Cleive Ester Adams: Grandfather of Two NBA Stars

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Real Name:Cleive Ester Adams
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Occupation:Father of Sonya Curry, Grandfather of Stephen and Seth Curry

Cleive Ester Adams is a name that has gained attention primarily due to his familial connections to notable basketball players. As the father of Sonya Curry and the father-in-law of former NBA player Dell Curry, Cleive has been linked to a family of talented athletes including his grandchildren, Stephen and Seth Curry, who have both made their own mark in the world of professional basketball. Despite his prominence within this famous sports family, not much is known about Cleive’s own background and personal life.

Born on February 2, 1949, in Winding Gulf, West Virginia, Cleive grew up in Rocky Mount, Virginia, where he was raised and schooled. His parents, Cleive E. Adams Sr. and Bertha B. Adams, had five children, with Cleive being the second eldest. As a Vietnam War veteran, Cleive’s life story holds more than just the link to his successful family members in the sports world.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the life of Cleive Ester Adams, exploring his journey from his early years to his association with one of the most well-known basketball families today. By doing so, we aim to provide more insight into the life of this relatively silent yet essential figure in the Curry family’s story.

Early Life and Education

Cleive Ester Adams, the father of Sonya Curry and the grandfather of NBA players Stephen and Seth Curry, was born in the United States to American parents. He holds an American nationality and comes from an African-American ethnic background. Adams is known to value his private life and not much is revealed about his childhood, education, or family history.

Although the specific details about his early life remain scarce, it is known that Cleive Ester Adams has ties to Radford, Virginia. Born sometime in the 40s, Adams likely experienced various socio-cultural changes throughout his life, including the evolving political and economic landscapes in the United States during this time.

The city of Radford, Virginia, where Adams and his family have spent a significant amount of time, is an area known for its picturesque landscapes, history, and educational opportunities. As a longtime resident, Adams might have encountered and studied within the local education system of the city, contributing to his passion for privacy and ensuring the well-being of his family.

As for his ancestry and other connections, it is noted that Cleive Ester Adams has a connection to Winding Gulf, West Virginia. This region of West Virginia has a rich history and a strong sense of community, which could have played a role in shaping his perspectives.

Through his experiences and roots in both Radford, Virginia, and Winding Gulf, West Virginia, Adams has maintained a strong sense of identity as an American. Despite the limited information available about his early life and education, it is clear that Cleive Ester Adams has had a lasting impact on the lives of his daughter and grandchildren, influencing their choices and successes.

Career Journey

Cleive Ester Adams did not gain popularity through his own profession, but rather through the achievements of his daughter, Sonya Curry, and his grandchildren, Stephen and Seth Curry. Regardless, it can be inferred that his career might have been in the business sector when he was younger.

Sonya Curry, Cleive’s daughter, emerged as a talented athlete when she attended Radford High School. She was a standout basketball and volleyball player who won state championships. After her success in her school years, she carried her aspirations forward as an American educator.

Throughout her career, Sonya has focused on inspiring young athletes and motivating them to excel in their respective sports. Her dedication towards sports and education led to the establishment of a Montessori school in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she still plays an active role in nurturing young minds.

Delving into the Curry family legacy, it is important to acknowledge the contribution of Sonya’s husband and Cleive’s son-in-law, Dell Curry. Dell is a former professional basketball player who later became a football head coach. He went on to develop the basketball programs at colleges such as Averett University, Ferrum College, Belmont Abbey College, and Endicott College, significantly shaping the careers of countless aspiring athletes.

In conclusion, while Cleive Ester Adams himself may not have had a particularly renowned career, the accomplishments of his daughter and son-in-law, along with the success of his talented grandchildren, have ensured that the Curry family leaves a lasting legacy in the world of sports and education.

Personal Life and Family

Cleive Ester Adams is known for being the father of Sonya Curry, a prominent American educator, and the grandfather of the famous American professional basketball player, Stephen Curry. Cleive married Candy Ann Wyms in the 1960s, who was born and raised in Haiti, making her of mixed-race origin. The couple first met when Cleive was in his twenties.

The Adams family consists of three successful children: Sonya Alicia Curry, Cleive Adams Jr., and India Adams. Cleive Adams Jr. works as a football head coach for the Averett University team, while India Adams has chosen to live away from the limelight.

Sonya Curry, their eldest child, married former NBA player Dell Curry and together, they have three children – Stephen, Seth, and Sydel Curry. All three siblings have pursued successful careers in sports. Stephen Curry is a well-celebrated NBA player, while Seth Curry also plays professional basketball. Sydel Curry, the youngest, was a volleyball player for Elon University and has pursued a career in wellness and fitness coaching.

As grandparents, Cleive Ester Adams and Candy Ann Wyms are proud of their grandchildren’s achievements. The couple continues to maintain a close-knit family, cherishing their role as supportive parents and grandparents.

Involvement in NBA

Cleive Ester Adams is best known as the father of Sonya Curry and the grandfather of NBA players Stephen Curry and Seth Curry. While Cleive Ester Adams himself is not directly involved with the NBA, his lineage has contributed immensely to the league.

Stephen Curry, Cleive’s grandson, has had a remarkable professional basketball career with the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is widely regarded as one of the best shooters in NBA history and has earned multiple NBA Championships, MVP awards, and All-Star appearances. Stephen has played a significant role in the Golden State Warriors’ success and changed the way the game is played with his exceptional shooting abilities.

On the other hand, Seth Curry is Cleive’s other NBA-playing grandson who has also made a name for himself in the league. Seth has showcased his shooting prowess in various NBA teams, including the Dallas Mavericks and Philadelphia 76ers. Unlike his older brother Stephen, Seth is yet to win an NBA championship, but he continues to be a valuable asset to his teams.

Cleive’s son-in-law Dell Curry, who is an ex-NBA player, further strengthens the basketball connection within the family. Dell was a sharpshooter in the league throughout his career, paving the way for his sons, Stephen and Seth, to follow in his footsteps. Dell’s impact on the NBA adds another layer of significance to the involvement of the Adams-Curry family in professional basketball.

In conclusion, Cleive Ester Adams, while not directly contributing to the NBA, has certainly left a lasting legacy through his children and grandchildren. The success of Stephen and Seth Curry in the league is a testament to the natural talent and determination they have inherited from their family roots.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Cleive Ester Adams is mostly known for being the father of Sonya Curry and grandfather to the talented Stephen Curry and Seth Curry. While his net worth is not explicitly mentioned in any of the sources, it’s worth noting that his daughter Sonya Curry has a substantial net worth. This has likely contributed to Cleive’s overall financial standing.

In terms of his social media presence, there is not much information available about Cleive Ester Adams’ personal accounts on platforms like Instagram or Twitter. It could be inferred that he prefers to maintain a low-profile and stays away from the spotlight. However, his famous family members like Stephen Curry, Seth Curry, and Sonya Curry are quite active on these platforms, often sharing their achievements, personal life updates, and sometimes providing glimpses of their extended family.

While Cleive Ester Adams’ net worth hasn’t been officially disclosed, it’s evident that his family enjoys significant wealth and media attention due to the achievements and popularity of his children and grandchildren. As for his own social media presence, he seems to prefer anonymity and allows his accomplished family members to take center stage.

The Legacy of Cleive Ester Adams

Cleive Ester Adams is best known as the father of Sonya Curry and the grandfather of NBA players, Stephen and Seth Curry. Born in the United States to American parents, Cleive possesses an African-American ethnic heritage. In this section, we aim to explore the legacy of Cleive Ester Adams, incorporating aspects such as Haiti, American culture, African-American heritage, United States society, racism, and education.

Cleive’s wife, Candy, was born and raised in Haiti. Her origin highlights the family’s diverse cultural background, which undoubtedly influenced their personal lives and experiences in the United States. Being of African-American descent, the family has faced various challenges posed by racism in American society. However, they successfully navigated these adversities and left an enduring mark on the nation.

Education was essential in Cleive Ester Adams’s family, as it provided a solid foundation for future success. Sonya Curry, Cleive’s daughter, excelled during her college years and later became an entrepreneur and educator in her own right. The emphasis on academic achievement within the family has continued to the next generation, as demonstrated by Stephen and Seth Curry, both attaining college-level education.

In the face of societal challenges posed by racism, Cleive Ester Adams’s legacy is a testament to perseverance and determination. Through valuing education and multicultural roots, Cleive’s family members have become shining examples of success and inspiration for many, especially in the African-American community. The Curry family’s accomplishments in various fields, such as sports, business, and philanthropy, can be attributed to the strong foundation and guiding principles instilled by Cleive Ester Adams and his enduring legacy.

Additional Information

Cleive Ester Adams, father of Sonya Curry and grandfather to renowned NBA players Stephen and Seth Curry, has played an influential role in the lives of his daughter and grandchildren. His daughter Sonya, born on May 30, 1966, in Radford, Virginia, shares a strong connection with him.

The Curry family has strong ties to Virginia Tech, a respected educational institution, where both Sonya and her husband, Dell Curry, attended2. A committed educator, Sonya founded the Phoenix Montessori Academy in North Carolina, a Montessori school dedicated to providing high-quality education to its students3. Her dedication to education reflects the values she likely inherited from her father.

Cleive, who worked as a professional in the construction industry, was the owner of the Rocky Mount Drywall Service. This led him to working with churches, one such being the Jerusalem Way of the Cross Church, where he completed renovation work. His entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic were surely an inspiration to his family.

Sonya and her husband Dell are proud parents to their three children, Stephen, Seth, and Sydel Curry. Both Stephen and Seth have gone on to become successful NBA players, and their sister Sydel is happily married to Damion Lee, another NBA player6. Their eldest grandchild, Riley Elizabeth Curry, has captured the hearts of millions with her adorable presence at her father Stephen’s NBA post-game interviews.

The Curry family’s matriarch, Ayesha Curry, is not only a supportive wife and mother but also a successful entrepreneur and celebrity in her own right. Known for her popular cookbook, television show, and the various businesses she runs, Ayesha serves as a role model for many women and is admired by fans around the world.

Through their professional achievements, charitable work, and devoted family life, the Curry family has continued to carry on the values of hard work, perseverance, and strong relationships inherited from their patriarch, Cleive Ester Adams.