7 Rare Photos Of Blake Shelton When He Was Young

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By David

As of December 2020, Shelton has charted 40 singles, including 28 Number one singles. He had 17 consecutive Number 1 hits. His 11th No.1, Doin What She Likes, broke the record for most consecutive No.1 singles in the Country’s chart history. Blake Shelton is still in his 40s, but he looks much more different than he was a child. Let’s take a look at some photos of young Blake Shelton.

Born in June 1976, Shelton is an American country music singer and television personality. He made his debut in 2001, at the age of 25, with the single Austin. That single spent five weeks as Number 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Besides his country music success, he found success in television as well. He worked as a judge on the singing competitions Nashville Star, Clash of the Choirs, and as a coach on The Voice. Shelton worked as a coach on The Voice since its inception. In seven of the nineteen seasons, a member of his team won the whole thing.

So far, he has released more than a dozen studio albums. As one of the most successful country artists, Shelton has sold more than 10 million records worldwide. He also generated more than 1.7 billion streams worldwide.

Nowadays, Blake Shelton is the reason for the tremendous commercial impact of country music. In 2017, he made history at the People’s Choice Awards. Shelton won the all-genre category of Favorite Album over artists like Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Drake. That made him the first country artist to win the all-genre category.

The same year, he broke another historic record by charting six songs simultaneously from his Texoma Shore studio album.

Shelton got married to singer Gwen Stefani more than 13 years ago. They have three young sons together, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. Both experienced huge success in the music industry. And they found comfort in each other. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some photos of young Blake Shelton.

1. Country Star in the Making

Photo: pinterest.com

Now, this is a true Blake Shelton photo. Nowadays, we know him as a singer with short hair. But back in the days? Some 20 years ago? Well, that is a different story. The hair, the hat, the blazer, are the signature features of a classic country star.

2. Beauty Pageants

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Did you know that Blake Shelton participated in beauty pageants? Well, he revealed it in one interview. His mother used to enter him into all sorts of beauty pageants. And he did well in those. Who could blame her? Look at this adorable child.

3. Beautiful And Talented Child

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Photo: pinterest.com

Speaking of beauty pageants, here is another picture. The Blake Shelton pageant competition past has some great footage of the young kid. He had the looks, but also the talent to participate in such events. And he did great with his singing.

4. The Mullet

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Photo: pinterest.com

Blake Shelton went through all sorts of evolutions during his life. But there are some things from the past many of us try to forget. Like this mullet hairstyle. Look at him, can you recognize the country star?

5. From Mullet To Sexy

Blake Shelton Shoe Size and Body Measurements
Photo: pinterest.com

Blake has won the title of sexiest man alive. Yes, that is the same person who once had a mullet. And he now dates one of the most beautiful pop stars, Gwen Stefani. How the world turns, right? Let that serve as a reminder that no matter what happened during your childhood, you can make it.

6. Country Style

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Here is another picture of Blake during his early days. At the time, he dressed and looked like a true cowboy. Well, after all, he is a country singer, right? He had all sorts of cowboy hats. Love them or hate them, we have to respect him for staying true to the genre.

7. The Dark Times

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Here is another reminder of how Blake Shelton looked when he started his country music career. We want to finish our pictures of young Blake Sheltons list here. Let that sink in. The hat, the mullet, oh my god. And nowadays, people consider him one of the sexiest men alive. Things can change.