5 Most Extreme Destinations in the World

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By David

There is something absolutely freeing regarding the fact that you are away from your home soil! People keep saying “live in the moment,” “enjoy every day like it’s your last”… but who really does that with their studies or 9-5 routine realistically?! Unexpectedly, as you travel through these clichés, they make sense and become a way of life, rather than overplayed phrases that everybody wants to do but can’t handle somehow.

Since it’s just you and your bag, you can live in the moment far far away from home, revel in independence and do stuff that in ‘real-life’ would seem utterly absurd! Check out 5 of the world’s finest extreme travel experiences!

Sky-diving in Australia 

Sky-diving is just not specific to any part of the globe, but there are some amazing spots in Australia! The above jump occurred in Wollongong (near Sydney), but we can also suggest the 15000ft free Mission beach skydive (near Cairns) with Great Barrier Reef sights! If you choose to keep your eyes open and aren’t too distracted swearing you get to check out incredible views from a bird’s eye view – what could be more exciting than that?!

Full Moon Party + Fire Limbo – Koh Phangan 

Surviving the Full Moon Party of Koh Phangan is an accomplishment in itself! You’re lucky if you manage to change lanes, the lethal buckets, mushroom shakes and an island full of hyped lunatics. It’s too much to wrestle with if you’re completely obsessed with fire than the urge to outdo the locals in fire limbo, fire skipping or diving through a fire-coated hoop. It’s quick to get carried away and believe you can beat the ultra-bendy Thai men with superhuman powers. Offer the buckets the blame!

Water Rappelling – Costa Rica

Many claim repelling and some say abseiling… it’s the same thing and it includes hanging, or bouncing down a rock face majestically. Water-rappelling is almost the same, except you bounce down waterfalls in Spiderman form. If you saw Bear Grylls on Celebrity Survivor bring celebrities through their paces, then you’ll have seen the finest water-rappelling sites in Costa Rica. You get a little bit more practice and you can do it without any previous knowledge!

Bike Death Road – Bolivia

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Okay, all I’m going to say is that if you plan to go for it and the notorious Death Path of La Paz mountain bike, don’t Google or YouTube it in advance! Go to what is next fully unaware and enjoy the frightening and exhilarating journey. If you’re not as fit as a violin, don’t worry, because it’s almost all downhill. Perhaps practice gripping a tennis ball over and over in advance, so those brakes are pounded and the arms are locked on for the white-knuckle riding for 4-5 hours. When it comes to destinations like this, you can never be too careful. It is advisable that your preparation include a bit more than physical exercise. Equip yourself with knowledge and get certifications in first aid CPR online so that you can be prepared for any emergency.

Night Volcano Trekking – Indonesia

If you’re in Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia) and you want to go to Bali then don’t be boring and travel or get the bus, volcano trek your way there! Volcano trekking is amazing and typically not anything to be scared of. You might or may not get the chance to spice things up a bit and volcano trek at night… Usually people survive. But if you’re a health and safety fan, you might want to give it a swerve. At sunrise, you can ascend to the top and enjoy the beautiful volcano lake that emerges as the day breaks!