Alannah Morley Net Worth – First Wife of The Edge

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Real Name:Alannah Morley
Net Worth$500,000
Height:167 cm
Occupation:Ex-Wife of Adam Copeland "The Edge"

Alannah Morley is the first wife of former WWE star, Adam Joseph Copeland. But we all know him as The Edge. They got married for a couple of years before going their separate ways. Her former husband appeared in Raw and Smackdown and several titles. The Edge won World Heavyweight Championship seven times and the WWE championship four times. How much is the net worth of Alannah Morley?

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Quick Bio

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Born in 1980, Alannah is a famous American lady. Most people recognize her as the ex-wife of The Edge, the famous Canadian professional wrestler.

The two got married in 2001, but their relationship lasted for only three years. During that short time, we do not know whether they had kids or not.

Alannah gained fame after her marriage to The Edge. Before her marriage, she had a normal life with her mother and father, and she is also the sister of another famous wrestler, Val Venis.

Following her marriage to Adam, she gained a lot of popularity, attention, and recognition. And she worked as a model. Nowadays, she is a famous personality in America.

Her family doesn’t share any information about her life before fame, or education. We do know she completed her primary education at a local high school.

She just entered her 40s and tries to keep a healthy body. After all, Alannah worked as a model for some time. She goes to her hometown park in the morning for a quick exercise session. And in the evening, Alannah goes to the gym to keep her body in shape.

So far, Morley hasn’t revealed following any specific diet or nutrition plan. But whatever she does, it works for her. After all, the former wife of The Edge has an amazing body.

As for her relationship with Adam, the two met in 1998. They had a romantic relationship for a couple of years before tying the knot in 2001. They got married in a low-key ceremony. At the time, Edge started to gain popularity and his WWE career took off.

Soon after their marriage, things started complicating. They didn’t reveal the reason behind their separation. In March 2004, they officially got a divorce.

Following the divorce, Alannah has managed to keep things low profile. She hasn’t made any public appearances. And as of April 2021, she remains single.

On the other hand, The Edge got married again, this time to Liza Ortiz in October 2004. But during his marriage with Liza, he had an affair with Amy Lita Dumas, a former wrestler, and animal welfare activist. Adam is now in his third marriage to wrestler Beth Phoenix. They got married in 2016.

The Edge got his first professional wrestling gig on Canada Day in 1992. Since then, he has won a number of major championships and remains one of the most decorated wrestlers. In 2012, he got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Net Worth

Let’s get back to his former wife for a moment. Before her marriage to The Edge, Alannah worked in an American company. Now, she works as an Instagram model and media personality.

As of April 2021, the fortune of Alannah Morley is estimated to be more than $500,000. How does she earn money nowadays? We do not know.

On the other hand, her former husband has a lot more money in his bank account. As of 2021, The Edge has a fortune of more than $14 million. He remains one of the most popular wrestlers. Adam Copeland has also appeared in a couple of movies and television shows.