Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous – Odd Jobs That Pay Well

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By David

Do you remember Career Day back in school? What did you think you would be? Most of us spent that day talking to firefighters, nurses, lawyers, businessmen, salesmen, and more talking about a possible career path. But in this day and age, not all of us have a job that fits the ordinary. Some of us work in odd jobs. What are the best paying jobs in miscellaneous?

Today, we will talk about some unique jobs that pay a lot. Now, working as a horse exerciser might not be something fun and beautiful, but you can make a nice living out of it.

Most people have jobs that sound familiar. But others have taken a different path for their career, working in unusual jobs. No matter what you work, it is important to earn a wage that can pay for your living costs. Let’s take a look at some of those career opportunities.

Bereavement Coordinator


Average salary: $47,076 per year

This professional helps families with terminally ill or recently deceased loved ones. His job is to manage everything from paperwork to appointments, even handling the funeral service and supervising volunteers.

Simply put, his job is to make sure the family goes through the difficult time without much hassle. It is a type of counseling service as well.

Soap Boiler


Average salary: $40,685 per year

You can help people get squeaky clean by working as a soap boiler. Every small and medium-sized soap producer needs soap boilers for the process that turns fat into neat soap used for bars and powders.

As a soap boiler, you deal with a grainy, curdy mass of soap and pasty boiling mass that is treated with brine. So, if you do not mind dealing with something like that, you can work in the field with only a high school diploma.

Not many jobs without a high school diploma pay a lot. This one does.

Racetrack Exercise Rider


Average salary: $54,091

What is the job of a horse exerciser? Well, this high-paying job is to make sure the horse runs fast and wins the race. Jockeys are the ones who actually do the racing. But people do not realize or know that exercise and training of the horse is what makes the animal run fast.

The primary responsibility of the horse exerciser is to ride the horse on non-race days and keep it in shape. He prepares the animal for the jockey.


image 24

Average salary: $54,491

You can make a living by knowing all about wine. A sommelier, or a wine steward, is a person who works at an upscale restaurant. He is in charge of everything related to the wine collection and wine business.

You can ask him for a recommendation. This guy or girl will pick the right wine pairing for your lunch and dinner.

Also part of his job description is to travel to vineyards to identify the wine and monitor the condition of the wine cellar.

Color Expert


Average salary: $17 to $23 per hour

A color expert uses color psychology, trends, and statistics to suggest the best color for your home, company building, brand logo, or anything else.

Your job is to develop layouts and produce designs for a brand, individual, or office. You do not need a college degree, but some training is necessary. But most importantly, you have to be creative and innovative.

Online Dating Ghostwriter


Average salary: $24 per hour

Let’s be honest. Not every one of us can make a dating profile. Your job as a ghostwriter is to write a profile for dating applications and dating websites that attract attention. The average wage can go up if you can write desirable profiles.

If you have good writing skills, you can make a living by creating witty dating profiles for other people. And the best part is you can do it as a freelancer from anywhere in the world.

Braille Proofreader


Average salary: $41,142

Yes, every company needs someone to proofread its text. And this proofreader does that for words written in dots. His job is to catch errors before books and scripts go to print.

Besides a bachelor’s degree, you also need an understanding of the braille language. If you are good at braille, you can use this job to earn some extra money as income.

Childbirth Educator


Average salary: $62,711

Do you want to know everything there is about pregnancy and childbirth? Yes, you can learn quite a lot by watching movies and television. But a childbirth educator will prepare you for everything that might happen.

No, this man or woman is not a doctor. But he has a college degree and several years of experience. Remember, his job is not to deliver the baby. He is there to prepare you for the delivery with information about everything.

Bingo Manager


Average salary: $53,185

This guy manages everything in a bingo department. Sounds like a dream job, right? Well, one of the most unusual jobs you can get without a college degree that pays a lot requires experience. You need five years of experience in a similar managerial position.

Among the many duties, you have to comply with federal and state gaming regulations, handle customer complaints, approve jackpots, and oversee payouts.


Hippotherapist 1

Average salary: $30 per hour

In the past few years, we have seen a rise in the popularity of weird jobs. But this one is actually one that is quite beneficial. Among the best paying jobs in miscellaneous, we have someone who combines therapy with riding horses.

Both children and adults can benefit from the therapy. A career as a hippotherapist requires a certification for a therapist and knowledge of different disabilities. And of course, you need to be good with horses.

Costume attendant

costume att4

Average salary: $42,910

If you ever wondered how singers and actors can make multiple costume changes so quickly, this is the answer. For a median average salary of more than $42,000, costume attendants select and fit costumes for entertainers. They also take care of the costumes between performances. It is a nice way to earn some extra money.

Automatic Door Repairer


Average salary: $43,222

When you have the word automatic in the name, you might think these doors take care of themselves. But that is not the case. This worker installs, services, and repairs the doors you see in places like supermarkets and hotels.

Airplane Painter


Average salary: $42,286

Traveling by plane can sometimes be boring. It is your job to turn a boring airplane into a fun experience with fresh designs. You only need a high school diploma and moderate on-the-job training. But you must be creative and innovative.



Average salary: between $17 and $34 per hour

Your job is to create natural and artificial flavors. For this job position, you need extensive knowledge of essential oils, botanical extracts, flavor aromas, and essences.

It is your job to come up with an irresistible new flavor. You need a Ph.D. in chemistry or biochemistry for this job.

Clinical Ethicist


Average salary: between $63,000 and $82,000 per year

As a clinical ethicist, you will have to take an unbiased position regarding certain medical decisions and help doctors, patients, and families make an informed decision.

Your job is to provide an unbiased examination of an issue to help those concerning about it make the right decision. For example, for topics like cloning, stem cell research, or more. You need a doctorate in medical ethics or a related subject.

Master Marijuana extractor

canopy growth

Average salary: $84,465 per year

This is a position where you process marijuana to produce edibles, oils, concentrates, and other marijuana products.

You only need a degree in a related field. And you can then start earning a considerable amount of money.

Forest Fire Inspector

1a1480 20190809 firefighter checks tree in minnesota

Average salary: $42,141

Only you can prevent forest fire. This inspector has to inspect the forest for fire hazards and enforce fire regulations. He is the one who recommends prevention and control measures.

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Installer


Average salary: $48,818

Do you know who is responsible for the acoustics? Do you often say, “Hey the acoustics are great in here”? Well, you are praising the work of an acoustic ceiling tile installer. There is no education requirement for this work.

With only moderate on-the-job training you will be ready to put acoustical tiles.



Average salary: $96,353

You would be surprised, but as a toymaker, you can make almost as much as people in the health care industry. A toymaker is a professional who designs toys that are safe and entertaining for young kids and children.

You can also call him a product designer, this guy has an artistic and creative flair. He knows how to use materials effectively and create toys that are not dangerous for children.

Art therapist


Average salary: Between $20 and $47 per hour

Art therapy is a job combining therapy with the creative form of art. It is a new kind of therapy that has risen in popularity recently. Therapists use it to help patients heal. But they also use it to improve the self-esteem of patients and overall mental health.

Think of art therapy as an alternative way of expression.



Average salary: $47,632

If you do not mind non-talkative coworkers and patients, you can always try embalming. This is a job you can do without a high school diploma. Yes, preparing bodies for internment is not something amazing and entertaining.

But you can make more than the US average salary.

Computer Hacker


Average salary: Between $82,000 and $115,000 per year

Yes, you can now hire a computer hacker. Gone are the days when computer hacking was a secret job and something you can only find in the underground. Nowadays, hacking is a skill that you can sell to companies.

Basically, computer hackers test software to make sure it is secure. The more common term is white hat hacking. These ethical computer experts legally break into a company’s network to find weaknesses and prevent breaches in the future.

Voice Over Artist


Average salary: $62 per hour

If you have a voice that sounds amazing, you can do this as a freelancer. Your job is basically reading from a script and narrating text for radio, television, theater, or any other production.

Your work is pre-recorded and usually done in a studio.