave Marrs’ brother possesses a wide range of skills and expertise. He is:

  • Proficient in carpentry, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship
  • Experienced in the field of home renovation, understanding the intricate processes of transforming existing structures
  • Skilled in modern and traditional techniques suitable for historic home renovations
  • Recognized for appearing on the HGTV show “Fixer to Fabulous,” displaying his practical knowledge and skills to a wide audience.

Media Presence

Dave Marrs, a seasoned craftsman and HGTV personality, and his family, have established a significant presence in the media through his television success, including appearances alongside his wife, Jenny Marrs, and their engagement with their fans on various social media platforms.

Television Success

Dave Marrs and his wife, Jenny Marrs, star in the popular HGTV series “Fixer to Fabulous.” Through this platform, they have gained a loyal fan base that extends beyond the television screen. The show highlights their talents as they renovate homes in Arkansas, showcasing a blend of design and construction expertise. The series not only features the couple’s professional life but also gives glimpses into their personal family experiences. Although his brother Matt Marrs occasionally appears on the show, he does not share the same level of media exposure as Dave and Jenny Marrs.

Social Media Engagement

On social media, Dave and Jenny Marrs frequently share updates and interactions with their fans. They utilize platforms like:

  • Instagram: Where they post behind-the-scenes content, personal family moments, and renovation before-and-afters.
  • Facebook: A place for sharing longer narratives and connecting with their community on a more personal level.
  • Twitter: Used less frequently, but still a medium for project updates and engaging in broader conversations in the home renovation sphere.

Their social media accounts provide a space for fans to engage directly with the Marrs family, and serve as an extension of their television presence. While Dave maintains an active role on social media, details about Matt Marrs are shared sparingly, keeping his media presence minimal in comparison.

Marrs Family Life

The Marrs family life is rooted in a strong sense of unity and compassion, particularly reflected in their marriage and their approach to parenthood, which includes both biological children and a child through adoption.

Marriage with Jenny Marrs

Dave Marrs is married to Jenny Marrs. Together, they form a partnership grounded in shared values and commitment to family. Their collaboration extends beyond the personal, as they are known for their work on the popular television series “Fixer to Fabulous.”

Children and Adoption

Dave and Jenny Marrs have a vibrant family consisting of five children.


  • Luke Marrs
  • Twin boys Nathan Marrs and Ben Marrs


  • Charlotte Marrs
  • Sylvie Marrs (adopted)

Their daughters include both biological and adopted children, with the adoption of Sylvie from the Democratic Republic of Congo displaying the Marrs’ dedication to enriching their family’s life through inclusion and love.

Personal Interests

Dave Marrs’ twin brother has cultivated a lifestyle that embraces both relaxation and community service. His personal interests reflect a balance between enjoyable pastimes and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in his local area.

Lifestyle and Hobbies

Fishing: A common leisure activity, fishing stands out as a significant hobby. In Northwest Arkansas, where both Dave Marrs and his twin brother reside, numerous fishing spots offer a serene escape. This hobby is not only a pastime but also a way to connect with the natural beauty of the region, including areas around Bentonville and Rogers, Arkansas.

Berry Farming: Engaging in farming, specifically at a berry farm known as The Berry Farm, is another interest. This endeavor is more than a commercial activity; it’s a means to engage actively with the land. The Berry Farm, located in Rogers, Arkansas, grows blueberries, among other crops, and is a testament to the hands-on and nature-centric interests that Dave Marrs’ twin brother holds dear.

Community Involvement

Community Transformation: Being involved in the community goes beyond mere residence for the Marrs brothers. They believe in contributing to community transformation. Through their efforts, they aim to foster growth and improve the lives of their fellow citizens in Bentonville and the surrounding Northwest Arkansas region.

Family Preservation and Orphan Care: A significant aspect of community involvement regards family preservation and orphan care. This compassion extends beyond their immediate family to the broader community, emphasizing the importance of stable family units as foundational blocks for society. Their involvement demonstrates a profound commitment to uplifting and supporting those in need, thereby ensuring that every child and family has a chance to thrive.

Business Ventures

Dave Marrs and his twin brother Matt Marrs are recognized for their entrepreneurial spirit, particularly in the realms of construction and renovation. Their projects not only revitalize homes but also contribute to their community’s sustainability and heritage preservation.

Renovation Projects

Dave Marrs has gained prominence through the HGTV series “Fixer to Fabulous,” where he showcases his expertise in renovating historic homes. Working closely with his wife, Jenny Marrs, they transform old and rundown properties into modern and functional spaces while maintaining the historic charm. Their work typically involves everything from structural repairs to interior design, ensuring that each home renovation is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

The Marrs brothers’ attention to detail and ability to adapt to the unique challenges of each project have not only satisfied homeowners but have also garnered them a considerable following on television and beyond.

The Berry Farm Initiative

Beyond home renovation, Dave Marrs has ventured into a more sustainable and community-oriented project known as “The Berry Farm.” Situated on a sprawling property, The Berry Farm is not only a working farm but also serves as a haven for fostering community and family. One of the main features of The Berry Farm is its role as a homestead for at-risk youth, providing them with a nurturing environment to learn and grow.

The Berry Farm also intersects with the Marrs’ hospitality ventures, specifically the “Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn.” This bed-and-breakfast (BnB) is an inn that highlights the fusion of historic preservation with modern farming and community living. Guests at the inn are treated to a blend of rustic charm and contemporary comfort, creating a unique experience that mirrors the craftmanship Dave showcases in his renovation projects.

Dave Marrs’ Brother

Matt Marrs is a key figure in the life of Dave Marrs, a renowned TV personality and skilled craftsman known for his work on HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous.” Although often questioned if they are twins, Matt and Dave share the bond of siblings without the distinction of being identical or fraternal twins.

Born into a military family hailing from Kiowa, Colorado, Matt Marrs shares his brother’s early background and values. Among the siblings, which include an undisclosed sister, Matt’s life has also been a topic of interest among fans of the show.

Professional and Personal Life:

  • Education: Matt attended Kiowa Undivided High School.
  • Residence: He currently resides in Bentonville, Arkansas.
  • Marital Status: Married to Karey Ross Marrs.
  • Children: Together, they parent three daughters.

Social media often provides glimpses into the Marrs brothers’ family life, with Dave posting pictures that include Matt and his family, sparking curiosity amongst their viewers. The Marrs brothers, with their family-oriented values and close-knit relationship, continue to capture attention both on and off-screen. While Dave Marrs garners the spotlight, Matt Marrs exemplifies the quieter side of life away from the public eye, focusing on his family.

Public Recognition

Dave Marrs has garnered notable public recognition through his work on the HGTV series “Fixer to Fabulous,” which has significantly contributed to his fanbase and influence across the United States.

Popularity and Fanbase

Dave Marrs’ presence on television has amassed a considerable fan following. His relatable personality and expert craftsmanship resonate with American audiences, resulting in a loyal fanbase that extends beyond the show. Fans regularly engage with Marrs through social media platforms, reflecting a genuine interest in his personal and professional life.

Net Worth and Influence

While specific figures are not publicly disclosed, it is presumed that Dave Marrs’ net worth has been positively impacted by his television career. His influence, especially in the realm of home renovation and design, is evidenced by the trust viewers place in his expertise and the professional respect he receives within the industry. He continues to shape trends and inspire homeowners across the nation with his innovative projects.