Cam Newton’s Girlfriend In 2021 – Who Is He Dating?

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Cam Newton is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots. Born in 1989, Super Cam was the first African-American to win Most Valuable Player, MVP of the NFL season. Who is he dating? Who is Cam Newton’s girlfriend in 2021?

Today we will take a look at his relationship status, and who has the famous NFL player dated before. Cameron Jerrell Newton made an impact from his first year in the NFL. In his rookie year, he set a rookie record for passing and rushing yards by a quarterback. He was the first rookie quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a season.

Today, he remains the NFL career leader in quarterback rushing touchdowns. And he is only one of four African-American quarterbacks to win NFL MVP.

Who Is Cam Newton’s Girlfriend

So, who is Cam Newton dating in 2021? For the past few years, the NFL star has been dating La Reina Shaw. The two started a secret relationship while Cam was still married to his ex-wife Kia Proctor. Cameron has 3 kids with Kia.

In 2020, Le Reina started living in a place above Cameron’s Atlanta restaurant. They were spotted celebrating 2020 New Year’s Eve together.

Who is Cam’s girlfriend La Reina Shaw? She is a famous American model and Instagram celebrity. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1986, Le Reina was the Queen of the Universe pageant’s former Miss Azerbaijan.

There is not much information regarding her family. Some rumors suggest her father works as an artist and her mother works as a pediatrician. At the age of five, model La Reina Shaw moved to Germany from Azerbaijan with her family.

And at the age of 20, she finally moved to the United States. Shaw studied at the University of Maryland and University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She got a bachelor’s degree in design and communications.

Working as a famous American model and Instagram personality, she established her own swimwear collection. Called XVIII Swim, the famous Instagram star often promotes her clothes on Instagram.

Sometimes, she works as a wellness model, and even an actress. So far, she has collaborated with Dexter the Blade Jackson. You can see her in small roles in movies like Queen of the Universe, Criminal, and Chocolate City.

At the moment, she lives in a lavish apartment in Atlanta with her mother and kids. La Reina rose to prominence when she gave birth to Cam Newton’s son.

Speaking for her business, she established the swimwear collection at the age of 25 but later sold it for a good price.

The Love Triangle Controversy

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In 2020, Patriots quarterback caused a bit of controversy with his relationship with model La Reina Shaw. Rumors are the two were dating before he announced his split from longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor. Cam shares 5 kids with Kia and the two battle it out over joint custody.

At the time, La Reina Shaw was pregnant with her first kid with Cam. In the summer of 2020, the Instagram model welcomed their son Caesar. For several months, Newton and Shaw kept their romance low-key.

Because news broke that the two have been dating and she lived in an apartment above his Atlanta restaurant, Cam and his previous girlfriend Kia Proctor got into heated arguments. So, Shaw avoided posting photos of Caesar until things calmed down in the press. the 2015 NFL MVP, on the other hand, filed a custody suit against his girlfriend Kia.

Cam said he was already paying Kia child support despite no court order being in place. In response to that, Cam Newton’s ex-girlfriend asked for primary custody and child support. She asked amount above the normal guidelines based on Cam’s high income. She asked for $15,000 per month to cover the expenses of the children.

On July 4, 2021, Reina published a post on Instagram, celebrating her son’s first birthday. In it, she wrote, “Happy Birthday Caesar, I can’t believe you are turning TWO! It seems like yesterday your daddy and I brought you home from the hospital, and here we are celebrating your second birthday!”

She wished Caesar has a wonderful childhood filled with love and beautiful memories.

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Cam Newton And His Ex-Wife Kia Proctor

So, what happened with Cam Newton’s ex-girlfriend Kia Proctor? The two dated for a while. Cam and Kia started their relationship back in 2013 and lasted until 2019 when Cam started a new relationship with La Reina.

Kia gained fame as a dancer, going by the name Hazel at a Washington DC strip club. She previously worked as a model and a stripper. They first appeared together in public at the Kentucky Derby. And then, in 2015, the couple welcomed their first child, Chosen Sebastian. They have three more children, and Kia has a daughter from a previous relationship.

NFL star Cam Newton actually sued Proctor over paternity and wanted proof of his fatherhood over the three kids with Proctor by DNA test.

How Many Children Does Cam Newton Have?

Cam Newton has several children. But how many exactly? Well, we can answer that thanks to an Instagram post on Father’s Day in 2020. In the post, the football player revealed he has fathered seven children. Their names are Jaden, Shakira, Chosen, Sovereign-Dior, Camidas, Cashmere, and Caesar Newton.

In the post, Cam wrote, “I am a proud father of 7. A daddy isn’t defined as the man who makes the child but rather a MAN who extends his hands and time to help with the child’s raising and his heart to LOVE the child through anything! Blood doesn’t always make you DADDY. Being a dad comes from the heart. Anybody can make a baby but it takes a real man to raise a child! Kudos to all the real men worldwide!”

It seems like the famous NFL quarterback can afford it. After all, Cam Newton’s net worth is more than $75 million. And he will probably sign another or two more rich contracts in his career.