Alexis Knief – Bio, Family Life, and Net Worth of Timothy Olyphant’ Wife

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Real Name:Alexis Knief
Birthday:January 1, 1970
Net Worth$20 million
Height:172 cm
Occupation:Wife of Timothy Olyphant

Alexis Knief is not a household name in Hollywood. She is the wife of actor and producer Timothy Olyphant. Her husband is a famous name, but she has a profession in another industry. And Alexis is a different kind of celebrity wife. Unlike most wives, she has a career of her own.

Her husband, actor Timothy Olyphant, appeared in TV shows like Deadwood and Justified, as well as movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, Rango, Catch and Release, and many more.

One reason Knief stays away from public life is the scrutiny of the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. Sometimes, this lifestyle can bring you down and flood you with negative reactions and news.

Media and fans can get critical of their favorite stars, and look at their shortcomings as humans. And that is why many celebrities chose to stay away from the public.

Alexis Knief is one of those celebrities, having carved a career in another industry.

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Quick Bio

Alexis Knief Family

Born in January 1970 in the US, Alexis attended the University of Southern California. There, she met Timothy, and the two started a beautiful friendship. Soon after, they moved their relationship a scale up to lovers.

In 1991, the two got married in a private ceremony, with only their loved ones and close family present. Several years later, in 1999, Alexis gave birth to their first child, daughter Grace Katherine. And two years later, they got their son Henry, followed by their second daughter Vivian Olyphant in 2003.

At the time Alexis and Timothy tied the knot, she was only 23 years of age. Timothy often says their marriage was young love and they got married to grow old together.

Over the years, Alexis has supported her husband and his career in Hollywood. The American actor grew into a famous movie star, starring in major Hollywood blockbusters and television shows.

Yet, he started his career in Off-Broadway theater, winning Theatre World Award for his performance in The Monogamist. And after he starred in HBO’s series Deadwood, his fame went through the roof.

Unlike her husband, Alexis tries to keep things private. You can hardly find any details about the celebrity wife. She hasn’t even disclosed info about her parents, siblings, and early life.

Most of the information we get about her is through her husband. Timothy often says “It is hard to find a perfect bonding like theirs in Hollywood”.

He describes his wife as a simple and beautiful woman who prefers to stay behind the scene. You can hardly find any photo of her. The only time Alexis appears in the media is when she has to come to a special event for her husband.

The happy couple lives their life in Westwood, Los Angeles. There, they raise their three children Grace Katherine, Henry, and Vivian.

Fun fact, in 2011, Timothy joked he might leave Alexis. He said that he would leave her if he had won the Emmy Award. That year, he earned a nomination for his portrayal of Raylan Givens in Justified. Luckily for Alexis, he lost the award to Kyle Chandler.

Of course, he only joked about it. In one interview, he shared the idea of winning Emmy, and then telling his wife of 20+ years, “Well, honey, this is it. I am finally leaving you”.

The two made it to the newspapers for a divorce rumor once again. Photographers caught Timothy wearing his wedding ring on the right hand, not on the preferred left hand. But Olyphant clarified that happened once, and there was nothing behind it.

To this day, Alexis and Timothy remain happily married. She is still Timothy Olyphant’s wife.

Now let’s talk about the personal life of Alexis. Knief loves watching football and basketball. Speaking of basketball, in one interview she said she cheers for the Los Angeles Clippers. Timothy’s wife has an athletic body, but that is because she does cardio every other day.

Net Worth

Alexis Knief’s cash flow is tied to her husband’s money. She is a housewife and takes care of the children and everything else around the house. The celebrity wife has not disclosed any information about her career and education.

Her husband, on the other hand, appeared in more than 38 movies. As of June 2021, Timothy Olyphant’s fortune is more than $20 million. He moved to the US at the age of two. Some sources claim he is a descendant of the Vanderbilt family of New York.

Thanks to the money of her husband, Alexis drives a Range Rover Sport. She also other cars where chauffeurs drive her.