Ant Glizzy Brother: What Happened to Rapper’s Sibling?

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Ant Glizzy, an American rapper from Washington, DC, has become a notable figure in the hip-hop community not just for his music but also for his personal life. Born on February 28, 1992, he carved out a space in the rap scene with his unique sound and provocative lyrics. His tumultuous relationship with his brother, fellow rapper Shy Glizzy, has sparked interest and controversy, fueling discussions about family dynamics in the pressure cooker of fame.

The brothers’ dynamics took an even more dramatic turn, capturing wider public attention, when Ant’s brother survived an extreme act of violence. The incident where his brother was reportedly shot 32 times and survived, although harrowing, is sometimes mentioned in discussions around the resilience and challenging backgrounds faced by some rap artists. This has added a layer of complexity to Ant Glizzy’s narrative in the public sphere, intertwining his music career with his personal trials and family relations.

Early Life and Background

Ant Glizzy, born on February 28, 1992, in Washington, D.C., emerged from a family deeply rooted in the urban landscapes of the Southeast. Raised by his mother, Barbara Amonte, and influenced by the environment of 37th Avenue, his formative years were marked by both challenges and familial bonds.

The rapper’s household included his brother, Marquis Amonte, known professionally as Shy Glizzy. Despite the two eventually taking to paths that converged within the music industry, their relationship has seen its share of complexities. Nine months separate the siblings, intertwining their early life experiences within the nation’s capital.

Growing up in a city known for its historical significance and vibrant culture, both Ant Glizzy and his brother were exposed to an array of musical influences, shaping their artistic journey. The family’s experiences in Washington, D.C., particularly in less affluent housing districts, could be seen as a reflection of the city’s socio-economic contrasts.

Ant experienced a pivotal moment at 19 when he faced a family tragedy related to his father. These early encounters shaped his perspective and were deeply woven into the narrative of his music and lyrics. They remain a testament to his and his family’s resilience.

The rapper’s early life, underscored by the unity with his mother and siblings, was instrumental in crafting his identity as a musician and as an individual. Here, in the streets of Washington, D.C., Ant Glizzy’s tale began— a narrative as compelling as the beats to which he rhymes.

Musical Career

Ant Glizzy, the Washington D.C.-based rapper and younger brother of Shy Glizzy, has established a distinct presence in the rap scene through a series of mixtapes and collaborations. His sound has evolved over time, resonating with listeners and contributing to the urban music landscape.

Early Works and SoundCloud

Ant Glizzy began his musical career by leveraging SoundCloud, a platform that allowed him to share his early works with a broader audience. His initial tracks on the platform showcased a raw and unfiltered style, laying the foundation for his future in the industry.

Breakthrough and Mixtapes

His breakthrough came with the release of his mixtapes, which garnered attention for their authentic narratives and gritty beats. Among his body of work, You Hear Me 2 stands out as a significant release that solidified his presence in the rap genre. The mixtape featured a collection of tracks that were both reflective and forward-looking, offering insights into his personal experiences and ambitions.

Collaborations and Influence

Through his career, Ant Glizzy has collaborated with various artists and producers, extending his influence in the rap community. His label, D.C. Artists LLC, is a testament to his dedication to cultivating a unique sound and platform for artists in the region. His notable collaborations have not only broadened his musical reach but also contributed to his net worth, cementing his status within the industry.

Ant Glizzy’s musical career, marked by his early works on SoundCloud, breakthrough mixtapes, and strategic collaborations, reflects the rapper’s journey from a local talent to a recognized name in the rap music scene. His impact and contributions continue to resonate with fans of the genre, especially in the Washington D.C. area.

Association with Shy Glizzy

Ant Glizzy has a notable connection with Shy Glizzy, his older brother, who is both a rapper and the founder of the music group Glizzy Gang. Their relationship has oscillated between collaboration and tension over the years.

Glizzy Gang

Shy Glizzy formed Glizzy Gang, a collective with roots in the Washington D.C. rap scene. While Ant Glizzy was not a founding member, his association with the group comes through his familial connection to Shy Glizzy. Both brothers have had an impact on the music scene, though their paths within the industry feature distinct journeys. Despite Ant Glizzy’s efforts to build his audience independently, his involvement with his brother’s label has been a point of interest for fans and observers of the rap community. Reports suggest that there have been periods of beef between the two, which have played out in the public eye, but specific details about these disputes tend to be speculative. When the two have collaborated, it has highlighted a dynamic reflective of their shared history and individual talents within the rap genre.

Personal Life

Ant Glizzy’s personal life intersects with occasional legal troubles and a strong connection to his family, including his notable relations in the music industry.

Legal Issues

Ant Glizzy has had interactions with the law, although specific details about arrests or charges remain sparse in public records. Instances that involve being handcuffed or encounters with police officers are part of many rappers’ narratives, but without concrete information, one cannot elaborate on his exact history concerning legal issues.

Relationships and Family

Ant Glizzy has a familial bond with his brother, Shy Glizzy, a Grammy-nominated artist. Their relationship, however, has seen both close kinship and public disputes. Regarding a more private aspect of his personal life, such as whether he has children, a wife, or is dating, Ant Glizzy has not publicly disclosed these details, keeping his intimate relationships out of the public eye.

Public Persona

Ant Glizzy has cultivated a significant digital footprint, which meshes with his career in the music industry. His public persona is shaped by a strong social media presence and has been marked by public controversy.

Social Media Presence

Ant Glizzy frequently engages with his audience through various online platforms. On Instagram, he showcases aspects of his personal and professional life, providing fans with a glimpse into his everyday experiences and creative process. His Twitter presence is also notable, where he shares thoughts and interacts with his followers, amplifying his popularity.

Public Controversy

Ant Glizzy’s public profile has not been without controversy. His outspokenness on social media has at times resulted in public disputes and conflicts within the music industry. These incidents often capture the attention of his audience and get amplified through online discussions and media coverage, affecting his relationship with fans and peers alike.

Influence and Impact

Ant Glizzy, an American rapper originating from Washington D.C., has made substantial contributions to the rap genre, particularly within his local community. Through his artistry and mentorship, he has bolstered the profile of D.C. rap on a broader scale.

Contributions to Hip-Hop Culture

Ant Glizzy, born Marquis Amonte King, has made a considerable impact on hip-hop culture, not only as a D.C. rapper, but also through his nationwide influence. His unique style has contributed to the diversity and richness of rap. With a discography that includes albums like “Barbarason,” his narratives often weave in the complexities of life in the District of Columbia.

  • Albums: “Barbarason,” which debuted in 2015, named in tribute to his mother, Barbara
  • Collaborations: Known for working with various artists, including those within D.C. Artists LLC
  • Influence: Highlighting the specifics of D.C. life, he’s brought a distinct voice to the rap scene

Mentorship and Support for Local Talent

He has shown a strong commitment to supporting aspiring artists from his area. His work not only propels his career but also opens doors for other local talents. By fostering an environment where up-and-coming rappers can collaborate and grow, Glizzy contributes to the sustainability and evolution of the D.C. hip-hop scene.

  • Local Support: Glizzy has been keen on mentoring D.C. artists, helping to uplift their careers
  • Collaborative Projects: He has collaborated with fellow D.C. rapper Lightshow, showcasing his support for local talent


Ant Glizzy, the younger brother of Shy Glizzy, has made a name for himself in the rap industry with a growing discography that showcases his lyrical prowess and distinct style. His works include a variety of mixtapes and singles that have resonated with his audience.


  • You Hear Me?
  • Barbara Son
  • Barbara Son 2

Ant Glizzy’s mixtapes have been cornerstone projects in his career. “Barbara Son” and its sequel “Barbara Son 2” are notable mentions that helped solidify his presence in the rap scene.


Ant Glizzy has also released a number of singles, many of which are delivered with the confidence and authenticity that his fans have come to expect. While some of these have been standalone tracks, others have been included in his mixtapes, offering a glimpse into his versatility as an artist.

His discography continues to grow, and with every release, Ant Glizzy cements his place within the rap community. Although not as well-known as his Grammy-nominated brother Shy Glizzy, he is on a trajectory that shows promise for a lasting career marked by a dedication to the craft. Each project brings Ant Glizzy closer to the wider recognition his talents demand.


The section delves into the lasting impact of Ant Glizzy’s brother on the world of rap. It focuses on the accolades he has received for his work in music and considers his potential to continue shaping the industry.

Recognition and Awards

Though specific awards for Ant Glizzy’s brother may not be widely documented in the provided search results, the impact that both he and Ant Glizzy have had on the rap scene remains significant. Ant Glizzy, with his hit rap singles, has demonstrated a family tradition of musical talent that reflects on his brother’s influence in rap and the community. Their contributions resonate within the genre, building a legacy of creativity and perseverance.

Future Prospects

Looking forward, the trajectory of Ant Glizzy’s brother in the rap industry suggests a continuing influence on the genre. His resilience and close association with Ant Glizzy, a known figure in the music scene, indicate that his potential to shape future music and cultural narratives is promising. His legacy, coupled with his recognition in the rap community, posits him as a notable figure with prospects that could lead to awards and further contributions to the industry.