Dan Greiner – Net Worth, Early Years, Personal Life And Professional Life

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By David

Real Name:Daniel Greiner
Net Worth$10 million
Height:177 cm
Occupation:Chief Finance Officer at "For Your Eyes Only", Husband of Lori Greiner

The phenomenon of people becoming famous because of their popular spouse is not something that only happens to women, but some men have become well known or famous because of their successful wives. Dan Greiner is one of these men.

Most people already know who his wife is because she is a famous television personality, and they just know him as her husband, with much of his own personal and professional life unknown. This article intends to change that as best as we can. We will provide the most relevant information about Dan Greiner, his career, and his early years. A lot about Dan Greiner remains unknown, and he doesn’t share such information with the public.

Early Years

Dan Greiner was born in the U.S., but his date of birth and the place where he was born is unknown. However, Dan Greiner’s birth name is Daniel Greiner. He has chosen not to speak about his childhood, his parents, and their names or professions. Dan has also never spoken about where he went to school, and the university he attended, or the degree he might have earned.

Hopefully, in the coming years, he will change his mind and be more willing to provide information to let people know him more. When that happens, be rest assured that we will keep you updated.

Personal Life

Like we mentioned earlier, there is no information about Dan Greiner’s parents and siblings. However, there are some things we do know about his love life. Dan Greiner is married to Lori Greiner, as most people already know. Even though Dan has a successful career, his fame came when he married Lori Greiner.

The couple first met in Chicago at Lincoln Park, and according to them, it was love at first sight. They dated for a couple of years, getting to know themselves well enough before they got married in 2010. They enjoy a very peaceful, stable, and respectful marriage full of love.

Also, the couple doesn’t like to share information about their private life. Lori Greiner has a very active presence on social media networks, but she doesn’t share any information or photos of her husband. They are a very private couple. Dan Greiner and Lori Greiner don’t have any children yet, but they love children a lot. They hope that one day, they will have their own children.

Professional Life

Dan Greiner’s career spans over 30 years. He was already a successful businessman before meeting Lori Greiner, but her fame certainly rubbed off. After finishing school, Dan worked as a supervisor in the Name Grant Thornton Firm before joining the company Bell & Howell as a division controller. He held the position for some length of time before he decided he should move forward. He quit his job in 1996 and decided to work with his wife to help boost the impact of her work. He is a big supporter of his wife, and it could be said that part of her success is owed to him.

When Dan Greiner decided to go work with his wife, Lori was an up-and-coming entrepreneur who had come up with an invention of a plastic box for jewelry. The invention was an instant hit, and the couple made a lot of money from it. Dan & Lori signed a deal with the J.C. Penney empire, and their business grew even further.

In 1998, Lori joined the QVC network along with Dan, and he was fundamental to the creation of the show “Clever and Unique Creations,” which Lori still hosts. These days, Dan Greiner is a financial officer and Chief for Lori Greiner’s company, Your Ease Only. He is also the vice president of the company. He deals with the preparation and shipments of packets, and he also handles the marketing side of things. On the other side, Lori Greiner brings in so many amazing and innovative ideas that help their business function better.

Another important piece of information that connects to Dan Greiner’s career is his over 20 years of work experience with Lori Greiner’s company, and also that in 2012, he became the founder of a company called Lori Greiner Companies. The company deals with media, entertainment, sales, and other forms of business. Also, it is important to note that apart from his work with Lori Greiner and his company, Dan Greiner, has appeared on television.

Net Worth

These days, Dan Greiner fortune is believed to reach $10 million, and also, you should be aware that his wife Lori Greiner has a fortune of about $100 million. The couple has two luxurious houses located in Chicago and Philadelphia. They also own two companies, Your Ease Only and Lori Greiner Companies. They are successful in their various businesses, and they have the riches and growing wealth to show for it.

Quick Summary

Now that you know all that about Dan Greiner let us give a quick summary of all that we have covered. As we have mentioned at the start of the article, Dan Greiner’s popularity is owed to this marriage to his wife. Lori Greiner, his wife, is a popular entrepreneur, businesswoman, inventor, and television personality. She is the founder of Your Ease Only, where her husband now works at although he had previous jobs in the past.

In terms of his early years and background, the little we know is that he was born in the United States, and he may be older than Lori Greiner, who is over 50 years now. The couple is happily married, but they don’t have any children yet.

Without a doubt, Dan and Lori Greiner are very wealthy. They are amongst the richest couples in their city and probably in the U.S. as a whole. Dan Greiner’s wealth is around $10 million, and his wife’s wealth is approximately $100 million dollars. They are the proud owners of two wonderful houses in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Well, there you have it! Some much-needed information about Dan Greiner. We hope that the little information available at the moment was interesting enough, and we promise to keep you updated as soon as more information is available.