CBD / legal cannabis and air travel: can it be done?

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By David

Is it legal to bring cannabis light with you to the airport? Could there be problems?

What a beautiful thing the summer, sun, sea, mountain, lake, city of art, rest, relaxation, in short, the much deserved holidays for which we worked hard in the city for a whole year. Think about it for a moment, how nice is it to unplug for a while, enjoying your rest?

And what’s better than this?

Well, for sure, relax with a little “help” brought directly from home such as, for example, light cannabis or legal weed, whatever you want! Try for a moment to imagine enjoying a “special cigarette” or CBD oil (i.e. cannabidiol) by the sea or leading a mountain. Not bad, don’t you think, too?

CBD is now legal in the UK and you can enjoy CBD’s many therapeutic virtues. But, can you travel with CBD?

But what is often associated with a departure towards an exotic destination?

Most certainly a trip by plane, but this situation raises another question. Is it legal to bring cannabis light with you to the airport? Could there be problems? To answer this question, there is nothing left to do but continue reading together!

First of all, let’s start with a small distinction to better assimilate the concept. If you are travelling within Italy, where light cannabis has been legalized as of January 2017, you can take your purchase package with you, but the story changes slightly at the airport.

The risk of running into drug dogs combined with normal routine checks is quite high and this would lead to detention or interrogation by the airport agents which, in turn, could lead to a seizure. Of course, you just need to bring the purchase package and the receipt certifying the regular purchase and sale of the product with you.

But it’s not over yet! If some countries are rather “permissive”, such as Canada, Europe, or some countries of the United States of America, there are others in the world that are not so favourable. Or, and this is perhaps worse, they have rather “ambiguous” laws that could create some confusion about it.

Travelling with CBD oil domestically

CBD is not an illegal substance, so a reasonable amount of CBD products can be carried with you. The fact remains that the product must be certain to have a zero or insignificant content of THC to be included in the permitted products, as in the case of Nordic Oil CBD oil.

Travelling abroad with CBD

Since airport controllers and their dogs cannot be sure that these are products with the right requirements, it is highly recommended to travel with intact packaging and the purchase receipt, making the truthfulness more secure to avoid being requisitioned to be analysed.

The question is quite different if you are travelling abroad: in some countries, cannabis light is legal, but this is not enough to make your travel peacefully.

CBD cannabis is legal in Canada, or some US States (such as California or Colorado), but for most countries, it is still illegal, or at least the legislation on the matter is ambiguous. This generally applies to both the European Union and the other countries of the world.

Drug controls are very strict on international routes, and it is best to avoid any potential risks. While some states are permissive, others are far less so, and you could even face prison sentences.

If you are taking a plane to go abroad, then you, better leave your CBD cannabis at home.

CBD and travels

In any case, even in this case, what is written above remains valid regarding always carrying the receipt and the packaging with you. In this regard, if you are interested in this kind of article, then on this site you can find all the legal cannabis strains you want and much more!

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