A few things you should never think of telling your lawyer

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By David

Your initial meeting with a lawyer might resemble an interview. But rest assured: it’s not. Lawyers are prohibited from inquiring about you or your case in any way by a code of ethics that they are required to abide by.

Lawyers can defend their clients without being concerned about what would be best for their reputation or careers because of the rules that are in place. Assume you’re going to put your freedom, the security of your friends and family, and access to your personal information in the hands of someone else.

The last thing you need in that situation is a lawyer who makes you feel uneasy about working with them. For this reason, whether your case contains sensitive information or has repercussions for your future—for example, criminal charges, child custody, divorce, adoption, and more—we’ve put together this list of things not to discuss with a potential lawyer.

My case is going to bring you easy money

Your attorney is dedicated to doing all that is possible to assist you to prevail in court and obtain the best possible result. Presenting your case as if you know all the possible outcomes is an insult to your legal counsel. For lawyers, there is no such thing as easy money. They have worked hard to earn the degree and license necessary to serve as your representative.

You are being paid and you should do what I tell you to do

No, not at all, sweetheart. How wealthy you are doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how strong you are. Your lawyer is not a toy. He doesn’t get paid to be a spokesperson.

Go hire an actor to say the lines you want them to read if that’s what you’re looking for. You sought the lawyer’s knowledge and counsel regarding a specific legal matter. You can choose to follow it now or later. You will pay more later.

I have already done most of the work for you

Working with clients who are serious about their issues is appreciated by attorneys. The flip side of that is the notion that your work on your case supersedes their experience and expertise will probably offend a lawyer. Leave the work to the experts; after all, it is what they have studied and worked on.

I’m not ready with all my documents

An attorney charges for their time. You just lose money and annoy your legal representation when you arrive at appointments unprepared and without the necessary paperwork.

Your lawyer will represent you in the best possible way if you come prepared and put your best foot forward. 

I have already spoken to several other lawyers

A lawyer will be suspicious if you have already spoken with many other lawyers. The idea might be that there is a good reason not to take your case, whether it be because of you, the evidence, or something similar. 

Consider this advice if you’re preparing to begin working with a lawyer. Make sure you’re ready for these exchanges if you’re preparing to hire a lawyer.