10 Sexy Photos Of The Lavishing Christina Hendricks

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Born in May 1975, Christina Hendricks is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. She is a proud owner of the title “one of the most beautiful racks”. Fans recognize Christina for her big boobs, but she has no problem with it. That cleavage is responsible for a lot of Christina Hendricks’s sexy photos. But do not look at Christina as a provocative actress.

She knows she has big boobs and proudly wears them. Just do not expect her to post some sexual photos and sexualize women in Hollywood.

Her most famous role came in the television series Mad Men, for which she earned a couple of Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Speaking about her beauty, in 2010, female readers by Esquire magazine named her the sexiest woman in the world. She has also been voted Best Looking Woman in America.

Born in Tennessee, she spent most of her childhood in Portland, Oregon, and Twin Falls, Idaho. There, she joined the local theater.

Fun fact: after finishing high school, she moved to New York to pursue a model career. She made her entry into a Seventeen cover contest. For over a decade, Christina worked internationally as a model before transitioning into an acting career.

From 18 years to 27 years old, she modeled in New York, London, and Japan. But then, she and her mother and brother moved to Los Angeles. In the beginning, she pursued a career in the administrative sector of the music business.

But because of no success, she continued working as a model while also auditioning for acting roles. She had a couple of appearances in commercials for Carl’s Jr. and Dr. Pepper.

In the 2000s, she had a couple of recurring roles in television series like Beggars and Choosers and Kevin Hill. But her big break came when she joined the cast of Mad Men in 2007. She remained a main cast member until the end of the show in 2015.

Besides in television, Hendricks appeared in movies, including some of her best roles in Drive, Ginger & Rosa, and Lost River.

Since 2018, she joined the cast of Good Girls, a comedy-crime series.

Speaking about her beauty, Christina has been described by many as having the ideal shape for a woman. Many praise her classic hourglass figure, saying she is absolutely fabulous. Fans believe we need more curvy role models like Christina Hendricks. Her portrayal of Joan in Mad Men revolutionized perceptions of beauty on television.

Some experts even go as far as saying she represents the new modern ideal of Hollywood glamour, which is a full-figured, voluptuous woman. Or, if you want to compare, the modern version of Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake.

After her success, Britain saw a rise in breast augmentation surgery, mainly because women wanted to look like Christina.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a couple of Christina Hendricks’s bikini photos and sexy pictures.

The Perfect Woman

Photo: instagram.com

We said before that many fashion experts consider Hendricks woman of a perfect figure. Her hourglass figure is perfect for photoshoots, which is why photographers love her.

Let’s start our list of Christina Hendricks’s sexy photos with a photo that reveals quite a lot of skin on her body.

Fruity Dress

Photo: pinterest.com

How many women do you know that can wear a fruity dress and look amazing doing it? Well, Christina is one of them. And it is all because of her figure. Those breasts will make any dress look sexy, even if it has puppies on it.

Sexy Christina

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When you have an hourglass figure like Christina, photographers will want you. Just look how she defines this dress. It is a simple, casual white dress. But put it on a woman like Christina, and the American actress makes it look hot.

Black Dress

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Whenever the famous actress wants to look elegant and sophisticated, she pops on a black dress. And she has one thing on her side. Christina never has to worry about wearing a bra. There is hardly any bra that will fit her boobs. One thing less to worry about when trying to look stunning.

Christin Hendricks Bikini Photo

Photo: pinterest.com

Because of her big boobs and curvy body, Christina avoids pictures in a bikini or swimsuits. But even she cannot stay away from the paparazzi. You can hardly find any Christina Hendricks bikini photo.

She simply doesn’t pose in such an outfit. Here we have the paparazzi taking pictures of Christina wearing a swimsuit for the beach.

The Red Beauty

Photo: pinterest.com

In most cases, Christina lets her boobs roam free. Or to put it differently, she doesn’t try to cover her rack and cleavage. But every now and then, she wears a dress that shows absolutely no skin in the chest area.

This is one such dress. You instantly notice the difference in hotness and sexiness, right?

The Mad Men Star

Photo: pinterest.com

Here is Christina posing in her most famous role, Joan in Mad Men. In the interview with The Edit magazine, she admitted asking for items from Joan’s apartment. Christina wanted to cherish those memories and have them in her home.

Sexy Redhead

Photo: pinterest.com

Warning, redhead wearing a red dress on the red carpet. Christina Hendricks is one of the few actresses in Hollywood that can pull off that sentence. Her red hair is her signature beauty feature. In the past few years, there are more and more ginger actresses. But Christina remains among the most beautiful among them.

Dress Like Joan Holloway

Photo: pinterest.com

Christina has no trouble posing like her signature character in television shows, Joan Holloway. The Mad Men character remains among the sexiest women on television.

For this photo shoot, Christina posed in different Joan outfits.

The Classy Businesswoman

Photo: pinterest.com

Let’s finish off the list of sexy photos of Christina Hendricks with not-so-sexy photo. But that is what makes her beautiful and one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. Christina can wear a sophisticated business outfit and look amazing doing it.