Best Options for Growing Your Career

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By David

Nearly everyone experiences it at some point: the mid-career lull. Perhaps you’ve been working at the same company for too many years, or you’ve been doing the same kind of work over and over again. You feel burnt out or restless and feel like if you don’t do something soon, you may just quit altogether. Before making any serious decisions, look over your options and see what you can do to change up your career for the better.

Get Your Graduate Degree

If you enjoyed your time in undergrad, you might want to look into obtaining your graduate degree. A graduate degree can open the doors to plenty of bigger and better career opportunities for you down the line and offer you a chance to broaden your knowledge on a subject matter you are passionate about.  Verifiable credentials can help you to show your degree is legitimate and get you ahead so it’s a good idea to sort this once you have your degree. If you’re worried about how to afford your degree, you can consider taking out private student loans. Borrowing from a private lender often leads to better interest rates and more flexible repayment options once you’ve graduated. Even better, it’s easy to apply for these loans online.

Take Part in Massive Open Online Courses

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, offer a free education alternative for those who’d like to deepen their knowledge without breaking the bank. Many prestigious universities like Harvard and Yale offer MOOCs on a variety of prominent subjects, such as data analytics or marketing. Some even reward you with a certificate at an extra cost. You can easily access MOOCs online and enjoy learning at your own pace.

Attend Professional Development Workshops

If you enjoy your career but want more out of it, you can attend a professional development workshop. These workshops are aimed at career professionals who would like to discuss current problems and trends in the career field and learn a new set of relevant skills to apply to their daily working lives. You also have the chance to network with those in your field and broaden your social circle going forward.

Consider Switching Jobs

If you’ve grown weary of your current job, you can always consider switching careers or seeking out a new position at another company. Doing so will require a fair bit of thought and research but can provide more happiness and exciting new opportunities. You also have the chance to earn more money by seeking out a job with a higher salary.

Utilize Your Other Skills

Are you in a place where you have a good job, but you’d always wish you could have pursued another passion? If so, think about turning that passion into a money-making pursuit. For example, if you always had a creative flair, you can begin freelance work by selling your designs online. Alternatively, if you are good with a pen, you can consider creating a blog where you can write about whatever you’d like and make money through page views or advertisements. Never let your skills go to waste, and remember that it’s never too late to start living your dreams.