10 Sexy Pictures Of Dazzling Danielle Rose Russell

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By David

Danielle Rose Russell is one of the youngest stars in Hollywood. Born in October 1999, she has just entered her 20s. But she has already appeared in some amazing roles, including A Walk Among the Tombstones, Aloha, Pandemic, and Wander. Danielle Rose Russell’s sexy pictures started appearing once she joined the final season of The Originals.

Born in Pequannock Township, New Jersey, she spent her childhood in West Milford, New Jersey. Her mother, Rosemary Rado, worked as a dancer in The Rockette. Her father is a former singer. During her teenage years, Danielle initially pursued a modeling career. She appeared in print ads and commercials.

But she quickly found a new motivation and inspiration in acting. She pursued regional theater roles, appearing in school plays at Holy Spirit School in Pequannock. In 2018, she finished high school via online coursework.

She got her first movie role in 2014, in the movie A Walk Among the Tombstones. In it, she played a 14-year old daughter of a Russian drug dealer. The next year, she appeared in Aloha, this time, the daughter of Bradley Cooper’s character.

In 2017 she joined the CW supernatural television series, The Originals. She got cast as Hope Mikaelson and joined the fifth and final season. She then continued to play the role in the spinoff, Legacies.

When fans saw Danielle Rose Russell in The Originals and Legacies, they really started taking notes of her beauty. This is when sexy pictures of Danielle Rose Russell started surfacing the internet. Today, we will take a look at a couple of Danielle Rose Russell’s hot photos. Let’s go.

1. Sexy Photoshoot

Photo: pinterest.com

Danielle is a young star. She is only 20-something years old. And with her youth and beauty, photographers have a lot of potential for something special. Here, we see her in a lace top that perfectly emphasizes her mystery beauty.

2. Sexy Vampire

danielle2 1
Photo: pinterest.com

The Originals and Legacies are series about a family of vampires. And this photo is from a photo shoot marketing the series. In the past several years, vampires have risen in popularity. Fans can finally see that vampires look sexy. They are not scary, right?

3. Young Lady

danielle3 1
Photo: pinterest.com

Danielle looks just super beautiful in whatever she wears. She has the beauty to go along with charisma that makes her adorable. And she can combine clothes like a leather jacket with hexagon pattern pants easily. Take that older generation.

4. At The Red Carpet

danielle4 1
Photo: pinterest.com

An underrated part of her beauty is the upper body. Danielle is young and “gifted”. She has a cleavage that still goes unnoticed by most casual fans in Hollywood. She can definitely rival some of the more popular celebrities with big boobs in Hollywood. These hot photos of Danielle Rose Russell on the red carpet prove that.

5. Another Look at Her Cleavage

danielle5 1
Photo: instagram.com

Here is another dress that emphasizes her cleavage. Danielle knows that she has the attributes to wear a dress like that.

6. The Kid Beneath It

danielle6 1
Photo: instagram.com

We have to remember that underneath it all, Danielle is still a kid. She is still 21 years old. Legally, she just got a chance to purchase liquor in the US. So, it is nice to see a photo of her that emphasizes her youth.

7. Beautiful Danielle

danielle7 1
Photo: instagram.com

Danielle doesn’t have to wear tight sexy dresses at the red carpet to look beautiful. She can go with a casual floral dress that makes her look young and adorable. She is definitely among the cutest young stars in Hollywood.

8. Provocative

danielle8 1
Photo: instagram.com

Photographers try to put Danielle in different scenarios and roles for her photo shoots. Some go with the cute and adorable girl. But others go a different route. They put her in a more provocative scenario where she can tease and make love with the camera.

9. Side Look

danielle9 1
Photo: instagram.com

This side look gives you a good idea of her big boobs. She doesn’t wear revealing clothes, but you can easily notice the size here.

10. Urban Girl

danielle10 1
Photo: instagram.com

We would like to finish the list of sexy pictures of Danielle Rose Russell with a picture showing her true spirit. She is a young and urban girl living in the big city. She loves youthful clothes, and she can afford to reveal a bit of cleavage in her city clothes.