Blac Youngsta Brother: The Untold Story of Family and Rap Ambition

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Blac Youngsta, the Memphis-based rapper known for his music and energetic personality, faced a personal tragedy in August 2023 with the shooting death of his younger brother. The incident, which occurred at a gas station in South Memphis, shocked the local community and the entertainment industry. The rapper, whose real name is Sammie Marquez Benson, mourned the loss of his brother publicly, expressing his grief on social media platforms. The nature of the incident and the identity of the assailant have been topics of concern and speculation among fans and observers.

The law enforcement authorities, including the Memphis Police Department, have been involved in the investigation of the fatal shooting. However, as of the time of this reporting, details about the case remain limited, and the suspect responsible for the shooting is still at large. The incident has raised concerns about violence and safety within the community, prompting discussions about the measures needed to prevent such tragedies in the future. Meanwhile, the Benson family and the broader Memphis community continue to grapple with the loss.

Early Life and Background

This section explores the formative years of Blac Youngsta’s brother, focusing on their upbringing in Memphis and highlighting the relationship between the two siblings.

Growing up in Memphis

Raised in the unique cultural landscape of Memphis, Tennessee, Blac Youngsta’s brother experienced a childhood intertwined with the rich musical heritage and the challenging socio-economic conditions of the city. Memphis, known for its deep roots in blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll, often provided a contrasting backdrop of creativity against the adversity faced by many of its residents.

Brotherly Connection to Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta Brother

The bond between Blac Youngsta and his brother was not just familial but also steeped in shared experiences from the streets of their hometown. As Blac Youngsta navigated his emerging music career, his brother remained a significant and supportive figure. Their connection was a testament to brotherhood, resilience, and shared aspirations growing up in the heart of Memphis.

Music and Influence

Before delving into Blac Youngsta’s impact on music, it is critical to understand his ascent as an artist and the influence he has had on the Memphis music scene.

Blac Youngsta’s Career

Blac Youngsta, a Memphis-based rapper, first gained major attention in 2015. He is well-known for his energetic trap music style, and his career saw significant growth in 2016 when he signed with Yo Gotti’s label, Collective Music Group (CMG). He released multiple mixtapes and singles which resonated with many for their raw portrayal of street life.

  • Key Releases:
    • 2016: “Young & Reckless”
    • 2019: “Church on Sunday”

Through these works, his narrative and sound have defined him as a prominent figure in modern hip-hop, specifically in the trap subgenre.

Influence on Memphis Music Scene

Blac Youngsta’s presence as a CMG artist has had a considerable influence on the Memphis music community. His approach to music blends elements of southern hip-hop with the gritty authenticity of Memphis’ renowned music scene.

  • Impact Areas:
    • Cultural: His storytelling mirrors the struggles and triumphs of Memphis’ inner-city life.
    • Commercial: Blac Youngsta has helped bring more attention to emerging Memphis talents.

Blac Youngsta continues to impact the local scene as both a rapper and a symbol of success, showcasing Memphis’ rich musical legacy and inspiring a new generation of artists.

Tragic Incident

The life of Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta was marked by a somber event when his younger brother was fatally shot in Memphis.

Details of the Shooting

On August 18, 2023, Tomanuel Benson, younger Blac Youngsta brother, was shot and killed at a Memphis gas station in the early hours of the morning. Reports indicate that he was struck by gunfire at approximately 9:30 AM. The Memphis Police Department quickly arrived at the scene to investigate the shooting.

Aftermath and Impact

The death of Tomanuel Benson sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the persistent issue of gun violence. The aftermath of the incident saw the Memphis Police actively seeking a suspect related to the murder. Benson’s sudden passing further underscored the risks associated with gun violence, while the rap community and fans mourned the tragic loss. No arrest has been publicized to date, as authorities continue their search for the person(s) responsible.

Response and Reactions

The response to the tragic death of Blac Youngsta’s younger brother has encompassed emotional messages from family, an outpouring of support from the community and fans, and public statements addressing the loss.

Family’s Response

Blac Youngsta shared his grief on Instagram, affirming his strength amidst the tragedy. He used the platform to express love for his late brother and to communicate his emotional state. The posts on Instagram Stories served as a direct outlet for family sentiments, revealing the raw and personal impact of the loss.

Community and Fan Reactions

The community and Blac Youngsta’s fans took to social media to offer condolences. The collective response featured an outpouring of support with comments on Instagram posts and tweets. Fans mourned together, sharing memories and sending messages of sympathy to underscore the communal sense of loss felt by many.

Public Statements

Following the incident, several public statements were made by close associates and figures in the entertainment industry. These recognized the gravity of the situation and often noted Blac Youngsta’s courage and resilience. Public figures and entities used their platforms to extend sympathies and highlight the emotional turmoil associated with such a public and personal tragedy.


The Memphis Police have been actively involved in the investigation of Tomanuel Benson’s murder, with the search for the perpetrator being a top priority. A warrant for the suspect has been issued, reflecting the severity and progression of the case.

Memphis Police Department’s Role

The Memphis Police Department promptly responded to the incident at the Valero B.P. Gas Station and launched a thorough investigation into the homicide of Blac Youngsta brother. They have since identified a person of interest and are seeking public assistance to locate the suspect. The investigative efforts are ongoing, with the department utilizing various resources to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Search for the Perpetrator

The department released a clear image of the suspect to aid in their capture. On August 30, 2023, an arrest warrant was issued for the individual believed to be responsible for the shooting. With the identification of the suspect, law enforcement is applying increased pressure and resources to locate and apprehend the individual facing serious charges related to Tomanuel Benson’s death.

Legacy and Memorials

In the wake of a profound loss, the family and community have stepped forward to honor Tomanuel Benson, Blac Youngsta’s brother known as ‘Heavychamptd,’ who tragically lost his life in South Memphis.

Remembering the Life Lost

Tomanuel Benson, also known as Heavychamptd, left indelible marks on the hearts of those he knew. On August 18, 2023, a drive-by shooting in South Memphis claimed his life, shocking the community and the music industry alike. He was rushed to Regional One Hospital, yet, despite the efforts of the medical staff, Benson was pronounced deceased. As a sibling of the renown Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta, Tomanuel’s untimely demise garnered considerable attention and grief from those close to him and fans worldwide.

blac youngsta with his brother

Tributes and Remembrance

The news of Benson’s passing resonated deeply with family, friends, and admirers, prompting public declarations of sorrow and respect. Blac Youngsta, mourning his brother, bravely conveyed his feelings through social media, with a heartfelt promise to seek justice and avenge the loss of his beloved brother, known affectionately as “Ronnie B.” Memorials took to the streets of South Memphis where Benson was gunned down, with candles and messages that illustrated the local community’s sense of loss. Furthermore, memorials on social media platforms saw an outpouring of tributes, accompanied by an honoring of his legacy and calls for an end to the cycle of violence that led to his tragic end.