Amelia Ossa Llorente: An Insight into Her Life and Achievements

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Amelia Ossa Llorente is a French woman who gained prominence through her relationship with renowned footballer, Lucas Hernandez. While not much is known about her career and education, she enjoys a substantial following on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where she currently has over 112,000 followers. Born in August 1988, Amelia is 35 years old, showcasing a strong connection with her husband despite their nearly ten-year age difference.

In the early stages of their relationship, Amelia and Lucas faced some controversy. A Spanish court issued a restraining order against the footballer in 2017. Despite the difficulties, the couple eventually married, choosing to build a family together. Lucas Hernandez, a French international player, is known for his versatile playing style as a left-back or center-back for the Bundesliga club, Bayern Munich.

The couple initially met while Lucas was playing for Atlético Madrid, a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain. Together, Amelia and Lucas have stood by each other and surmounted numerous obstacles. Today, they continue to support each other as a strong and committed couple in the public eye.

Personal Background

Early Life

Amelia Ossa Llorente was born on August 12, 1987, in Madrid, Spain. There is limited information available about her parents and siblings, but it is known that she grew up in a supportive family environment. Her childhood in Madrid provided her with a strong foundation and exposure to an array of cultural experiences.


During her educational years, Amelia developed an interest in beauty and skincare, which led her to pursue a career as a cosmetologist. She attended a prestigious institution to hone her skills in the field. Over the years, Amelia gained significant knowledge in the areas of skincare, haircare, and makeup, eventually becoming a professional beautician.

Family Relations

Amelia first came into the public eye through her relationship with French footballer Lucas Hernandez. Despite facing some obstacles early in their relationship, the couple decided to get married. Today, Amelia and Lucas share a strong marital bond, and they are proud parents to their son, Martin Hernandez. Her marriage to Lucas has also allowed more people to learn about Amelia’s accomplishments as a skilled cosmetologist.

Public Profile and Career

Rise to Fame

Amelia Ossa Llorente gained public attention after her marriage to Lucas Hernandez, a professional football player who has played for Atlético Madrid and is currently with Bayern Munich. Born on August 12th, 1987 in Madrid, Amelia is 34 years old and has a background in cosmetology.

Professional Career

Although currently Amelia does not work, she has pursued a career in cosmetology, as mentioned in her Instagram bio. Amelia is also reported to have won the prestigious “Young Artist of the Year” award in 2020 at the Barcelona Art Exhibition. Since then, her career has grown substantially, with solo art exhibitions in major cities like New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

Based on her abilities, Amelia’s estimated net worth is around $50,000.

Social Media Presence

Amelia Ossa Llorente maintains an active Instagram account, where she goes by the nickname @amelialorente. Her feed mainly features pictures of her lovely son, cute moments with her husband Lucas, and glimpses into her day-to-day life.

Regarding her physical attributes, Amelia has a height of around 5 ft 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs between 55 kg – 60 kg (121 lbs – 132 lbs).

Relationship with Lucas Hernandez

Marriage and Children

Amelia Ossa Llorente and Lucas Hernandez first met at a party, and it was love at first sight for both of them. Despite having a controversial relationship, the couple decided to get married in a private wedding ceremony. Their union has been blessed with a child named Martin Hernandez.

Legal Challenges

Amelia and Lucas have faced some legal challenges throughout their relationship. In the past, Lucas Hernandez was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. Despite this, Amelia chose to stay with Lucas and eventually married him. Later on, reports emerged about Lucas appealing against a jail sentence for breaching a restraining order.

Media Coverage

Due to Lucas Hernadez’s status as a professional footballer and his involvement in high-profile domestic violence incidents, Amelia Ossa Llorente and their relationship have attracted significant media attention. News outlets have covered their love story, the controversies surrounding them, as well as Amelia’s personal life, such as her career as a cosmetologist.

Legal Matters and Controversies

Restraining Order Incident

In 2017, Amelia Ossa Llorente and her then-boyfriend, Lucas Hernández, had a physical altercation which led to a restraining order being imposed on both of them. The couple was reported to the authorities by onlookers, as they did not call the police themselves. Despite the restraining order, Amelia and Lucas continued their relationship and eventually got married.

Community Service Commitment

As a result of the domestic violence incident, both Amelia and Lucas were required to complete community service. Lucas underwent a legal process and received a six-month jail term from the Spanish court, which he sought to have suspended.

Court Appearances

During their court appearances, the couple faced various charges related to the incident, including assaulting his girlfriend. Lucas was eventually sentenced to a six-month jail term by the Spanish court and given 10 days to enter prison voluntarily. However, Lucas managed to avoid the prison term, and the couple remained together, working on their personal issues and continuing their life as a married couple.