9 Sexy Photos of Straight-Up Ana Kasparian

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By David

Ana Kasparian is an American co-host and producer with a net worth of more than $2 million. She is one of the more successful television hosts at the moment. Born in July 1986, the young progressive political commentator and media host is the main host and producer of the online news show, The Young Turks. She started working as a fill-in producer in 2007, and since then has never left the show.

Born in Los Angeles, she is the daughter of Armenian immigrant parents. Her paternal great-grandparents experienced the Armenian genocide of 1915 first-hand.

Raised in the Reseda neighborhood of Los Angeles, Ana grew up speaking Armenian as her first language. When she started kindergarten, she couldn’t speak a word of English. Now, she is one of the most famous American TV hosts.

Fun fact: She watched Sesame Street as a child and that helped her learn English quickly. From the age of 3 to 19 she danced ballet and even performed professionally. In 2007, she got her Bachelor of Arts in journalism and then completed her Master of Political Science in 2010.

Speaking about her career, she got inspired by watching journalist Barbara Walters on 20/20. That inspired her to get into journalism.

After getting her BA in journalism, she worked as an assistant producer with CBS Radio news stations in Los Angeles. She was one of the lucky people to get hired immediately after graduation.

In 2007, she become a fill-in host for the show The Young Turks. At first, she was skeptical of the work environment, but after a while, she embraced her.

Fun fact: in the beginning, she was hired to do marketing for The Young Turks, and then moved her way into on-air segments.

Kasparian is an atheist with progressive values. She wants criminal justice reform and remains a critic of private and for-profit prisons calling them hideous institutions. Ana also campaigns about finance reform to get money out of politics and even gave a TEDx talk on the subject.

In November 2015 she got married to Minor League Baseball player, model, and actor, Christian Lopez. The two eloped initially but then got a public wedding in September 2016. Her fellow host of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, officiated the ceremony.

Today, we will take a look at a couple of Ana Kasparian’s sexy photos and bikini pictures. Let’s go.

The Young Turks Host

Photo: pinterest.com

Ana built her career thanks to the show The Young Turks. She joined the show in 2007, and ever since, she has grown into the face of the series. Over the course of her career, she has made a number of red carpet appearances for the show.

We start off our list of Ana Kasparian sexy pictures with such a red carpet photo.

Smile For The Camera

Photo: pinterest.com

When you are on TV, you have to have a pretty face. It is that simple. Luckily, Ana has all that and even more. Her charisma is off the charts. And that smile can bring positive vibes to everyone watching the show.

Wouldn’t you just love to put the TV on to see her?

Selfie Time

Photo: pinterest.com

Ana is so beautiful, even her selfies look amazing. And that is even when she takes a selfie in what is probably a bathroom. Judging by the tiles in the background, it is not some fancy room.

Nevertheless, the American TV host just shines everywhere she appears.

Earning Awards and Nominations

Photo: pinterest.com

Ana is beautiful, smart, and talented. Combine them all together, and you have a recipe for an award-winning host. She has earned a couple of nominations and awards throughout her career.

Here, we have her attending the annual STREAMY Award ceremony in 2013. We just love her pale dress showing a bit of cleavage.

Sexy Ana Kasparian In Nature

Photo: pinterest.com

We love when celebrities step out of their comfort zone and go explore hidden nature. This photo is from Ana’s trip to scenic British Columbia.

Even when she is out there in nature, she looks amazing. To be honest, she has a bit of makeup, which is unusual for a trip in the woods, but hey, she looks amazing.

With Her Colleagues

Photo: pinterest.com

One thing we love in the Ana Kasparian sexy photos is that even when you pair her with a younger colleague, Ana still shines. Just take a look at this picture. It is obvious that her colleague is quite younger than Ana.

But that doesn’t prevent the American TV personality to outshine even her younger peers.

The Successful Woman

Photo: pinterest.com

This is a photo of a woman who has achieved success in her field. Look at her all smiling and enjoying her time. And the happier you are, the more beautiful you look.

Kasparian definitely follows that recipe for success. That is how she looks amazing even when she wears a casual dress.

Little Black Dress

Photo: pinterest.com

Whenever you make a list of sexy photos of Ana Kasparian or another celebrity, you just have to include a little black dress photo. After all, celebrities love the LBD. It is a classic piece of clothing that you just cannot ignore.

Ana chose the outfit for a red carpet event, and she looks stunning wearing it.

Black And White

Photo: pinterest.com

If you truly want to see the beauty of a person, just take a look at a black and white picture of them. These photos show the true beauty of people. And we love to finish our list of Ana Kasparian sexy pictures with such a photo.