Avoid these Exercises if You Suffer from Shoulder Pain

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By David

The shoulders suffer the biggest hammering of any portion of the body. There is a reason why carrying a load is referred to as shouldering rather than hipping or kneeling. That has always been the case, but lately even more so. We move less and sit more as a result of spending much of our time bent over computers and smartphones. Our shoulders hunch forward, our hips lock, and our glutes deactivate as a result. But mobility comes at a cost. It could result in your shoulder’s soft tissue or bone structures becoming more unstable or impinged, which would cause pain. You might experience pain constantly or just when moving your shoulder. The discomfort could just last a short while or it might persist and call for medical evaluation and care. You can get more specific information regarding your shoulder pain from your doctor. Read on to see what exercises you should avoid if you suffer from shoulder pain.

Avoid Extreme Ranges of Motion

Even with weights in your hands or when you’re pushing against your own bodyweight, just because your shoulders can accomplish something doesn’t necessarily imply it’s a good idea. Start by staying away from any workout that requires you to hold your arms in what experts refer to as the “high-five position,” which involves keeping your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle and your forearms parallel to your torso. The most infamous exercises are behind-the-neck lat pulldowns and behind-the-neck shoulder presses.

Upright Row

Because it strongly hits the deltoids, bodybuilders made this technique popular in the 1980s. Although it accomplished little to improve the shoulder’s functional features, there is nothing wrong with that. However, individuals did not spend their days slumped over smartphones and sat at computers in the 1980s. Therefore, most people who lift weights have rounded shoulders and muscle dysfunction, which are only made worse by the upright row.


Although they are a wonderful conditioning workout and look ‘tough’ while breaking up the routine of pushing and pulling iron, many people lack the power and mobility in their shoulders to immediately assault battle ropes. One at a time, you’re wildly shrugging your shoulders. This action violates the principle of equality.

Ring Dips

The last group of American men to perform these with proper form and look good was the 1984 U.S. gold medal gymnastics team. They are all around 60 years old, so like the rest of us, they should refrain from dipping on the rings because doing so could severely harm their rotator cuffs. Instead of running the danger of seriously injuring your shoulders by performing these exercises wrong, you might want to leave this exercise to the professional gymnasts.

Kipping Pullup

Some people think that the CrossFit-famous swinging pull ups are fraudulent. Even if you consider kipping to be a legitimate pullup, it’s still dangerous for your shoulders. The majority of non-gymnasts lack the shoulder stability necessary to perform them without running the danger of rotator cuff damage.