Blake Lively Boob Job – Did The Actress Get A Plastic Surgery?

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Blake Lively is one of the most beautiful American actresses. In 2011, she was voted the most desirable woman in the world. In 2019, she was voted by Esquire magazine world’s most beautiful woman. Her stunning blond looks and natural acting ability have helped her enjoy a successful career in Hollywood. But fans often ask about plastic surgery, in this case, Blake Lively boob job.

The famous actress started acting almost by chance. She does come from a family in the show business. But her acting came by a chance. Her acting career is on hold at the moment, as she has to take care of the family around the home. Let’s talk about Blake Lively career and plastic surgery.

Quick Career Summary

Before we get to Blake Lively boob job rumors, let’s talk shortly about her career. Born in August 1987 as Blake Ellender Brown in California, she has a pair of half-sisters, a half-brother, and an older brother. All of them, as well as her parents, have been in the entertainment industry. For example, her mother worked as a talent scout, while her father, Ernie Lively, was a successful actor.

As a child, she attended acting classes with her parents. They didn’t want to hire a babysitter, so they took her with them when they attended acting classes. There, she learned most of what she needs to know about acting.

In 1998, Blake Lively debut came in the movie Sandman, directed by her own father. She played a rather significant role in the movie. At the time, she was not interested in pursuing an acting career. Instead, she wanted to go to college.

But her brother, Eric, working as a talent scout, kept pestering her to audition for one role or another. Soon, she gave in, and she auditioned for the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. That role got her a Teen Choice Award nomination.

In 2007, she had a career role as a bulimic girl in Elvis and Annabelle. She had to shed some pounds for the role and drastically cut back on food. But critics praised her performance.

The same year, she got the lead role in Gossip Girl, a show premiering in September 2007. That role made Lively the star she is today. In Gossip Girl, Blake portrayed Serena van der Woodsen. The teen drama ran until 2012 and many fans wanted to see more of the show.

Thanks to the success of Gossip Girl, Lively appeared on the cover of Cosmo Girl. The next year, she returned to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for the sequel and delivered an amazing performance.

In 2012, she got her start in a more serious movie, getting the lead role in Savages. The Oliver Stone movie also featured John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Aaron Johnson, and Taylor Kitsch. And Lively got a lot of praise for her appearance.

In 2015, she appeared in The Age of Adaline, a modestly successful movie. But by the end of the 2010s, she semi-retired from acting, choosing to focus more on her family. She is now married to actor Ryan Reynolds. They met during the filming of Green Lantern and immediately hit it off. They have two daughters.

Blake Lively Breast Surgery Rumors

Like every other star in the entertainment industry, Blake Lively has seen her name in rumors. She has had her fair share of rumors, suggestions, and much more. How much truth is in them? Has Blake had a boob job? To find out more, we have to look at before and after photos, which reveal the truth about some of the plastic surgery rumors.

blake lively before and after breast job

Blake Lively Breast Implants

Those suggesting that Blake got some implants, need to understand that the American actress has always had a respectable boob dimension. While her breast might seem bigger sometimes, if you examine most of her pictures, you will understand she has never gone under the knife for her breasts.

There was a time her breasts enhanced, but that was during her maternity. It is quite normal for women to see their breast size go bigger during the maternity period. And if you focus on her bosom, you will understand those are not breast implants.

Throughout her life, Blake has had to constantly face people who think she had a boob job. That followed through her acting career in many ways. But looking at the evidence at hand, any boob job appears unlikely.

The rumors about her breast augmentation procedure first started appearing during Gossip Girl. But the actress probably wore some push-up bra, because her character had to look sexier and provocative.

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Rumors

Besides a breast implant, fans have speculated about other plastic surgery procedures. Here are some rumors we need to clarify.

Blake Lively Nose Job

blake lively nose

Did Blake Lively get nose surgery? Her nose shape has been the center of attention for a number of years. You can see why by looking at the before and after pictures. In the before pictures, her nose was much larger than it is today. That bigger size includes the nasal bridge, the nose tip, and both sides of her ala.

Some fans suspect a nostril job. You can notice some contouring work has been done, and probably she had a rhinoplasty procedure to correct the shape of her nose.

Braces and Dental Veneers

blake lively teeth
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Another rumor is regarding her teeth. Did she have braces? During her high school years, her teeth needed a lot of dental work. Some people suggest she had braces during her early teenage years.

Eyelid Surgery

blake lively eye

Another area fans are concerned with is her eyes. She has what many people call hooded eyes. It has a lot to do with her eye shape and double eyelids. But if you look at her younger years, you will not find any evidence suggesting the Gossip Girl star had any cosmetic surgery done to her eyes.