Amy Elizabeth Jackson – Net Worth, Career Ups And Downs

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By David

Real Name:Amy Elizabeth Jackson
Birthday:May 22, 1989
Net Worth$2 million
Height:175 cm
Occupation:American Model, Actress, Social Media Personality

Amy Elizabeth Jackson lives in New York City. She is an Instagram sensation and a model. The professional actress portrayed a couple of characters in different mediums. She went from a frumpy cat lady to a pretty girl next door. How much is Amy Elizabeth’s fortune? Does it pay off to work as an Instagram sensation? In this case, yes.

Popular on Instagram as theallamericanbadgirl, Amy keeps her private life low-key. That is a rarity among Instagram celebrities. So, let’s take a look at her journey, career, and life path.

There is no information about her dating life. She got married in 2013 and posted about her husband for the first time that year. But since then, she has removed all of her husband related posts.

Career Ups and Downs

Born in May 1989, Amy grew up in New Jersey. She has a brother and a sister. Sometimes, she mentions them in her tweets and Instagram posts.

Let’s talk about her career beginnings and journey. She started in Stuart Stone’s Commercial Acting Workshop. Amy also studied improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City in Los Angeles.

She made her name in the acting field before moving on to Instagram. Elizabeth Jackson appeared in The Roostar Inc, Jack & Triumph, and The Statement. At the same time, Amy appeared in a couple of music videos.

For example, she starred in the video for “If You Show Up”. Amy competed in pageants, modeled for clothing lines, guest-hosted radio shows, and posed for magazines. Amy has a keen interest in acting.

At the moment, Amy earns money through her Instagram career. But she does want to start earning money through her acting career as well.

Many fans know her as “theallamericanbadgirl”. But that is not her Instagram profile. Amy changed her profile name to All.American.Amy.

In 2013, she uploaded a photo with her then-husband. But since then, she removed the pictures of her husband. Fans speculate she got a divorce. But Amy doesn’t want to talk about any of that.

Elizabeth Jackson got popular on social media thanks to her comedy Instagram videos. She also posts gym-workout videos. And with such a stunning body, why not?

Amy has large breasts that she doesn’t mind flaunting them on Instagram. Her body measurements are 5 feet 9 inches in height and weigh around 130lbs.

Net Worth

Amy is one of the many Instagram stars that turned their passion into a career. Amy loves posting funny videos and funny posts. And she knows how to link them to each other. For example, she posts on Twitter and then links it on Instagram, Facebook, and vice versa.

Her Instagram account serves as her main source of income. She has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She can earn up to a few thousand dollars per sponsored post on Instagram.

Her Twitter and Facebook profiles have around 10k followers/subscribers. As of October 2020, Amy Elizabeth Jackson’s wealth is close to $2 million.

With her dedication and hard work, we can expect more good things from Amy in the near future. She is a fitness freak and often uploads workout videos to her feed.

According to some estimates, her income from endorsements on Instagram goes between $2,200 and $3,500 per post.

Amy says that she wants to continue earning money from her acting career as well. And moviemakers always find a role for a blonde with a body like hers. Amy has all the body measurements to play the girl next door. In fact, she already played that role.