5 Business Concepts to Help You Modernize and Disrupt Your Niche

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By David

Businesses must constantly work to get ahead. In any niche, you have competitors who want your customers or clients. You must fend them off with the best tech, excellent service, and fantastic products.

Let’s discuss some business concepts that can help you stay ahead if you see your competitors closing the gap. Implementing these concepts might let you retain your lead or attract new clients.

Secure Colocation

Your IT department might mention colocation to you. They probably mean your data when they use this term. With secure colocation, you’re using a data center. You lease it from a third-party provider. It’s like a cloud-based deployment model.

You will see differences between secure data colocation and cloud-based deployment, though. With colocation, your company owns the network infrastructure and servers that you use. With a cloud-based model, some other company owns them, and you are essentially leasing them.

You might prefer secure colocation if you have trade secrets or proprietary information you want to protect. You can also expand your data storage in a way that fits your company’s needs. You can grow your network without buying more equipment or purchasing more space.

As you grow your company, your infrastructure can fit your expanding IT needs. Not many companies won’t like that capability.

Recruit New Workers Right Out of College

Many times, if you need to hire new employees, you will post job listings on Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and others. You might find the workers you need, but they may see your company as a stopgap until they find something else. Employee loyalty doesn’t exist much in 2023.

You might counteract this by hiring your newest workers right out of college. You can send representatives to job fairs colleges hold right there on their campuses.

By doing this, you can attract top-tier talent right out of the best schools. They might want jobs in your industry, and if you offer them excellent starting salaries and benefits packages, they may stick with you for a long time.

Loyalty comes into play if you step up and offer a new graduate a position immediately. Your workers might stay with you for years, which doesn’t happen much anymore.

Let Your Workers Use the Hybrid Model

During the pandemic’s first wave, many businesses shut down. Others crept along but at limited capacity.

Remote work happened more than ever before, and some employees liked it very much. Now, with Covid-19 not such an immediate danger, many companies demand their workers return to in-person work. Some won’t willingly do it. You can use this pushback to your advantage.

You might not willingly let your employees do 100% remote work, but if you let them work from home part of the time, they should appreciate that. If your business model supports it, you can encourage loyalty by letting your employees work at your offices a couple of days out of each week and from home the rest of the time.

Automate All of Your Website that You Can

Virtually all businesses need websites now, and you might have workers standing by to help customers who visit your site and need additional help. Your staff might sit waiting and communicate with a customer when they reach out with questions via the site.

You can automate your site by commissioning a company that can create a chatbot for you. The chatbot can field common questions and direct a customer to a live operator only if they need additional help.

You can hire fewer staff members to answer questions since the chatbot can handle many of them. You can allocate the money from their salaries to other departments within the company.

Form Meaningful Customer Relationships Through Social Media

Most companies know to use social media platforms in 2023. You can research what platforms your clients use and create business accounts for customized, personalized marketing.

You can use platforms like Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. The profiles you create can epitomize the brand identity that you’re establishing.

Look at companies that create brand identities via social media that you’d immediately recognize. They do it with the content style and distinct voice they’ve adapted.

You can do the same. You will attract new clients if you hire the right social media manager and content creator. Hire an individual who knows your target audience and speaks to them in their language. Locate someone who speaks using their idioms and knows their various pain points.