Carole Krumenacher: Insight Into Bob Costas’s Ex-Wife

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Real Name:Robert Quinlan Costas
Birthday:March 27, 1955
Net WorthN/A
Height:165 cm
Occupation:American Associate Producer, Ex-wife of Bob Costas

Carole Krumenacher is best known as the ex-wife of renowned sportscaster Bob Costas. Although her marriage to Bob brought her into the media spotlight, she has chosen to live a relatively private life. Born on March 27, 1955, Carole is currently 68 years old and has two children from her marriage with Bob, a son named Keith and a daughter named Taylor.

The couple was married in 1983, and their union lasted for 18 years before they divorced in 2001. Despite the end of their marriage, both Carole and Bob continued to focus on providing a stable upbringing for their children. Not much is known about Carole’s life post-divorce, as she has chosen to stay out of the public eye.

While details about her personal life remain limited, it is evident that Carole Krumenacher is a devoted mother and someone who values privacy. As such, her life beyond her marriage to Bob Costas remains a subject of curiosity for those interested in this discreet figure.

Early Life and Background

Carole Krumenacher was born on March 27, 1955, in New York City, New York. She is an Aries by zodiac sign, and she comes from a multicultural background with a mix of English, German, and Irish heritage. Her parents, though their identities remain undisclosed, played an essential role in shaping her upbringing.

Growing up in New York City, Carole had an active and fun childhood. She attended primary and high school in the city, where she further honed her academic and social skills. As a child, Carole was described as both energetic and playful, yet dominant in her demeanor.

Before becoming a public figure, Carole was known to be a dedicated and talented educator. She taught third grade in school, which allowed her to make a positive impact on young children’s lives. Her passion for education shaped her career before she found herself in the spotlight as the ex-wife of famous sports broadcaster Bob Costas.

After getting married to Bob Costas in 1983, Carole’s life changed as she was thrust into the public eye. The couple eventually relocated from New York City to St. Louis, where they continued their life together. While living in St. Louis, Carole embraced her new home and became known within the community. They were married for 18 years, and although their marriage did not last, they share two children together.

Carole Krumenacher’s early life and background showcase her interest in education and her resilience in adapting to new circumstances. Through the various stages of her life, Carole has demonstrated an ability to embrace change while maintaining her confident, knowledgeable, and clear persona.

Relationship with Bob Costas

Marriage and Family Life

Carole Krumenacher married American sportscaster Bob Costas in 1983, after meeting him in 1980 at the Weber School in St. Louis, where she worked as a third-grade teacher. Throughout their 18-year marriage, the couple maintained a relatively low profile. They have two children together, a son named Keith Costas and a daughter named Taylor Costas. Carole played an active role as a mother, supporting her children alongside Bob throughout their upbringing.

Divorce and Aftermath

Bob and Carole’s marriage came to an end in 2001 with their decision to divorce. Following the split, Carole has continued to maintain a low-key presence, focusing on her life and keeping details about her personal affairs private. The specifics regarding the custody arrangement of their children have not been made public, but it appears that both Bob and Carole remain deeply involved in their children’s lives. As Bob’s ex-wife and first wife, Carole’s relationship with him will always be a part of their shared history, while they each move forward in their individual lives.

Career Highlights

Media Engagements

Carole Krumenacher is better known as the ex-wife of renowned sportscaster Bob Costas, although she maintained a relatively low profile during their marriage. She was mostly involved in supporting Bob’s career in sports broadcasting without being directly engaged in the industry. However, some of her accomplishments have garnered attention.

One notable media engagement includes her role as an associate producer for a sports-related program, which allowed her to explore the broadcasting world’s production aspect. Though not a foreground figure in the media landscape, her involvement adds another layer to Carole’s background.

Awards and Accomplishments

While Carole Krumenacher may not have a prominent career in the media herself, her connection to the world of sports broadcasting through her marriage to Bob Costas has provided her with opportunities to share in some of his achievements. Bob Costas is a celebrated sportscaster who has received numerous awards throughout his career, including multiple Emmy Awards for his work at NBC Sports.

Though Carole hasn’t received any awards directly, she played a supportive role in her ex-husband’s achievements, contributing to the overall success of their partnership and his career in sports broadcasting. Her reliance on maintaining a low profile and focusing on her family has allowed her to positively influence her ex-husband’s accomplishments in media.

Personal Life

Private Persona

Carole Krumenacher, born on March 27, 1955, is best known as the ex-wife of famous sportscaster Bob Costas. The couple was married from 1983 to 2001. During their time together, they had two children: son Keith and daughter Taylor. Carole has consistently maintained a low profile throughout her life, even when sharing media attention with her former husband. A former elementary school teacher, she met Bob in 1980 while working at Weber School in St. Louis.

Net Worth: Although her exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, Carole Krumenacher is said to have maintained financial stability over the years. It is likely that she received a portion of Bob Costas’ finances as part of their divorce settlement.

Interests and Activities

Carole Krumenacher has always been known as a private and dedicated homemaker. She mainly focused on raising her children and managing the household while Bob pursued his career in sports broadcasting. She has not been widely active on social media or shared her interests and activities with the public.

Her life in the United States has primarily revolved around her family and maintaining a low profile. Although specific hobbies and interests have not been disclosed, it can be inferred that Carole has dedicated her time to her children and personal life throughout her years.

Public Perception and Media

Public Appearances

Carole Krumenacher, born on March 27, 1955, is primarily known as the ex-wife of renowned sportscaster Bob Costas. While married to Costas from 1983 to 2001, Krumenacher occasionally shared the limelight with her then-husband due to their connection. They have two children together, a son named Keith and a daughter named Taylor.

Despite her marriage to a media personality, Krumenacher has maintained a comparatively low profile in the public eye. She has not made many public appearances and, when she did so, it was mainly during events related to her husband.

Relationship with Media

Carole Krumenacher’s relationship with the media can be characterized as reserved and discrete. She has not given many interviews throughout her time in the public eye, demonstrating a preference for a private life despite her connection to a well-known figure.

Her inclination to stay out of the media attention suggests that Krumenacher prioritizes her personal privacy. A result of this approach is that the general public has limited knowledge of her life, especially following her divorce from Costas in 2001.

In summary, Carole Krumenacher’s time in the limelight has been brief and primarily restricted to her marriage with Bob Costas. Her approach to public appearances and her relationship with the media reflect her preference for private living.

Influence and Legacy

Carole Krumenacher, born on March 27, 1955, is best known as the ex-wife of Bob Costas, a renowned American sportscaster. Although she mainly gained recognition due to her relationship with Costas, she has played a considerable role in supporting his professional life for almost two decades.

While Carole Krumenacher has maintained a low profile despite her association with the media world, her influence on her ex-husband is evident. Throughout their marriage, Bob Costas developed into one of the most renowned sportscasters of his time, covering prestigious sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

Bob Costas, throughout his career, has received numerous accolades, including multiple Sports Emmy awards. During the years he was married to Carole, he worked with various broadcasting networks, eventually becoming an essential part of NBC’s coverage team. One of his most memorable work includes the NBC’s 2012 Summer Olympics coverage, where he maintained a strong presence as a presenter and commentator.

Although Carole Krumenacher and Bob Costas eventually parted ways, her steadfast support during their marriage played a noteworthy role in shaping Costas’ professional life. Carole’s presence undoubtedly helped Bob Costas focus and deliver outstanding commentary for iconic sporting events, leaving a lasting impact on the sports broadcasting industry.

In summary, Carole Krumenacher’s influence and legacy lie in her contribution to the life of one of the most respected sportscasters in American history. Despite choosing to keep a low profile, her unwavering support enabled Bob Costas to reach the pinnacle of his career and leave an indelible mark on the world of sports broadcasting.

Connection to Notable Individuals

Bob Costas

Carole Krumenacher is primarily known for her marriage to Bob Costas, a renowned sportscaster. The couple got married on June 23, 1983, and remained together for 18 years until their divorce in 2001. During their marriage, Carole occasionally shared the media spotlight with her ex-husband. Their relationship highlights her connection to the world of sports journalism through Bob Costas’s successful career with NBC Sports, where he won multiple Emmy Awards.

Keith Costas

Carole and Bob have two children together, their son Keith Costas and daughter Taylor Costas. Keith went on to follow in his father’s footsteps and started a career in sports media. He is now an accomplished sports producer and has worked with notable TV networks, contributing to the growth of the sports industry. Keith’s achievements in the sports media world exemplify Carole’s indirect connection to the field through her children.

Jill Sutton

Following their divorce, Bob Costas married Jill Sutton in 2004, making her Carole’s successor. Jill Sutton is a former NBC executive and has achieved prominence in her own right within the media industry. Although Carole and Jill do not have a direct connection, their marriages to Bob Costas establish a link between them. Jill and Bob’s relationship marks a new chapter in the lives of both Carole and her ex-husband, demonstrating the evolution of the Krumenacher-Costas family dynamics.

Additional Information

Carole Krumenacher was born on March 27, 1955, making her currently 68 years old as of 2024. She is best known as the ex-wife of famed sportscaster Bob Costas. The couple was married for eighteen years, from 1983 to 2001, and during their marriage, they welcomed two children: a son, Keith Costas, born in 1986, and a daughter, Taylor Costas, born in 1989. Carole has always been private about her personal life, which is why not much information is available about her.

Bob Costas, on the other hand, grew up in Queens, New York, and attended Syracuse University, where he studied communications. He began his career working at radio station KMOX in the early 1970s, eventually transitioning to a successful sportscasting career, covering a variety of sports events and working for major networks such as the Minnesota Twins and MIB Network.

During their marriage, Carole and Bob lived in New York City, where their family life revolved around their two children. Keith Michael Kirby Costas, their son, graduated from the Weber School and has followed in his father’s footsteps to pursue a career in sportscasting. Taylor, their daughter, has chosen a more private path in life.

While there was an age difference between Carole and Bob, it did not seem to play a significant role in their relationship. The couple ultimately grew apart and decided to divorce in 2001. Since then, both have maintained a low profile regarding their personal lives and financial matters. However, it is estimated that Bob Costas has a net worth in the range of $40 million to $50 million.

Carole Krumenacher’s life has remained mostly private since the divorce, choosing to stay out of the spotlight. Nonetheless, her connection to Bob Costas’ career in sportscasting has contributed to her name being known among fans and sports enthusiasts alike.