Best Paying Jobs In Major Pharmaceuticals – Find A Job In The Pharmaceutical Industry

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The pharma industry creates and produces medications we use daily. Medicine and research are important for the advancement of medicine. Recently, as the Covid-19 crisis gained steam, we prayed on the pharmaceutical industry to come up with new medicine and vaccine. For that, we had some people working at best-paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals.

If you want to work in pharmaceuticals, you need to learn which roles offer a higher salary. And then find a job in some of the big pharma drug companies.

Understanding Pharmaceutical Jobs

The pharmaceutical industry is a combination of those who research, develop, test, and produce medical substances, devices, and services. That can include job positions like data analyst, marketing specialist, pharmaceutical sales representative, researcher, and more.

When you start a career in pharmaceuticals, it is important that you have some skills besides the degree. You will learn a lot by working in pharmaceuticals, but you also need some skills and traits as a pharmaceutical professional. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Communication skills, no matter the role you have. Communicating with other professionals and clients is an essential part of success in pharmaceutical
  • Technology skills, everyone in the pharma business use technology to improve their accuracy and efficiency
  • Leadership skills are vital if you want to become a lead researcher or manager
  • Chemistry skills are a vital part of any pharma job, as the study of substances and their reactions to one another is the basis for any medicine
  • Biology is the study of living organisms. Combining it with chemistry and human anatomy, scientists can make new treatments

With that in mind, here are the best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals.

Biotechnology Senior Research Scientist

biotech sen rec

Average salary: $98,527

The job of this scientist is to assess new technologies, their future applications, and come up with a plan to manage research projections and report findings. With close to 100k median annual salary, research scientists are among the highest-paid pharmaceutical jobs.

They also participate in research formulating and writing with other staff. Their skill set includes clinical research, project management, biotechnology, and bioinformatics.

Medical Science Liaison

med liason

Average salary: $59,709

The primary duty when you work this job position is to educate consumers, investors, and government agencies about a medicinal device. Their job involves conducting studies to determine how to treat medical conditions and investigate data.

Medical science liaisons can create and test medical devices. They also write a grant proposal for federal funding.

Research Scientist

reseach scient

Average salary: $82,452

As you can see, if you want a high-paying job in pharmaceuticals, you need to be a scientist. Besides working in research, these scientists also write grant proposals for external research funding.

They usually work in a laboratory conducting procedures, computer analysis, and implementing experiments.

Pharmaceutical Field Sales Representative



Average salary: $71,981

Any field in the world needs a sales representative. After all, someone has to sell and market all those medical products. Responsible for selling technical products to a customer base or to pharmaceutical stores, sales representative prepare and maintain records for sales leads and progress status.

Besides the knowledge of products, you also have to have good communication skills and sales skills.

Pharmaceutical Outside Sales Representative

outside sale

Average salary: $81,533

The difference between inside and outside pharmaceutical sales representative is the latter meet with target consumers in person. Their job involves a lot of traveling and meeting with vendors and medical professionals.

As an outside sales representative, you have to present new medicines and applications at trade shows and represent your company. To be successful in this job position, you have to be charismatic and knowledgeable.

Pharmaceutical Financial Analyst


Average salary: $67,990

In the same way, you need a sales representative you also need a financial analyst in every industry and field. When you work in pharmaceuticals, your job is to advise the company on business decisions and investment by analyzing and assessing financial data.

Financial analysts consider marketing trends and the current financial stability of the organization and the industry they work in.

Regulatory Specialist


Average salary: $72,888

Regulatory specialist is someone who assists biotechnology or medicine companies with gaining approval for their product. That can include medicine, drug, vaccine, or any other product. They also advise scientists on how to follow regulations when developing medicines and other products.

The primary duty of a regulatory specialist is to ensure production labels all substances and devices properly.

Clinical Data Manager


Average salary: $77,462

Providing guidance to data analysts and researchers, a data manager is someone who gathers and evaluates clinical data. He then organizes the data from clinical and pharmaceutical trials and works with other professionals in the field to get an idea of what the data represents.

Following the evaluation of data, he creates a data report to explain the findings and what do they mean to those who do not understand the medical terms.

Pharmacy Manager


Average salary: $109,736

As a pharmacy manager, your job is to provide leadership and organization for the store you manage. You can consult with patients and trained pharmacists to make a schedule for medicine deliveries. It is more of an organizational role, but you still have to have some basic knowledge about pharmaceuticals and medicine.

In order to be successful, a pharmacy manager has to develop his confidence and knowledge of the medicines his store sells.

Drug Manufacturer


Average salary: $112,343

This guy is a trained professional pharmacist who facilitates the industrial production and distribution of medical products. Drug manufacturers produce a large number of medicines and devices.

Their job also involves transport to pharmacies or a medical supply store. They transport to hospitals and mail order facilities as well.

Chemistry is the most important subject for drug manufacturers. But they also have to understand biology and supply chain management.

Biotechnology Consultant

Biotechnology Consultant

Average salary: $133,633

This individual is an expert in biology and technology. In the past few years, we have seen a rise in the use of technology in biology and medicine. This consultant provides guidance and advice to managers at biotechnology organizations. He helps them develop medicine and medical devices.

His job is to identify conditions that need treatment or current trends in the biotechnical industry. And then, consult with leaders on projects they should begin. This position requires an understanding of treatment, medical devices, and products within the industry.



Average salary: $143,550

When you work as a biostatistician, your job involves conducting studies and collecting public health data. You then evaluate data to predict any situations that may develop.

Biostatisticians also consult with medical professionals to help them predict trends in the field. Usually, they work in research facilities or government agencies. There, they test the effectiveness of new drugs, monitor new diseases, and study genetics.