Best Paying Jobs In Health Care – Who Earns The Most Among Physicians?

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There are many reasons for getting into the health care industry. Whether that is in the private sector or careers in public health or is a very rewarding job where you can make a difference. It is one of the highest-paying industries. The highest paying medical jobs will help you earn enough money for you, your family, and even your successors. Yes, these best-paying jobs in health care usually require specialized education. But you can land a high-paying job even without a medical school.

Healthcare job growth will be 16% over the next two years according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Back in 2018, this industry was the largest source of jobs in the US for the first time in history.

Salary in health care depends on your specialty, as well as years of experience and geography. Surgeons in certain states earn a higher annual salary than in other states.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best-paying jobs in health care.

Physicians And Surgeons

physician surgeon

Average salary: $208,000 per year

Arguably the best paying job in health care and patient care. The median pay for surgeons and physicians is $100 per hour on average.

These guys diagnose the illness or injuries in patients. Their first task is to look at medical history. Following a number of tests, the physician reviews them and looks for anything that may look abnormal. He then develops a treatment plan for the patient.

Surgeons are the same as physicians, only they care for their patients by performing surgeries. Surgeons treat disease, injury, or deformity. He is trained to use a medical instrument for repairing damage and physical deformity.

Nurse Anesthetists

nurse aneasthetic

Average salary: $167,950 per year

A nurse anesthetist provides anesthesia and related care during a surgical, diagnostic, therapeutic, or obstetrical procedure.

Before any procedure, a registered nurse has to review medication, health informatics, allergies, or any illnesses of the patient. They have to ensure they can safely administer anesthesia.

These nurses need at least a master’s degree from an accredited medical program. They also need a nursing license. Experience as a registered nurse is a big plus. Transitioning into a travel nursing role, including specializations such as nurse anesthetists, opens up opportunities to work in diverse healthcare environments. This not only broadens their experience but also potentially enhances their earning power. For those curious about the financial aspects of such a career path, it’s beneficial to look into how much travel nurses make. Check out endoscopy travel nurse assignments to familiarize other nursing jobs.



Average salary: 159,200 per year

Dentists treat patients’ gums and teeth. They also provide preventive help and preventive care so that the patient can maintain good oral health.

Dentists are among the top earners in medical jobs. The first step to becoming a dentist is to get a bachelor’s degree, and then specialize in a dental school for four years. In the end, you have to pass a licensing exam.

Pharmacists And Pharmacy Technician


Average salary: $128,090 per year

You might not understand this, but a pharmacy technician has to know a lot. Their education is broad. Why? Because they have to know how certain medications can act in a different scenario. They dispense prescription medication to patients and offer advice about safely administering medicine.

A doctoral or professional degree is a must for this profession.

Dietitian And Nutritionist


Average salary: $60,370 per year

In the past several years, dietitians and nutritionists have risen in popularity. And as a result, so has their average median salary. These health care professionals are experts in the field of food and nutrition. With their knowledge, they help you live a healthy life.

Dietitian will provide a healthy diet for you, and help you manage any disease you might have. A nutritionist is also a valuable resource in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. In a way, you work as a health educator, but also help with patients’ mental health.



Average salary: 129,550 per year

This job requires you to provide medical care for the feet, ankles, and lower legs of your patient. In the past few years, this job has also risen in popularity. Athletes have regular checks with podiatrists because they need healthy feet.

During the examination, a podiatrist may take an X-ray, laboratory test, and examine problematic areas. These doctors also perform surgery on the feet, remove bone spurs, or repair fractures.

But most importantly, they provide a general wellness technique for taking care of your feet properly.

It’s always a great opportunity to fill in the place and get paid on an hourly basis. Check out to know all about locum tenens physician hourly rate.

Physician Assistant

physicians assistant

Average salary: 108,610

This job has a projected growth rate of 37% for the next couple of years. They earn a median annual wage that is above 100k.

Commonly called Pas, these workers assist physicians and surgeons. They examine, diagnose, and treat patients. You need a master’s degree from an accredited program to become a physician assistant.

A medical assistant serves as primary care providers at clinics where they have a physician only for one or two days per week.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

ocupatinal therapy

Average salary: $61,510

The occupational therapy assistant is someone who helps patients develop, recover, improve, or maintain the skills they need for their daily living and working. Directly involved in providing therapy to patients, they belong in the group of healthcare careers that perform support activities.

Radiologic And MRI Technician


Average salary: $61,240

This is another high-paying job in the health care industry. We call these professionals radiographers. They perform imaging services, including X-ray, MRI, and similar scans to help physicians with their diagnostics.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer And Cardiovascular Technologist


Average salary: $67,080 per year

Here is another job in the diagnostic imaging sector. Some call them diagnostic imaging workers. With the use of specialized equipment, they create images or conduct tests that help physicians make an informed diagnose.

Most of them work in hospitals but sometimes also in doctors’ offices.


my eye doctor

Average salary: $111,790 per year

An optometrist will examine your eyes and any related parts. His job is to diagnose problems with your eyes and treat them accordingly. When patients need corrective lenses, they prescribe glasses or contact lenses.

This guy is an eye doctor, making sure you have proper vision. He can diagnose any disease or condition of the eye. He is also trained to perform surgery correcting problems with eyes and vision.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist


Average salary: $76,820

These health care workers prepare radioactive drugs for patients to assist with imaging or therapeutic purposes. The nuclear medicine technologist operates the imaging equipment that we use for the diagnosis of patients.

They usually need an associate’s degree from an accredited nuclear medicine technology program. But you can also get qualified if you have a degree in a related health field and complete a 12-month certificate program.

Speech-Language Pathologist


Average salary: $77,510

We also call them speech therapists, these workers treat and diagnose communication. Sometimes, they have to take care of swallowing disorders in children and adults. Patient care is crucial here.

A speech therapist needs a master’s degree from an accredited program. Some states require a license as well.

Physical Therapist


Average salary: $87,930

Physical therapists help patients improve their ability to move. They usually assist patients following surgery, or if patients have any condition or disorder that hampers their ability to walk and move.

A physical therapist and physical therapist assistant work in a rehabilitation facility. They mostly work with patients diagnosed with chronic illness or injury.

He is trained in reading notes from surgeons, doctors, and other health care workers. After they assess the condition of the patient, physical therapy workers formulate a treatment plan.



Average salary: $93,830

This might come as a surprise, but one of the highest paying jobs in healthcare careers doesn’t have any relation to human biology. Instead, a vet takes care of the health of animals. He diagnoses, treats, and researches the medical conditions of pets, livestock, and other animals.

His only contact with people is when they educate or advise human parents on how to take care of their pets.