Corrie Bird: Unveiling the Life of Larry Bird’s Daughter

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Real Name:Corrie Bird
Birthday:August 14, 1977
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:American Healthcare Manager, Daughter of Larry Bird and Janet Condra

Corrie Bird, the only biological child of NBA legend Larry Bird and his first wife, Janet Condra, has carved her own path in life, distinct from the towering shadow of her father’s sports legacy.

Growing up as the daughter of a high-profile athlete came with its own set of challenges and public intrigue.

Despite the complexities of her relationship with her father, Bird has managed to maintain a relatively low-profile yet successful life with her family and career.

She is a married woman, tying the knot with Trent Batson, and has stepped into the role of a parent herself, with a blended family that includes her own children and step-children.

While details of her personal life are respected and kept private, it is known that Corrie has built a career in healthcare management, leveraging her academic background in business administration to succeed professionally.

Key Takeaways

  • Corrie Bird is known for being the daughter of Larry Bird but has established her own identity.
  • Her family life includes marriage and caring for a combination of biological and step-children.
  • Professionally, Corrie has built a career in healthcare management, with a background in business administration.

Early Life and Family

Corrie Bird, the only biological daughter of basketball icon Larry Bird and his first wife, Janet Condra, was born into a world where sports and family intersected.

From the quaint surrounds of Brazil, Indiana, she forged her identity away from the courts where her father shone.

Parents and Siblings

Corrie’s early life was shaped by the star power of her father, Larry Bird, known for his legendary tenure with the Boston Celtics and regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Her mother, Janet Condra, was Larry’s high school sweetheart and his first wife.

Family dynamics took a turn with her parents’ divorce and Larry’s later marriage to Dinah Mattingly, with whom he has two adopted children. As such, Corrie has half-siblings through her father’s remarriage to Mattingly.

Education Background

Even with the spotlight often on her father, Corrie carved her own path academically, attending Indiana State, located in Terre Haute, Indiana.

This laid a solid foundation for her future pursuits and personal achievements away from the basketball limelight.

Her determination and commitment to her education were clear, though specific details about her studies remain personal.

Throughout her life, Corrie Bird has balanced the legacy of being Larry Bird’s daughter with her personal aspirations and family life.

She married Trent Theopolis Batson in 2008 and embraced motherhood with the birth of her children, building her family legacy in Indiana.

Personal Life

Corrie Bird, a name entwined with basketball royalty due to her father, Larry Bird, has carved her own path in life, championing both career and family.

Relationships and Marriage

Corrie Bird found her partner in Trent Theopolis Batson. Their relationship blossomed into marriage on May 17, 2008.

The couple vowed to support and cherish each other in a heartfelt wedding held at The White Chapel on the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology campus in Terre Haute.

Corrie and Trent’s union has continued to flourish over time, laying a solid foundation based on mutual respect and affection.


The Batson household is a lively and loving family environment.

Corrie and Trent together nurture a blended family, where Sebastian Grey Smith, Violet Marie Batson, and Conner Bird—Corrie’s stepchildren—are joined by a younger Bird sibling, Mariah Bird.

The family exemplifies a modern, cohesive unit, with each member contributing to the family’s overall warmth and happiness.

Corrie, with her family-first approach, ensures that each child receives the love, attention, and encouragement they need to thrive.

Professional Endeavors

Corrie Bird has crafted a niche for herself that is distinct from her father, Larry Bird’s, towering NBA legacy.

While her dad excelled on the basketball court, Corrie has carved out her own path in the professional realm.

Career Ventures

Corrie Bird pursued higher education, obtaining degrees in business administration and elementary education.

These qualifications have been fundamental in her career pursuits.

Although specific details around her professional roles are not prominently documented, her educational background suggests a capacity for her to excel in various business environments.

Healthcare Involvement

Corrie Bird’s involvement extends into the healthcare sector, which indicates a dedication to community healthcare and well-being.

Her work with the family medicine department at the AP&S Clinic demonstrates Corrie’s commitment to supporting family health services.

Here, teams focus on providing comprehensive care, which often requires the coordination of various public health services, and it appears Corrie has been involved in this vital sector.

Public Profile and Challenges

In this section, we’re taking a closer look at Corrie Bird, the daughter of NBA legend Larry Bird, and the various facets of her public life and the challenges she has faced.

Being in the limelight due to her father’s fame, her challenges, including her relationship with him and legal troubles, have been a point of public interest.

Media Presence

She may not have sought the spotlight like her father, but Corrie Bird has appeared in the media on several occasions.

Her most notable public appearance was on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where she discussed her estranged relationship with her father, a topic that garnered much attention.

Although not extensively active on social media platforms like Instagram, Corrie has experienced the flipside of fame without the accompanying regularity of a celebrity daughter’s public exposure.

Legal Issues and Controversy

Corrie Bird’s life has not been without legal complications. Reports have surfaced about her marriage to Trent Batson being marked by an incident that caught the eye of TMZ.

The couple was mentioned in the context of criminal mischief and possession of marijuana. However, she has otherwise kept a low profile, and details of these legal challenges are sparse in the media.

It’s clear, though, that being related to a public figure can entail unforeseen scrutiny and pressures from the media and public alike.