Barbara Eve Harris: Stellar Career In Memorable Supporting Roles

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Real Name:Barbara Evadney Reid-Hibbert
Birthday:March 8, 1959
Net Worth$4 million
Height:183 cm
Occupation:Tobagonian-Canadian Actress

Barbara Eve Harris is a renowned Tobagonian-Canadian actress who has captivated audiences with her impressive range and skill on both the television and film screens. Born in Tobago to Jamaican parents, Harris moved to Canada at the age of six alongside her family. She was raised and educated in Ottawa, the national capital of Canada, and later graduated from the University of Ottawa with a B.A., concentrating in Theatre and Philosophy.

Throughout her career, Harris has delivered memorable supporting performances on television, making a name for herself with her undeniable talent and charisma. She may be best known for her role as FBI Agent Felicia Lang on the popular TV series Prison Break. Additionally, the actress has appeared in other notable shows like CSI: Miami, showcasing her ability to play diverse and engaging characters.

Harris’ dedication to her craft and her command over her roles have made her a respected figure in the entertainment industry. With a multitude of roles under her belt and an ever-growing fan base, Barbara Eve Harris continues to captivate viewers worldwide with her compelling performances.

Early Life and Education

Barbara Eve Harris was born on March 8, 1959 in Tobago. She comes from a proud heritage, with her parents hailing from Jamaica. When Harris was 6 years of age, her family decided to move to Canada, where they settled in the capital city, Ottawa.

Growing up in Ottawa, Harris pursued her education with fervor. She attended the University of Ottawa for her undergraduate studies. There, she dove into a range of academic subjects, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. With an emphasis on both Theatre and Philosophy, Harris undoubtedly cultivated her love for acting and critical thinking during her time at the university.

Throughout her educational journey, Harris made sure to embrace the diversity of her background and experiences, creating a unique foundation for her future career. With a combination of Jamaican heritage, Canadian upbringing, and extensive study in Theatre and Philosophy, Harris emerged from the University of Ottawa prepared to make her mark on the world of entertainment.

Career Beginnings

Barbara Eve Harris began her career as a performer with a strong foundation in dance. Her early professional pursuits led her to a dance role in New York City, where she graced the stage in the Vegas-style review, “Follies de Paris.” Harris’s background in dance played a significant role in shaping her future in the entertainment industry, offering her valuable experience and exposure.

As Harris continued to explore her passion for performing, she ventured into the world of film. Her big break came when she landed her film debut in “Night Magic,” a fantasy musical shot in Montreal, Quebec. This opportunity allowed her to showcase her unique blend of talent in both dancing and acting, ultimately paving the way for her successful career in television and film.

Throughout her journey, Barbara Eve Harris has demonstrated a confident, knowledgeable, and clear presence on screen, capturing the attention of audiences and critics alike. With a neutral tone that allows her versatility to shine, she has taken on a variety of roles, ultimately cementing her status as a respected and talented actress in the industry.

Television Career

Barbara Eve Harris began her television career with supporting performances in various popular television series. Her impressive acting skills landed her roles in renowned TV shows such as CSI and CSI: Miami, where she showcased her talent as a versatile actress.

In addition to that, she has portrayed different characters in shows like JAG and The West Wing. Her continued excellence in television acting led her to secure roles in other successful series such as Criminal Minds, Boston Legal, and NCIS.

She has also been part of the cast of widely-acclaimed series like Revenge and Chicago P.D.. Harris’s talent has only grown stronger with time, which is evident from her roles in recent TV shows such as Station 19, The Man in the High Castle, and Bosch.

Throughout her television career, Barbara Eve Harris has displayed a confident, knowledgeable, and clear acting style. Her versatility and strong presence on screen have allowed her to shine in various roles while maintaining a neutral and genuine demeanor.


Barbara Eve Harris is an accomplished actress with an extensive list of film and television credits. She has showcased her prowess in both dramatic and action-packed roles, earning her recognition in the industry. This section highlights some of her most notable film appearances.

One of Harris’ early film roles was in the 1996 action film Dead Men Can’t Dance, followed by her appearance in the 1999 thriller Nightmare Man. These roles allowed her to display her talent in navigating suspenseful scenes and engaging with intricate storylines.

In 2008, she appeared in the horror-thriller The Midnight Meat Train, where she portrayed Det. Lynn Hadley. The film offered a grisly and intense atmosphere in which Harris skillfully captured the essence of her character.

Harris showcased her versatility by starring in the 2012 drama People Like Us, in which her performance contributed to the poignant and heartfelt narrative. This film demonstrated her ability to adapt and excel in various genres.

In 2012, she entered the world of superhero films, playing Miss Ritter in The Amazing Spider-Man—a major blockbuster that further solidified her presence in the industry. This role allowed her to reach a wider audience while remaining true to her craft.

Adding to her extensive filmography, Harris appeared in the 2017 action-packed film Transformers: The Last Knight, which provided her with the opportunity to showcase her talent in a high-profile franchise.

In 2019, Harris took on a role in the critically acclaimed drama The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open, playing the character Sophie. Her performance in this film further demonstrated her ability to convey complex emotions and deliver powerful performances.

Throughout her career, Harris has proven to be a versatile and talented actress, capable of handling a wide range of roles and genres. This brief look into her filmography highlights the remarkable breadth of her work in the industry.

Major Roles

Barbara Eve Harris is a talented actress who has taken on a variety of roles throughout her career. Born in Tobago to Jamaican parents, she moved to Canada at the age of 6 and later attended the University of Ottawa, studying philosophy and theater before making her way into acting.

One of her most notable roles is playing FBI Agent Felicia Lang on the popular television series Prison Break. As Agent Lang, she worked on tracking down the show’s main characters, showcasing her skill in playing authoritative figures.

Another significant role of Harris is that of Lt. Marcia Roark in the TV show Forever. Her character is a dedicated and hardworking police lieutenant who works alongside the protagonist, Dr. Henry Morgan, to solve various murder cases. The series highlights Harris’s aptitude for playing strong-willed and intelligent characters.

In addition to these roles, Barbara Eve Harris also appeared on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Sheriff Sherry Liston. Her character is the sheriff of a small town who seeks the help of the CSI team to solve a brutal murder. This role allowed Harris to showcase her ability to portray a small-town law enforcement officer dealing with high-stakes situations.

Furthermore, Harris had a recurring role as Wanda Gibbs on the TV show Mental. Wanda is a caring and insightful nurse who supports Dr. Jack Gallagher, the main character, in his efforts to treat patients with mental health issues. This role emphasized Harris’s range as an actress, as it demanded a more compassionate and understanding demeanor.

Lastly, she appeared in the film Emma as People, demonstrating her versatility as an actress by taking on roles in both television and film.

Overall, Barbara Eve Harris has earned her reputation as a talented and versatile actress. Her diverse roles in popular TV shows and films demonstrate her ability to adapt to various genres and characters.

Awards and Recognitions

Barbara Eve Harris is a talented actress with various accolades to her name. She has been recognized for her performances in both film and television. One of her notable achievements includes a Gemini Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role. This nomination came as a result of her portrayal of Wanda Gibbs in the Canadian series “Side Effects.”

In addition to her Gemini Award nomination, Harris has received several regional Canadian awards for her acting prowess. These awards showcase her ability to captivate audiences with her strong performances and dedication to her craft.

Moving to Los Angeles in 1998 allowed Harris to expand her horizons and showcase her talent in a broader market. Despite her accomplishments in Canada, it is evident that her decision to relocate has only served to strengthen her career further.

In conclusion, Barbara Eve Harris’ impressive array of awards and recognitions undoubtedly speak to her skill and dedication as a talented actress. Her achievements, particularly the Gemini Award nomination, highlight her noteworthy contributions to the film and television industry.

Personal Life

Barbara Eve Harris was born Barbara Evadney Reid-Hibbert on March 8, 1959, in Tobago, Trinidad, and Tobago. She is the daughter of Jamaican parents and moved to Canada at the age of 6 with her family. Harris was raised and educated in Ottawa, the national capital of Canada. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a B.A., concentrating in Theatre and Philosophy.

Her initial plan was to attend Law School, but despite receiving offers of admission, she chose to pursue her passion for acting instead. Harris has been a successful actress since and has worked with several prominent figures in the entertainment industry. For instance, she co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1996 film “Eraser.”

Apart from her acting career, Harris also leads a private life in Los Angeles. Although there is limited information available about her family, mother, or siblings, it is clear that she values her privacy and personal life separate from her profession.

In conclusion, Barbara Eve Harris has enjoyed a long and fruitful acting career while maintaining a confident and private personal life. The accomplished actress continues to make an impact in the entertainment industry and remains a role model for aspiring actors who face similar choices in their education and career paths.

Influence and Legacy

Barbara Eve Harris is a Tobagonian-Canadian actress who has made a significant impact through her supporting performances in various TV series and films. She has not only showcased her talent within North America but has also reached a global audience through her roles in projects filmed across the world, including the Philippines, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Bogotá, Colombia.

Throughout her career, Harris has become an influential figure in the entertainment industry, particularly in Canadian television where she has amassed a dedicated following. She is known for portraying strong and complex characters, inspiring other actors to push boundaries and take on diverse roles. Her work on TV series such as “Prison Break” has drawn critical acclaim, highlighting her ability to make a profound impact even in supporting roles.

One of Harris’ recent notable projects includes a supporting role in a Netflix series, where she captivated viewers with her portrayal as the protagonist’s confidante and advisor. This role further solidified her reputation as a versatile and talented actress, earning her more recognition in the global entertainment scene.

Apart from her acting prowess, Harris is also a proponent of cultural diversity in the industry. Her Jamaican heritage and Canadian upbringing serve as a reminder of the importance of inclusivity and representation in the media. As a result, her work and advocacy have created opportunities for people from different backgrounds to be cast in a wider range of roles in TV and film productions.

In summary, Barbara Eve Harris’ influence and legacy in the entertainment field go far beyond her impressive acting skills. She has managed to break barriers for others through her dedication to promoting diversity and her unwavering commitment to delivering powerful, unforgettable performances.