17 Sexy Photos Of The Alluring Amanda Cerny

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Born in June 1991, Amanda Cerny is an American internet personality, actress, and model. Many fans recognize Amanda for her YouTube channel and her previous Vine Profile. In October 2011, Playboy magazine named her Playmate of the Month. You can expect quite a few sexy photos from a Playboy magazine model, right? Well, today, we will take a look at a couple of Amanda Cerny’s sexy photos.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she grew up in South Florida. At the age of 15, in 2006, she started working as a model. Initially, she viewed it as a hobby. But very soon she found out that she is good at it, and can earn quite a lot of money from modeling.

You can say beauty runs deep in her family. Her father is a businessman, but her mother, Amy Reed, is also a model. They are divorced, and Amanda lives with her mother and siblings.

In October 2011, Playboy named her Playmate of the month, which skyrocketed her career. She then began posting content on Vine, where she had more than 4 million followers. But after Vine shut down, she continued posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and other social media.

Speaking about her modeling career, she posed for Playboy Playmates, Health and Wellness Magazine, and several other magazines. Amanda also founded a charity Play Foundation. Yes, the famous magazine Playboy inspired her to get into modeling, as she sent her first bikini photos to the magazine.

In the past few years, her modeling career helped her appear in music videos as well. In 2018, she appeared in I Like It, a song by Cardi B. In January 2020, she did a Punjabi music video Where Baby Where with Gippy Grewal.

As for her personal life, she is currently unmarried. Amanda dates Johannes Bartl, a fitness trainer and a model. They live a happy life and enjoy their relationship. Before that, she had quite a few celebrity relationships. For example, she had a relationship with Dane Cook, a comedian actor.

In 2015, Amanda dated King Bach, making them the best internet couple. Some people even called them the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez of the internet world.

Today, she remains one of the most successful models and actresses in the fashion world. Let’s take a look at a couple of Amanda Cerny’s sexy photos.

Amanda Cerny Bikini Photos

Photo: Instagram.com

Amanda Cerny is a proud owner of Trifecta nutrition, a company delivering healthy organic meals across the US. She uses her social media presence to promote her brand, and for that purpose, Amanda often poses in bikini photos.

After all, she has to show the beautiful body she got while following the Trifecta nutrition plan.

No Bra No Problem

Photo: instagram.com

Recently, Amanda celebrated the 4th of July like the rest of the Americans. For that purpose, she posed on a boat wearing casual clothes. And fans instantly noticed there is no bra underneath her shirt. Smart move Amanda, smart move.

Amanda The Housekeeper

Photo: instagram.com

One thing we love about Amanda Cerny’s sexy photos is that she tries to pose in different scenarios. And she always comes up with clever Instagram captions for her photos.

For example, in this photo, she posed in underwear and tried to paint the wall. Well, we would love it if painters wore such outfits, right?

Summer Body

Photo: instagram.com

Yet another Instagram post where she promotes Trifecta and thanked the company for her summer body. But Amanda knows it is not all about nutrition.

The Instagram model knows that you need two things for a sexy body, diet, and exercise. And for the latter, she walks her dog a couple of miles every day.

Wonder Woman

Photo: instagram.com

Nowadays, celebrities in Hollywood are trying to get a superhero role. We all want to be superheroes, but in the last several years, these movies have risen in popularity.

In that spirit, Amanda went to the makeup area of her home and made herself look like Wonder Woman. What do you think, can she land a role in a comic book movie?

Provocative Amanda

Photo: instagram.com

We have to admit one thing about Amanda Cerny. She knows how to seduce. She knows how to act provocatively and make sure fans like her posts and pictures.

After all, when a woman asks how you was your day looking at you with those seductive eyes, what would you do? She took a page out of Joey’s how you doin’ playbook.

Wet Photos

Photo: instagram.com

Here is another no bra Amanda Cerny photo. We said before she knows how to tease and look erotic and provocative. Well, nothing beats wet shirts with no bra underneath, right?

We can agree on that for sure.

Amanda Cerny Underwear

Photo: instagram.com

Amanda uses her social media presence to promote different industries and areas in life. And when she has a hot body like that, people follow her. The American actress has more than 22 million followers. And her profile says “daily dose of happiness”. We agree on that.

Stealing Your Boyfriend’s Shirt

Photo: instagram.com

Here is a photo that was taken directly from a fashion magazine tutorial, how to wear your boyfriend’s shirt. Well, Amanda definitely knows how to pull off the look.

She took this photo during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. She felt like a prisoner in her own home. We feel you, Amanda.

Pink Bikini

Photo: instagram.com

Amanda has a couple of sexy photos and sexy pictures on her Instagram profile. And we love it that she looks happy and confident in all of them.

You can see she enjoys modeling and showing off skin.

Working Out That Body

Photo: instagram.com

If you thought you can have a sexy body without breaking a sweat, you are wrong. Amanda knows it and we know it. The American model enjoys going to the gym and getting an intense workout.

That is the only way to get a toned body and sexy look.

At The Beach

Photo: pinterest.com

We had Amanda Cerny’s bikini photos, but now we see the sexy model posing in a tight and wet dress. She definitely enjoys spending time at the beach and walking on the sand. Well, we all do Amanda, we all do.

Audition for Baywatch

Photo: pinterest.com

No, Amanda has not auditioned for Baywatch. But this photo can definitely serve as her audition. She will make a great addition to the Baywatch club.

Sexy, busty actress with a toned body and smile that will bring down worlds. What more can you ask for?

Trying Different Cultures

Photo: pinterest.com

Amanda has no problem wearing clothes from different cultures. And she still looks sexy doing it. Just look at her in this Indian saree. The actress can definitely make an appearance in Bollywood as well.

Sexy Woman Sports Car

Photo: pinterest.com

This is one of the most common sexy and provocative pictures. We all know that sexy women and sports vehicles go hand in hand.

It is no surprise that Amanda chose to pose next to a sports car.

The Cute And Adorable Actress

Photo: pinterest.com

Every now and then, Amanda will dress like an adorable teenage girl. And fans love it. It is a refreshing look compared to her teasing erotic pictures.

She still wears a mini dress, but not a tight one revealing her cleavage.

We Love You Too

Photo: instagram.com

Let’s finish off our list of Amanda Cerny’s sexy photos with a heart she made at the beach. We love Amanda, right?