Brian Blosil: What Happened To Marie Osmond’s Second Husband?

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Real Name:Brian Blosil
Birthday:December 12, 1952
Net Worth$500,000
Occupation:American Actor, Record Producer, Ex-husband of Marie Osmond

Brian Blosil is best known for his 20-year marriage to American singer and actress Marie Osmond. The couple shared a large family, including two biological children and six adopted children. Their relationship lasted from 1986 to 2007, with many fans curious about the reasons behind their divorce and the dynamics of their relationship.

During their time together, Brian and Marie raised seven children, but later revealed that their marriage wasn’t as happy as it seemed from the outside. Despite the numerous challenges they faced, both as a couple and parents, they seemed dedicated to their family until the end.

Marie Osmond has since opened up about the struggles that led to the end of her marriage with Brian Blosil. Details about Brian’s life after the separation remain scarce, but this article will explore the ups and downs of their relationship, as well as the lives of their children.

Early Life and Career

Brian Blosil was born on December 12, 1952, in the United States. Although specific details regarding his family and upbringing remain scarce, it is known that he is American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Blosil started pursuing an acting career in the 1980s, making a name for himself with his talent and dedication.

During his acting career, Blosil played various roles in different TV shows and movies. Some of his notable works include Maybe This Time and Wildest Dream. Owing to his passionate commitment to the craft of acting, he managed to create lasting impressions as a confident and knowledgeable performer in Hollywood.

In 1986, Blosil’s life took a fascinating turn when he crossed paths with the talented Marie Osmond, an American singer and actress. Best known for her hit single, Paper Roses, Marie had already established herself as a successful artist. The two quickly hit it off, and eventually got married, making them a prominent couple in showbiz.

While Brian Blosil remained focused on his acting career, his connection to Marie Osmond brought him further into the limelight. Marie, a versatile artist, continued making her mark in the entertainment industry as a singer and actress. Their life together also included memorable performances in Las Vegas, a city known for its dazzling shows and top-notch entertainment.

In summary, Brian Blosil’s early life and career highlight his dedication to acting and his personal connection to Marie Osmond. Despite the limited information available about his early years, it’s clear that Blosil made an impact with his acting prowess and his relationship with the accomplished singer and actress, Marie Osmond.

Personal Life

Brian Blosil is best known as the former husband of American actress and singer, Marie Osmond. The couple were married for 21 years (1986-2007) and raised seven children together. Their family consisted of both biological and adopted children, reflecting their inclusive approach towards parenthood.

During their marriage, Blosil and Osmond faced various challenges, including the loss of their shared home due to a fire in 2004. However, they continued to support their family, balancing both personal and professional lives. Over the years, Brian’s ex-wife, Marie, has been open about being a single mom since their divorce and her deep faith as a spiritual person.

In addition to their shared struggles, Brian Blosil has had an acting career with films like Maybe This Time and Wildest Dream to his credit. While less is known about Blosil’s personal beliefs, Osmond’s public dedication to her faith has played a significant role in shaping their family’s life.

As a couple, Blosil and Osmond demonstrated resilience and commitment to their family through their years together, navigating the complexities that come with raising several children, both biological and adopted. The lessons learned and the wisdom gained through these experiences have undoubtedly influenced their personal journeys and commitment to their family’s well-being.

Marriage to Brian Blosil

Marie Osmond married Brian Blosil, a record producer, on October 28, 1986. The wedding took place at the Jordan River Temple in Utah, which symbolizes the couple’s strong faith in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The marriage lasted for 21 years before the couple decided to call it quits.

During their time together, Marie and Brian raised seven children. Four of the children were adopted, while three were biological. Their names are Rachael, Matthew, Brandon, Jessica, Michael (deceased), Abigail, and Brianna.

The couple faced various challenges during their marriage, which could be seen as reasons for their eventual divorce. According to Marie, her marriage to Brian wasn’t always happy despite raising their kids together. Their divorce was finalized in 2007.

Following her divorce from Brian Blosil, Marie Osmond remarried her first husband, Steve Craig, in 2011. She and Steve first married in 1982 and later divorced in 1985, but rekindled their love years later. Their second marriage has been going strong, illustrating that sometimes, love can have a second chance.

Children with Brian Blosil

Michael Blosil

Michael Brian Blosil, born on May 4, 1991, was adopted by Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil as an infant. Tragically, Michael struggled with depression and died by suicide at the age of 18 in February 2010. Michael’s passing deeply affected the family and Marie has been open about her grief and efforts to raise awareness around mental health.

Jessica Blosil

Jessica Marie Blosil, another adopted child, has successfully kept a low profile. Although little is publicly known about her personal life, she maintains a close relationship with her family.

Brandon Blosil

Brandon Warren Blosil is another adopted child in the family. Like Jessica, Brandon has managed to keep his life away from the limelight. He shares a strong bond with his siblings and parents.

Brianna Blosil

Brianna Patricia Blosil, born on November 19, 1997, works as a make-up artist and is married to David Schwep. The couple has children: Maude Bailey-Moon Schwep and Mabel Amarantha-Rayne Schwep. She shares glimpses of her work and family life on social media, showcasing her close relationship with her parents and siblings.

Other Children

In addition to the children mentioned above, Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil have other children. These include:

  • Matthew Blosil, a biological child of Marie and Brian.
  • Abigail Blosil, an adopted daughter who remains private about her life.
  • Rachel Blosil, another biological child who, like her siblings, values her privacy.

The large family forged strong bonds and maintained close relationships despite the challenges faced throughout their lives.

Career in the Limelight

Brian Blosil, primarily known for his association with the famous singer and actress Marie Osmond, began his career in the entertainment industry working as a recording engineer for the Osmond family’s recording studio in Utah in 1978. It was here that he first met Marie Osmond, leading to their marriage in 1986.

Although not as prominent as his then-wife, Blosil pursued a career in acting, starring in movies like Maybe This Time and Wildest Dream. Following his short-lived acting stint, Blosil’s career took a turn away from the limelight. The details of the career path he pursued post-divorce from Osmond remain unclear.

As the husband of Marie Osmond, Blosil was indirectly connected to her successful career and appearances in various forms of media. Marie Osmond is known for her remarkable work as a singer, actress, and philanthropist, with appearances on popular television shows like The Talk, where she served as a co-host for a time.

In contrast, Blosil has maintained a comparatively lower profile, refraining from actively engaging in social media or pursuing a career in the public eye. Throughout his marriage to Marie Osmond, the couple had two biological children and adopted five more, taking on the responsibilities of a large family.

While Blosil did not achieve significant success in the entertainment industry, his connection to Marie Osmond and her illustrious career brought him into the spotlight for a period of time. Today, Blosil has chosen a more private life away from the public eye.

Divorce and Life Post-Divorce

In 2007, after 21 years of marriage, Marie Osmond and her then-husband, Brian Blosil, decided to go their separate ways. The couple, who shared seven children together, reached this decision after careful deliberation. Although not much was openly disclosed about their separation, it is believed that the divorce was a challenging period in both their lives.

Marie, in a later interview, admitted that their marriage “wasn’t happy,” reflecting the strain the relationship experienced towards the end. Despite the challenges from the divorce, both Marie and Brian managed to co-parent their children, keeping an amicable relationship for the sake of their family. Their mutual dedication to their children’s well-being post-divorce allowed them to focus on moving forward in their lives.

Interestingly, Marie reconnected with her first husband, Stephen Lyle Craig, and they eventually remarried in 2011. The remarriage may have been a surprise to some, considering her initial reluctance for another marriage after separating from Brian.

As for Brian Blosil, information about his life after divorce is relatively scarce, indicating that he may have opted for a more private and low-profile existence.

Personal Struggles and Triumphs

Brian Blosil’s life has been marked by both challenging incidents and remarkable successes. One of these struggles was coping with his then-wife, Marie Osmond’s, battle with postpartum depression. The couple had to face this difficult time together, and it highlighted the importance of compassion and understanding in their relationship.

In 2004, a fire destroyed the home that the couple shared. While this event would understandably be devastating for anyone, their resilience and perspective allowed them to take it in stride. In fact, Marie Osmond even described the fire as “one of the most freeing things that ever happened” to her, illustrating their ability to find strength in adversity.

Throughout their life, Brian and Marie have been adept at maintaining a facade of happiness and harmony, even during times of personal turmoil. However, in a candid interview with Closer Weekly, Marie revealed that the former couple “wasn’t happy” despite their shared experiences and their children. The ability to navigate their struggles while also presenting a composed, collected image to the world is both fascinating and commendable.

Brian Blosil, too, has exhibited his compassionate nature and ability to overcome difficulties. In an appearance on the Masters Podcast Club, hosted by Winn Claybaugh, Marie shared some insights about her ex-husband. She discussed the importance of understanding each other’s background and recognizing the complexities within their lives.

In conclusion, Brian Blosil, like many individuals, has faced personal struggles, but has triumphed in many ways. He has demonstrated his ability to navigate through difficult times, be compassionate towards others, and maintain a public persona even during turbulent moments. Through these experiences, he has proven that he possesses the strength and resilience necessary for personal growth and success.

Financial Status

Brian Blosil is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry, primarily due to his former marriage with Marie Osmond. As an accomplished musician and composer, he has made his own mark in the music scene. Nevertheless, it is essential to discuss Blosil’s financial status.

It is estimated that Brian Blosil’s net worth is around 0,000. Although the exact figure has yet to be confirmed, this estimation gives us an understanding of his financial position. In comparison, his ex-wife, Marie Osmond, has an impressive net worth of $20 million, which she earned through her professional career as an American actress and singer.

Though Blosil’s net worth falls significantly short of his former spouse’s, it still reflects a comfortable financial situation. His accomplishments in the music industry as both a musician and composer contribute to his wealth.

In summary, Brian Blosil’s financial status is marked by an estimated net worth of $500,000, a respectable figure for his career achievements.

Current Life

After his divorce from Marie Osmond in 2007, Brian Blosil has kept his life mostly private. However, it is known that he has not remarried. Meanwhile, Marie Osmond went on to remarry her first husband, Steve Craig, in a second marriage ceremony.

Steve Craig, also known as Stephen Craig or Stephen James Craig, originally married Marie in 1982. Their first marriage ended in divorce in 1985. They have a son named Stephen James Craig Jr., who was born during their first marriage. Stephen Craig attended Brigham Young University and played basketball there.

While there isn’t much public information about Brian Blosil’s life after his divorce from Marie, it’s evident that his ex-wife has moved forward and found happiness in her second marriage with Steve Craig. As for Brian, it is not clear if he has any plans to remarry or if he is focusing on his personal life and well-being.

In conclusion, while Brian Blosil remains a private individual, his ex-wife Marie Osmond has remarried and continued her career in the entertainment industry. The details of Brian’s current life remain mostly unknown, but it is evident that both have moved on since their divorce.