Cristian Salas – What do we know of Marco Antonio Solis’ Wife?

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Celebrity spouse. It is a term we often use for describing women in Hollywood. And while for some it means they remain home and live off their husband’s fortune, for others, it means a different thing. Cristian Salas is a celebrity spouse that also managed to carve her own path and career.

The American businesswoman and model has founded her sportswear company, called Salas Activewear. Yet, many people recognize her as the wife of Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis. What do we know of her? Let’s find out.

Who is her famous husband?

Born in December 1959, Marco Solis is a Mexican musician, singer, composer, and record producer. He was born and raised in Ario de Rosales. Michoacan. He began showing interest at a young age.

When Marco was six years old, he began performing as part of Los Hermanitos Solis. In 1975, the Mexican singer co-founded Los Bukis, where he served as the lead vocalist and guitarist.

During this period, Marco got famous for his outside writing and producing for popular singers, including Rocio Durcal and Marisela.

Yet, the group split after two decades of enormous success. Marco was the one who decided to pursue a solo career in 1995.

As a solo artist, he remained extremely popular in his native Mexico and in Latin America and Spain. He also had more than 30 singles on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart, showing his success in the United States as well.

Over the course of his career, he has worked with names like Olga Tanon, Ana Barbara, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Anais, and more.

Over the course of his career, he has released 10 solo albums, beginning with El Pleno Vuelo in 1996, and ending with Gracias Por Estar Aqui in 2013. Yet, in the meantime, and after that, he had a couple of compilation albums and works with other artists.

He is one of the more successful Latin artists. His successful career includes nine Latin Grammy Award nominations and five wins.

Quick Bio

Now let’s talk about Marco’s famous wife, Cristian Salas. How much do we know about the celebrity spouse? One thing is different than other celebrity wives. Cristian managed to carve her own path in the entertainment industry as a businesswoman. She stays away from the music world. Instead, she focuses on fashion mostly.

Born in February 1980 in the United States. Here is a fun fact, she was born Cristian Salas, but many people call her Cristian Solis. The difference between her maiden last name and the last name of her husband is only three letters.

With that in mind, she tries to keep her personal information private. There is no information about her parents or family life. Cristian has never disclosed that information publicly.

Born in February 1980, she is 43 years old as of August 2023. Yet, she still looks gorgeous. There is no info on her educational background as well. We do not know whether she graduated from high school or university. OR what kind of career she pursued after her higher education.

There is some information that she tried herself in modeling, but it seems like being a businesswoman is more suited to Cristian. After her marriage to Marco Solis, her life took off. Nowadays, she is an independent entrepreneur and owner of a sportswear company.

Marriage to Marco

The couple met for the first time in 1990. According to some reports, he fell for her at first sight. At the time, he was already married to his former wife Beatriz.

But they chose to remain friends for several years. A couple of years later, they made their relationship official.

Cristian had to wait for Marco to part ways with his former wife Beatriz Adriana. They split due to their personal issues.

Cristian and Marco exchanged wedding vows in 1993. Some 30 years later, they are still going strong and show their love at every step of the way. You can easily see how much they love each other by going over Cristian’s profile on Instagram.

They have two beautiful daughters together. Their first daughter Marla Solis was born in July 2000. She is a model who debuted in the fashion world as an ambassador for the dress line Glitz & Glam by designer Vero Solis. Maria was only 13 years old when she landed her first big break as a model. Here is a fun fact. She walked the 2014 Latin Grammy Acoustic Sessions red carpet with her mother. In September 2019, she posted a picture with Maluma during his world tour.

Cristian and Maco have another daughter, Alison Solis. Cristian is also the stepmother of his first daughter, Beatriz Adriana Solis.

Is she on social media?

As we said before, Cristian Salas’s profile on Instagram is full of posts from her husband. There, she is signed as Cristian Solis, but many people recognize her as Salas.

Her bio reads, “Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, CEO of my new sportswear line. Trust is earned, not given”.

One thing is obvious when you look at her social media presence. She does love to travel. You can see highlights from many destinations. In 2023, she and her husband have already been to Serbia and Croatia.

Cristian has more than 300k followers on her Instagram account. That might sound like a lot, but she is ways behind her famous husband. He has more than 3 million followers on his social media handle.

Net worth

Cristian Salas says in her Instagram bio that she is an entrepreneur and CEO of her sports brand. But there is no info about her earnings or net worth. We cannot say for certain how much money she earns. Or whether she is independent in that regard from her husband.

Speaking of Marco, the Mexican musician has a net worth of more than $10 million.