August Alsina Brother: Understanding His Family Dynamics and Personal Journey

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August Alsina, the R&B singer from New Orleans, Louisiana, has experienced both the hardships of losing a family member and the complexities of fame. August’s journey into the music industry became more driven following a personal tragedy. In 2010, the singer’s older brother, Melvin La’Branch III, was tragically shot and killed. This incident happened just days before August’s 18th birthday, marking a pivotal moment that would see him channel his grief into a commitment to his music career.

The loss of his brother is a recurring motif in Alsina’s narrative, heavily influencing his emotional and artistic development. Born into a family with a significant musical backdrop, Alsina was raised alongside his siblings in a context that juggled familial relationships with the challenges of inner-city life. His brother’s death became a catalyst for August’s relocation to Atlanta in 2011, where he sought to establish himself as a serious artist in the music industry.

His family, and particularly the memory of his brother Melvin, remain central themes in Alsina’s work. They inspire his dedication to authenticity and emotional expression in his music. With a family of five siblings, Alsina’s upbringing and subsequent experiences have shaped his perspective, echoing through his lyrics and connecting with a wide fan base. Despite the grave loss, Alsina’s career serves as a testament to his resilience and the influence that his brother’s memory continues to hold over his life and work.

Let’s take a look at what happened to August Alsina brother.

Early Life and Background

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August Alsina was born into a family with deep roots in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was raised alongside his siblings. His upbringing in the vibrant city, alongside the family dynamics and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, significantly shaped his early life.

Upbringing in New Orleans

Alsina’s early years were spent in New Orleans, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and musical influence. Surrounded by the sounds of Rhythm & Blues and Hip Hop, his environment was filled with the potential for creative expression.

Family Dynamics

Alsina is the son of Sheila Alsina and August Alsina Sr. He is the youngest sibling in his family, having three older brothers and one sister. His father battled with cocaine addiction, and his mother eventually took on the responsibility of raising the children on her own. The family faced many hardships, but these challenges contributed to Alsina’s resilience and determination.

Impact of Hurricane Katrina

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina wrought unprecedented devastation upon New Orleans, drastically affecting Alsina’s family and community. The aftermath of the hurricane posed significant challenges but also became a compelling factor for Alsina’s pursuit of music as it symbolized both loss and the strength to rebuild.

Musical Career

August Alsina’s musical career is distinguished by his soulful voice and emotive lyrics, which have garnered a dedicated following and critical acclaim, particularly for his early work that led to his rise to fame.

Rise to Fame

Alsina first gained significant attention with his 2012 release “I Luv This Shit,” an EP that solidified his potential as a rising singer in the realm of R&B. His partnership with Def Jam Recordings helped propel his career forward, leading to the release of his debut album, “Testimony,” in 2014. This album featured the hit single “I Luv This Shit,” which was instrumental in his nomination for Best New Artist at the BET Awards the same year.


His body of work includes several noteworthy projects:

  • EPs: “Downtown: Life Under the Gun” (2013)
  • Albums:
    • “Testimony” (2014)
    • “This Thing Called Life” (2015)

Alsina’s discography reflects his personal experiences, delivering a deeply authentic narrative throughout his albums and EPs.

Collaborations and Influences

August Alsina’s collaboration with Nicki Minaj on the remix of “No Love” showcased his ability to blend talents with other artists, bringing a new dynamic to his music. His influences range from traditional R&B to contemporary hip-hop, allowing him to create a sound that resonates with a diverse audience. These collaborations, along with his own unique blend of musical inspirations, have been pivotal in the development of his artistry.

Personal Struggles

August Alsina has navigated a complex path of personal struggles including serious health issues, intricate legal and custody battles, and the challenges that come with publicized relationships.

Health Challenges

August Alsina’s life has been marked by serious health struggles. In particular, he has battled an autoimmune disease which has posed a significant challenge to his well-being. These health issues have been publicly documented, further adding strain due to media scrutiny.

Legal and Custody Battles

Alsina stepped into a role that many young adults can scarcely comprehend, becoming a legal guardian for his three nieces, Chaylin, Amaiya, and Kayden. This responsibility came after their mother, Alsina’s sister-in-law, succumbed to cancer on Christmas in 2018. The music artist has had to navigate the complexities of legal processes to ensure the well-being of his nieces.

Publicized Relationships

His personal relationships, particularly the one involving Jada Pinkett Smith, which she referred to as an “entanglement,” have been subject to public attention. This exposure has brought an additional layer of personal challenge to Alsina’s life, as managing relationships in the public eye invariably invites speculation and commentary.

Brother: Melvin La’Branch III

Melvin LaBranch III’s life was marked by both his deep impact on his brother August Alsina and the tragic circumstances of his death. This section explores his life, the circumstances of his untimely passing, and the profound influence he had on August Alsina’s life and career.

Life and Death

Melvin La Branch III was a beloved son, father, and brother. August Alsina brother lost his life in a devastating event that deeply affected those close to him. Shot and killed on August 31, 2010, at just 24 years old, Melvin’s death occurred in New Orleans, the city that he and his brother called home. His passing left his family, especially his younger brother August, utterly devastated.

Influence on August’s Life

The tragedy of losing his brother had a significant impact on August Alsina. Melvin’s influence on August’s life is indisputable; August was compelled to channel his grief into his music career. Following his brother’s death, August became the legal guardian of Melvin’s three daughters, further demonstrating the deep bond between the brothers and the responsibilities August assumed in the wake of such a loss. This profound change in family dynamics cemented Melvin’s lasting effect on August’s personal and professional journey.

Family Commitment

August Alsina has shown a profound sense of family commitment through his actions, especially in the wake of personal tragedies. Struck by loss within his family, he responded with a lasting dedication to those left in his care.

Role as a Caretaker

Alsina, better known for his work in the R&B music industry, assumed a crucial role in his family as a caretaker. The death of his brother, Melvin LaBranch III, a significant influence on Alsina’s life and musical career, presented him with new responsibilities. Melvin was not only a source of inspiration but also a figure whose absence marked a pivotal turn in Alsina’s life, reinforcing his commitment to family.

Guardianship of Nieces

In 2018, this dedication to family was exemplified when Alsina became the legal guardian of his three nieces: Chaylin, Amaiya, and Kayden, following the tragic death of their parents. Embodying both love and custody, Alsina’s guardianship ensures that the three young girls, now integral members of his immediate family, receive care and emotional support amidst profound loss.

Media Presence and Appearances

August Alsina’s brother’s involvement in media extends across various platforms, from select television appearances to a subtle yet noteworthy social media presence. Despite a generally low-profile status, these appearances contribute to the public’s perception of him as related to the celebrity sphere.

Social Media Influence

Instagram: He has an account on Instagram, where he occasionally posts updates and interacts with followers. This platform serves as the primary means of direct communication with the public.

Twitter & Facebook: On Twitter and Facebook, his presence is less prominent, with interactions and posts that are infrequent.

Television Features

The Surreal Life: Featured on VH1’s show ‘The Surreal Life,’ his appearance sparked discussions and brought a degree of media attention.

Interviews: While interviews are sparse, any that do occur tend to gain traction within the fan community.

Red Table Talk: There are no documented appearances on ‘Red Table Talk,’ a show known for deep-diving into personal family stories of celebrities.

Public Perception and Legacy

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August Alsina’s legacy extends beyond his music, with his brother Melvin La’Branch III leaving a lasting impact on those he touched. Both brothers have been held in high regard, with Melvin’s life and tragic passing shaping August Alsina’s own journey and contributions.

Fan Base and Followers

August Alsina, a celebrated American singer and songwriter, garnered a large fan base due to his soulful music that often reflects personal hardships, including the loss of his brother. Melvin’s memory is honored by these fans, who view his legacy as intertwined with August’s narrative of resilience and love. The fans not only follow August’s career but also his life story, which includes the deep love for his brother and the influence he had on August’s life and work.