Dave Hester – Net Worth, Early Life and Career, Post Storage Wars Life

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Real Name:Dave Hester
Birthday:July 23, 1964
Net Worth$4-6 million
Height:175 cm
Occupation:American Businessman, Storage Unit Buyer,
Professional Auctioneer

Dave Hester is an American businessman, storage unit buyer, and an actor. He was one of the main cast members of Storage Wars. He also owns an auction house, called Dave Hester Auctions. Dave entered the world of Hollywood and showbiz with Storage Wars. He is now a popular television personality. So, how much money does Dave Hester earn?

Let’s take a look at his success story. His nickname is The Mogul. And rightfully so. He is one of the wealthiest personalities in the reality show.

Early Life and Career

Dave’s father loved collectibles. He bought and sold valuable items at auctions. He introduced Dave to the business of auctions. When he was just five years old, Dave followed his father to different auctions. He could see the items, the buildings, and experience the journey. He learned a lot.

As he grew up, Dave wanted to be more involved in the process. When he was 14 years old, he began to buy different toolsets and machinery by himself. He tried to make auctions. He then tried to sell the items in Orange Country, where there are military-base stores.

His first storage auction was in 1986. And in the early 1990s, he worked as a bid catcher. In 1992, Dave became a licensed and bonded auctioneer.

At the time, he had a furniture business. He had to do community service at the Goodwill Store. And that is when he decided to pursue his potential in the business of storage units.

He chose the storage business as his main and only career. He sold his father’s collection to gain money for his businesses. He established two shops and hired 15 employees to sell the items. His two shops are Newport Consignment Gallery and Rags to Riches in Costa Mesa.

How successful is Dave in finding items? Well, consider this. He bought a painting by Jack Wilkinson Smith titled “The Golden Pool” for $750. He sold it for $155,000.

Salary and Dave Hester Cash Flow Details

Dave Hester was a professional auctioneer for many years. He then entered Storage Wars in 2010. Compared to other reality show stars, Dave is right on the top. His total assets are $4 million, which is close to Brett Rayner from Tanked and Kim Zolciak from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They have pecuniary resources of $5 million.

Dave entered the Storage Wars because of his two shops based in California. He was part of the show for 10 seasons, missing only the fourth season.

By 2013, he earned a total of $30 million. But that is earnings, not profit and assets. During his time on Storage Wars, Dave had a salary of $300,000 per year. That is $25,000 per episode. For some episodes, he earned even more money. For example, he earned $650,000 for 26 episodes in season 3.

His salary also included $2,500 travel expenses and $124,000 in miscellaneous expenditure.

Dave was among the highest-paid members of the cast. With his prior experience, he was among the best on the show.

While the show brought him hefty paydays, he earns through his own auction house as well. He established the Dave Hester Auction in 2012 after leaving Storage Wars. With his well-known and famous name, his company was an instant success.


Dave had a successful career as part of Storage Wars. But he was often involved in disputes and fights as well. They fired him in December 2012 because of disputes. He filled a lawsuit against A&E productions and Original Productions.

Dave claimed they fired him because he complained about the valuable holdings in the production lockers. The court rejected his lawsuit. He had to pay $122,000 in legal fees, but he rejected it.

Post “Storage Wars” Life

Storage Wars is the reason Dave Hester has millions in his bank account. But he found a way for success after the show. During his tenure, he picked fights with fellow cast members, and often bid to raise the price of lockers. Of course, there is his famous and trademarked catchphrase “YUUUP”.

After leaving Storage Wars, he decided to focus on his company. He spent time running and consulting on auctions but also renting his services. The public could pay for him.

Dave felt the general public was better educated on auctions and their value. He wanted to use his name and face and put it on the scene. He started his own company, Dave Hester Auctions.

Thanks to his company, his fortune grows even after the Storage Wars. You can learn a lot from his story. He found a way to use his talent for a reality show, and then came back.

Dave trademarked his catchphrase “YUUUP”. He was the bad guy on the show, but he earned more than any other cast member. After trademarking his phrase, he prints it on hats and T-Shits. And sells them.

Dave Hester wealth in 2020 is between $4 and $6 million. Some sources cite four million, others six million. Most of his wealth comes from his company. He finds a way to buy items at a lower rate and sell them at a higher price.

Net Worth

Dave lives a lavish lifestyle. His businesses and television appearance allow it. He has two houses, one in Westminster, California, and another he bought in 1985. He bought the Westminster home for $500,000. As for his old home, he bought it in 1985 for $180,000.

And his car collection is great as well. He is fond of luxury cars. His main vehicle is a Cadillac with a price of between $75,000 and $94,000. Dave doesn’t reveal much of his assets, tax, and insurance payments. Sometimes, he organizes charity works and special events in his Auction house.

Personal Life and Relationships

Dave is married to Dona Hester. The couple has a son, Dave Hester Junior. He doesn’t reveal a lot about his personal life. So, we do not know much about his personal life. Only that he is happily married and has one son.