Apps That Help You Stay Hydrated

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By David

As the world is getting increasingly competitive, staying at the cutting edge is becoming crucial. In this environment, two major personality profiles have popped up. While one works hard and bears the fruit of it, the other works hard but does not achieve anything and burns themselves out. So why is it that some of us achieve and others do not?

The answer is not very difficult to come up with when you put a bit of thought into it. While all of us are busy competing to stay on the cutting edge, some of us forget to fulfill our basic needs appropriately which are essential for remaining competitive in this world.

What is at Stake?

Today, we will be covering apps that remind you to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is indeed one of the most important essentials we referred to in the previous paragraph. Let us quickly go through the reasons why that is the case before jumping into all the apps that remind us to drink water.

  • Improves Looks: Considering looks might just constitute the most important determinant of success, protecting your skin is important. As 64% of your skin is water, the lack thereof ruins your skin condition.
  • Makes You Smarter: Hydration boosts intelligence by improving your concentration, enhancing brain health, and facilitating learning.
  • Helps with Mood: it improves mood by decreasing headache symptoms and fatigue and by increasing vigor.
  • Enhances Digestion: Whatever nutrients you take in, your body will be able to extract more out of them if you drink more water.
  • Betters Eye Health: As hydration reduces dryness around your eyes, it reduces the likelihood of you scratching and ruining them.

Top Hydration Apps

Now that we have established why hydration is important, we are going to be moving on to apps that help us achieve that. Bear in mind that having a top-notch internet connection like that of Xfinity Internet is essential to fully utilize them.


The first app we are going to be covering today is Waterllama. Simply stated, an app that reminds you to drink water does not need to be the speediest nor does its ease of usage have any importance as reminder apps are easy to use by their very nature!

In this situation, the only thing that is important is the aesthetics of the app. Just like you are more likely to do something if a highly attractive person tells you to do it, you are also more likely to take action when a very aesthetically appealing app tells you to.

This importance of aesthetics is where Waterllama excels. From its cute logo featuring an adorable animation of a llama drinking water to its brightly colored, everything about this app is perfectly designed to increase your dopamine levels and thus prompt you to take action – sip the H2O! To top it all off, there is no fee for Waterllama!

Water Time Drink Tracker & Reminder

As the name suggests, this app is not only a reminder but also a tracker. So, along with doing what WaterLlama does – reminding you to drink water, Water Time Drink Tracker & Reminder also tracks how much water you have consumed in recent days.

This helps in a way that you can see how much progress you have made in your mission to be more hydrated. Also, it helps you compensate for times in which you have not drunk as much water. For example, if you did not drink water in the morning, this app will let you know that so you can drink more water at night.

This added trackability feature does come at a premium. Unlike Waterllama, Water Time Drink Tracker & Reminder is not free. Its monthly subscription comes at a meager USD 1.99 while its yearly subscription starts at USD 7.49.

Aqualert: Water Tracker Daily

Aqualert stands out from the other water trackers in terms of the richness of its interface. You may be wondering what it is that you can possibly include in a type of app as simple as a water reminder and tracker that can enrich the interface.

Well, it has gamified the water-drinking process for you a bit in a way that you are challenged to drink a certain amount of water. So, if you are the competitive type, this app may just work very well for you!

In terms of price, this app is free with in-app purchases. However, if you want an ad-free version, it will cost you USD 1.99.

Hydro Coach

Well, as the name suggests, Hydro Coach really acts like a coach to help you in your mission to stay hydrated. And by coaching, we mean not only telling you what to do but also understanding what your specific needs are.

By considering factors like body weight, this app tells you an ideal water intake personalized just for you. For example, a pregnant person needs more water so it will increase the daily hydration goal for such people.

Like Waterllama, this app is also free for in-app purchasers. However, it does have special in-app items that enrich your experience which you can buy for a few dollars each.


We hope this article helps you stay hydrated. Remember, drinking water may very well be the simplest of actions but it is still one of the most important so never miss a glass!