Best Paying Jobs In Transportation – How Much Can You Earn?

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Trucking is an essential part of the transportation industry. But it is not the only job. Usually, when you think of transportation, you think of trucking jobs. There are many more best-paying jobs in transportation.

The industry continues to grow. And as the economy strengthens following the Covid-19 pandemic and other industries regain confidence, transportation jobs will continue to pay more and more.

Most jobs in transportation require a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as licensing and certification for the driving job.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best-paying jobs in transportation.

Taxi Driver

Average salary: 25,717 per year per year


This is one of the most important jobs in the world. Without taxi drivers, people will have a hard time going from point A to point B in a big city. Their job is to make sure you get to and from a destination safely.

Taxi drivers operate meters to track miles, obey traffic laws, and record miles to assist passengers. If you are considering a career as a taxi driver, the expected employment growth is 20% to 2028%.

Bus Drivers, Transit, And Intercity

Average salary: $59,500 per year


The national median average salary for bus drivers in the US is $21 per hour. They transport people in the same way as taxi drivers but in a much larger vehicle. Besides the regular driver’s license, bus drivers need a certification for driving a bus. Sometimes, the certification can be earned on the job training.

Delivery Driver

Average salary: $34,500 per year


Taxi drivers might be the most important people in a big city, but they earn the lowest salary. The national average salary for a delivery driver is close to $17 per hour.

Unlike a taxi driver, this person collects items and transports them to a required destination. Yes, taxis can be a delivery sometimes. But it is not their primary job.

Delivery drivers can drive different types of vehicles, ranging from small cargo vans to large trucks. They also have to adhere to time schedules, follow assigned routes, work with a team of drivers, and much more. And because they interact with people, strong communication skills are a must.

Snowplow Operator

Average salary: $41,189 per year

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This guy drivers a specialized vehicle to clear snow and remove ice from roadways. During the winter, they have one of the most important jobs in the city. Without snowplow operators, we wouldn’t be able to drive through the city because of ice and snow.

Most of the time, snowplow operators are contract workers who get paid hourly. They provide their services to associations and private businesses. Some work for the public works department of a municipality.

Besides driving to clear snow, they also have to inspect equipment regularly to ensure safety, maintain records of roads that have been cleared, and clear debris from the streets. When they are hired for a public works department, they handle additional tasks during other seasons, like mowing public lawns and striping roadways.

Material Handler

Average salary: $29,120 per year


The primary duty for this hand laborer or material mover is to load or unload materials, prepare materials for shipment and move items around warehouses. Some of them operate forklifts.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 3% growth rate for hand labor from 2019 to 2029.

Flight Attendant

Average salary: $43,000 per year


We now move to best paying transportation jobs in air transport. The primary duty of flight attendants is to serve and ensure the safety of airline passengers. They complete preflight inspections of airline equipment and show passengers how to use the equipment.

Many young people get into the industry to earn money, but also to travel the world. Flight attendants travel from one country to another.

Airline Pilot

Average salary: $95,000 per year


The national median average salary of pilots provides a good living. Commercial pilots fly and navigate airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft. Unlike airline pilots who fly for airlines transporting people and cargo, commercial pilots fly aircraft for other purposes. For example, rescue operations, charter flights, or aerial photography.

Besides a high school diploma, for this airline job, you need a commercial pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Private Fleet Driver

Average salary: $1,210 per week

truck drivers in the us

Large companies often have fleets of private trucks to handle large-scale delivery and transport. The primary duty of this truck driver is to drive semi-trucks loaded with goods and deliver them to the required destination. They must ensure goods arrive on time and in excellent condition.

The main difference between a private fleet driver and those who work for trucking companies as a contract driver is they can earn more and hold a long-term position.

Tanker Driver

Average salary: $71,065 per year

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This type of driver is responsible for hauling liquids and gases in a special tank. For that, he gets paid an annual salary of more than $71,000. It is a more dangerous and challenging position than a regular driver.

You need to receive an endorsement on the commercial driver’s license because transporting liquid cargo can be unstable.

Highway Maintenance Worker

Average salary: $42,762 per year


There are people who transport goods from one place to another. Or transport people. And then there are those who work on the road making sure transportation runs smoothly.

The primary duty of highway maintenance workers is to ensure the quality of roadways for safe travel. They maintain highways, airport runways, rural roads, and many other roads. They may patch and fill potholes, repair guardrails, and clear paths.

Logistics Associate

Average salary: $44,355


Here is another transport job that doesn’t require driving. A logistician organizes and analyses supply chains for companies. They manage the product life cycle and build relationships with clients.

Their jobs also include identifying areas of logistical improvement and proposing strategies to the director for reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Diesel Engine Mechanic

Average salary: $50,373 per year


Some call it diesel engine mechanic or technician inspect. In any case, their job is to maintain and repair vehicles with diesel engines.

They have to follow checklists to examine all critical parts. Sometimes, if needed, they can overhaul entire vehicles. Seeing that the world will move from a diesel engine to an electric engine for transporting tools, this job might not be as prosperous as others.


Average salary: $93,000 per year


Engineers research, design, create, maintain, and test the performance of engines. But they also do that for boilers, deck machinery, electrical, sanitary, and refrigeration equipment.

You need special training for this job. And of course, completion of a degree in engineering.

Owner-Operator Driver

Average salary: $224,436 per year

OTR Truck Driver Make

You might be wondering how this driver earns a lot more than most drivers on this list. Well, this guy owns at least one cargo truck and manages his own truck-driving business. He spends most of his time driving a large cargo truck over a long distance.

He also has to establish clients and calculate business expenses. As a truck owner, he can also freelance for multiple companies and earn more money.


Average salary: $51,919 per year


Let’s finish off our list of highest-paying jobs in transportation with a classy one. The role of a chauffeur is to transport people to and from destinations. But they often work for private companies or rich individuals. They operate vehicles and use customer service skills to build a strong relationship with their client.