Dakota Avery Runnels: Insight Look Into Dustin Rhodes’ Daughter

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Real Name:Dakota Avery Runnels
Birthday:February 14, 1994
Net WorthN/A
Height:152 cm
Occupation:American Photographer, Daughter of Dustin Rhodes

Dakota Avery Runnels is a name that may ring familiar to fans of professional wrestling, particularly to those who follow her father, Dustin Patrick Runnels, better known as Goldust. Born on February 14, 1994, Dakota is the only biological child of Dustin and his first wife, Terri Runnels, who has also made a name for herself in the wrestling industry as a manager and television host.

Throughout her life, Dakota has had the unique experience of growing up closely connected to the world of wrestling. However, as an adult, she has chosen to carve her own path, which has led her to a career in photography, a passion she has been able to showcase through her social media presence.

Dakota Runnels’ journey, from life as the daughter of well-known wrestling personalities to finding her individual calling, offers an interesting glimpse into the life of a young woman navigating her own success. As her social media following grows and her photography career continues to flourish, Dakota demonstrates that one can establish their own identity, even with a famous wrestling lineage.

Early Life and Background

Dusty Rhodes’ Legacy

Dakota Avery Runnels was born in 1994, into a family embedded in American wrestling royalty. Her father, Dustin Rhodes, is a semi-retired professional wrestler who is best known for his tenures with WWE from 1995 to 2018 under the ring name Goldust. Her grandfather, Dusty Rhodes, was also a legendary wrestler, earning the nickname “The American Dream” for his magnetic personality, captivating interviews, and exceptional wrestling skills.


Growing up in the shadow of her famous father and grandfather, Dakota’s details about her siblings and educational background have been kept private. However, it is known that on her father’s side, she has a step-brother who is transgender and a nephew, Cody Rhodes, who is also a wrestler and married to Brandi Rhodes.

In addition to her family’s wrestling legacy, Dakota shares certain artistic talents with her mother, Terri Runnels, who was known for her provocative persona and creative fashion choices in WWE. Dakota has now found her passion in photography, which she pursues professionally.

Personal Life

Marital Status

Dakota Avery Runnels, the daughter of American professional wrestler Dustin Patrick Runnels (known as Goldust) and retired wrestling manager Terri Runnels, recently got married. Dustin was a proud father on the day of the ceremony and shared his happiness on social media, showcasing his strong bonds with his daughter.

Family Connections

Dakota is part of a famous wrestling family, carrying a legacy from both her parents. Her father, Dustin Rhodes, has had a renowned career in wrestling, and her mother, Terri Runnels, has been a successful wrestling manager and television host. Dakota is the nephew of wrestler Cody Rhodes, who is married to Brandi Rhodes. She also has two aunts from her father’s side, Teil Runnels and Kristin Runnels Ditto.

In addition to her extended family, Dakota has a step-brother who is transgender, but the details about him are kept private. Her family is known for their dedication and contribution to the wrestling industry, with multiple generations involved. The family connections highlight the incredible lineage of wrestlers and wrestling personalities they share.

Dakota has also explored her own career path, showcasing her creativity as a photographer. She has built a strong following on Instagram, where she shares her work and personal life. With her passion for photography and strong family connections, Dakota represents the next generation of the Runnels family, carrying on the legacy of her famous wrestling family.

Professional Wrestling Lineage

Dakota Avery Runnels hails from a family of professional wrestlers, with a strong lineage in the wrestling industry. Her father, Dustin Patrick Runnels, her uncle Cody Rhodes, and her grandfather Dusty Rhodes are all prominent figures in the world of wrestling.

Dustin Rhodes’ Career

Dakota’s father, Dustin Rhodes, is best known by his ring name Goldust. Born on April 11, 1969, Dustin is a second-generation wrestler and the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. He has had a successful career as an American professional wrestler, with stints in WWE from 1995 to 2019. During his time in WWE, Goldust became a renowned entertainer and earned multiple championships.

During his wrestling career, Dustin achieved the following accolades:

  • 3-time Intercontinental Champion
  • 9-time World Tag Team Champion
  • 2-time Hardcore Champion

Cody Rhodes’ Achievements

Dakota’s uncle, Cody Rhodes, is another influential wrestler in the Runnels family. Born on June 30, 1985, Cody made his professional wrestling debut in 2006. As a successful American professional wrestler, he has had notable runs in WWE and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) under the ring name Cody.

Some of Cody’s key accomplishments include:

  • 2-time Intercontinental Champion
  • 3-time World Tag Team Champion
  • 1-time AEW TNT Champion

Dakota Avery Runnels, being part of this illustrious wrestling family, has a rich professional wrestling lineage that has left a significant impact on the wrestling industry. Through her father Dustin Rhodes, her uncle Cody Rhodes, and her grandfather Dusty Rhodes, Dakota’s family has contributed to shaping wrestling history and entertaining fans for decades.

Career Highlights

Championships and Achievements

Dakota Avery Runnels, daughter of Dustin Rhodes (a.k.a Goldust), has had a noteworthy career in professional wrestling. She has primarily made her mark in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and WWE (previously known as WWF). Throughout her career, Dakota has earned several championships and achievements, showcasing her skill and talent in the ring.

Some of Dakota’s most notable accomplishments include winning the WCW World Tag Team Championship twice and the Six-Man Tag Team Championship once. Additionally, she has claimed the United States Heavyweight Championship in WCW on two occasions. Dakota also made her presence known in WWE as an Intercontinental Champion and Hardcore Champion.

Her championship wins extend to regional competitions as well, like the Florida Heavyweight Championship. The table below summarizes Dakota’s key championship achievements:

Championship Number of Times Won
WCW World Tag Team Championship 2
WCW Six-Man Tag Team Championship 1
WCW United States Heavyweight 2
WWE Intercontinental Champion 1
WWE Hardcore Champion 1
Florida Heavyweight Championship 1

Notable Matches

Throughout her time in WCW, WWE, and other promotions, Dakota Avery Runnels has been part of several memorable and notable matches that have helped shape her career.

  • In WCW, she engaged in fierce battles with top competitors for the United States Heavyweight title, further cementing her status as a tough and formidable wrestler.
  • During her tenure as WWE Intercontinental Champion, she participated in a series of high-profile bouts, showcasing her skills against the company’s top talents.
  • As a Hardcore Champion, Dakota fought in various stipulation matches, ranging from ladder matches to no-disqualification matches. These intense bouts allowed her to display her resilience and ability to adapt to different situations.

In conclusion, Dakota Avery Runnels has established herself as a talented and accomplished wrestler over her career. With a wide range of championships under her belt and her involvement in numerous memorable matches, she has successfully made her mark in the professional wrestling world.

Dakota Avery Runnels in the Media

Social Media Presence

Dakota Avery Runnels has a notable presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. She uses her account under the handle @DakotaRunnels22 to share her photography skills, updates of her personal life, and various experiences. With over 16K followers on Instagram, Dakota has managed to garner a considerable fan base.

As a talented photographer, Dakota’s Instagram feed showcases her unique artistic style and passion for capturing moments. Her posts reveal her creativity while giving followers a glimpse into the world of professional wrestling through her family background.

Apart from Instagram, there’s not much presence of Dakota on social platforms like Facebook.

Public Appearances

Though Dakota Avery Runnels is known primarily as Dustin Rhodes’ daughter, she maintains a relatively low profile when it comes to public appearances, preferring to let her work as a photographer speak for itself. She seems to avoid any unnecessary spotlight on her life as a public figure.

While Dakota’s media presence is mostly centered on her social media accounts, she has made a few public appearances alongside her family members. One prominent appearance was at her wedding, as documented by media outlets like Ringside News. The joyful event brought together the wrestling world and further contributing to her recognition as a member of the Rhodes family.

By focusing on her craft and personal life, Dakota Avery Runnels has successfully created a unique media presence outside of the wrestling world that her family is widely known for. Through social media and occasional public family appearances, Dakota remains connected to her fans and the wrestling community, while also concentrating on her career as a photographer.

Post-Wrestling Ventures

Business Endeavors

Dakota Avery Runnels has ventured into various business pursuits after her time in wrestling. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Dakota has been active in different industries. Notably, she is associated with Bleau Oney, a land clearing and excavation service that operates under the name “bboy bush hogging land clearing service.” The company has a reputation for professionalism and efficiency in executing land clearing and related tasks.

In addition to her involvement with land clearing services, Dakota Avery has showcased her skills as a photographer. Combining her eye for detail and her passion for capturing life’s moments, she has been successful in building a career in photography.

Contribution to Wrestling Outside the Ring

Even though Dakota’s post-career ventures have taken her away from the world of wrestling, she remains connected to the sport through her family legacy. With her father, Dustin Rhodes, being a renowned wrestler and her mother, Terri Runnels, a retired professional wrestling manager, Dakota continues to stay close to the wrestling community.

As part of her commitment to contributing to wrestling outside the ring, Dakota has been known to engage in mentorship and training activities. By sharing her experience and knowledge with aspiring wrestlers, she plays a pivotal role in inspiring the next generation of talent. Dakota’s support extends beyond just wrestlers, as she also contributes to the development of future coaches and wrestling industry professionals.

To further demonstrate her connection to wrestling, Dakota is often seen supporting her brother, Rowan Oney, who is an up-and-coming wrestler. Rowan has been harnessing the family’s wrestling heritage and putting in considerable effort to improve his skills in this competitive sport.

In summary, Dakota Avery Runnels has not only found success in her post-wrestling business ventures but also remains committed to the wrestling community by offering her support and expertise. The legacy and passion for wrestling continue to thrive through the efforts of Dakota and her family.

Influence and Legacy

Impact on Pro Wrestling

Dakota Avery Runnels, the daughter of well-known wrestler Dustin Patrick Runnels (aka Goldust), has indirectly made an impact on professional wrestling due to her family’s long-lasting legacy in the industry. Her grandfather, Dusty Rhodes, was a highly influential professional wrestler and booker, who played a major role in shaping the landscape of wrestling in the 1970s and 1980s.

As a third-generation wrestler, Dakota Avery has witnessed the evolution of the wrestling industry firsthand. Her father, Goldust, had a long and illustrious career in WWE, spanning over two decades. Known for his innovative character work, Goldust broke barriers in the wrestling business and introduced new concepts that challenged the status quo.

Dakota’s uncle, Cody Rhodes, is another key figure in the wrestling world. After initially working in WWE, Cody branched out and played a significant part in the formation of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). AEW has risen in popularity and has provided a viable alternative to WWE, offering unique opportunities for wrestlers worldwide.

Generational Influence

The generational influence of the Rhodes family on professional wrestling is undeniable. With Dusty Rhodes leaving an indelible mark on the industry, both Goldust and Cody Rhodes have followed in his footsteps by continuously innovating and raising the bar in professional wrestling.

For Dakota Avery, being a part of the Rhodes family might come with large expectations. However, it could also inspire her to find her own path in the world of wrestling or seek her own career outside of the industry. Regardless of her personal choices, Dakota Avery is an integral part of wrestling history through her family lineage and connection to their collective legacy in the sport.

While Dakota’s own career path remains to be seen, one cannot discount the ever-present Rhodes family influence in the wrestling world. The success and impact of her father, Goldust, and her uncle, Cody Rhodes, serve as an enduring testament to their family’s dedication and passion for professional wrestling.

Current Projects and Activities

Dakota Avery Runnels, daughter of American professional wrestler Dustin Rhodes, has been making a name for herself through various projects and activities. In this section, we will discuss her recent endeavors in social media initiatives and professional collaborations.

Social Media Initiatives

Dakota is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she has amassed over 16,000 followers. On her account, she shares glimpses of her personal life, photography work, and the occasional posts related to wrestling. This combination of content effectively engages her growing audience. Dakota uses social media both as a way to interact with her followers and to showcase her talents, providing a unique perspective to the dynamic world of sports entertainment.

Professional Collaborations

Dakota has pursued professional opportunities beyond her presence on social media. Notably, she has found success in photography, as mentioned in her Instagram bio. Although specific details about her collaborations might not be readily available in the public domain, her photography work reflected on social media indicates a promising talent. Dakota’s remarkable photos make her an appealing collaborator for various projects. With her strong background in the wrestling world and her inherent creativity, Dakota Avery Runnels has the potential to explore myriad opportunities in both the entertainment industry and beyond.