6 Best Balloon Decorations Ideas

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By David

60% of people perceive the world around them primarily through their eyes, so a stunning decor will create an amazing first impression of the upcoming celebration!

There are plenty of decor items to use and quality colorful balloons like these https://balloons.online/colors/ take pride of place!

We have prepared for you the top balloon party decoration ideas that will help you impress your guests in the first minute after they arrive!

DIY giant silver balls with tulle and sequins

The colors in this floor arrangement are simply amazing: it will go with almost any color scheme of any event!

You will need:

  • 2 silver “mirror” Mylar items of medium size;
  • 2 large transparent confetti balloons;
  • white and light pink tulle;
  • fishing line;
  • weights;
  • dark pink ribbon.


  • Fill Mylar items with helium and attach one end of each piece of fishing line to each ball. Wrap a dark pink ribbon around the balloon necks and tie it into a bow. Beautifully wrap the weights with pieces of tulle, and secure them with a ribbon. Attach the other ends of the fishing line to the weights.
  • Fill large confetti items with helium. Wrap one of them in white tulle, use light pink tulle for decorating the other one, leaving a bit of material to create “skirts”. Tie the balloon necks with a dark pink ribbon, form beautiful “skirts”. Tie the other ends of the fishing line to the weights as we mentioned above.
  • Place your inflatables next to each other!

Luminous decor for your wedding aisle

This is the perfect solution for a wedding that will allow you to create a beautiful tunnel for the bride and groom to walk to the altar!

You will need:

  • two dozen huge white helium balloons;
  • fishing line;
  • weights;
  • white tulle;
  • colorful fabric with fringes.


  • Attach the inflatables to pieces of fishing line of the same length (the length depends on how high you want your balloons to float). Decorate the weights with tulle, then tie the other end of each piece of fishing line to the weights.
  • Make tassels with fringes (their number depends on the length of the line, the tassels should completely cover the line), and attach them to the line in each composition using double-sided tape.

Floating giant balloons & confetti decor

This composition looks simple, yet very gentle! It will easily help you beautify any event.

You will need:

  • 6-8 huge transparent inflatables;
  • shiny multi-colored confetti;
  • weights;
  • white ribbon.


  • fill each balloon with the confetti of a certain color and inflate them;
  • tie the balloons to one end of the fishing line, and attach the other end to the weights.

Note: you can use pebbles as weights, just paint them with gold or silver spray paint.

Delicate hot-air balloons for your festive table

These delicate compositions with baskets resemble small hot-air balloons that will look beautiful on the tables at your wedding, engagement, or bachelorette party!

You will need:

  • transparent medium-sized balloons on sticks with golden confetti;
  • light pink tulle;
  • light pink ribbon;
  • white cardboard;
  • small real or artificial rosebuds.


  • wrap each ball with tulle, tie the tulle around the balloon necks  with a ribbon, creating beautiful bows;
  • twist a few pieces of ribbon with a wooden kebab stick and hairspray/foam, attach them to the bow with double-sided tape so that they hang down nicely;
  • attach a rosebud to each bow;
  • make open-top square boxes out of white cardboard, roll up the tulle, and tuck into each box;
  • now, stick your balloons in the boxes and beautifully arrange the composition on the table!

Volumetric pink heart

This little heart-shaped arrangement looks so pretty that it’s guaranteed to be one of your most eye-catching party centerpieces!

You will need:

  • thin solid garden hose;
  • small and medium balloons of a light pink color;
  • rosebuds and greenery;
  • adhesive tape;
  • transparent double-sided tape.


  • create a heart-shaped figure from the hose, fasten the two free edges together with adhesive tape;
  • stick several strips of transparent double-sided tape on the frame from edge to edge;
  • start sticking medium-sized balloons to the adhesive tape, gradually filling the entire frame;
  • fill the gaps with small balloons, sticking them on the small pieces of double-sided tape;
  • add some flower buds and greenery, fixing them with small pieces of double-sided tape!

The basket under the clouds for the best baby shower!

These wonderful teddy bear balloon arrangements will make any decor even cuter, reminding you of exciting hot air balloon trips!

You will need:

  • balloons of different sizes and colors;
  • wicker baskets;
  • thin wooden sticks;
  • transparent double-sided tape;
  • teddy bears.


  • attach sticks to the baskets (4 pieces per basket) with double-sided tape;
  • glue double-sided tape around the circumference between the sticks at the top of the composition;
  • start sticking balloons (first big ones, and then small ones) to the tops of your hot air balloons;
  • fill the gaps with small balls using the adhesive tape;
  • fill the baskets with balloons and put a bear in each of them!