10 Of The Best Foliage Plants For Your Majestic Home Garden

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By David

Different plants offer us various majestic sceneries and breathtaking views, and one type of plant that can also give us great vibes is foliage plants. So if you are beginning to consider gardening our next hobby, don’t forget to include foliage plants for a complete picture of a beautiful home garden. You won’t regret adding them to your garden any time soon.

Foliage plants are plants that have majestic, colorful, and decorative leaves. These plants can give your garden an exciting space and even shade and cover. Foliage plants also include houseplants, container plants, ornamental grasses, ground covers, and herbs. Having foliage plants present in your garden will surely make it more appealing and unique from others.

Now, you don’t need to look any further. Below are some of the best foliage plants to include in your home garden. But, if you want to know more, read below and find out for yourself.


Also known as coral bells, a heuchera has gorgeous foliage that makes it a sought-after foliage plant in every home garden. Typical shades of heucheras are burgundy or purple, but you can also see red and lime green shades. Look for a location in your garden that is a bit dry and hot, with full sun or no sun. Heucheras can survive without a drop of water but will look much healthier with ample water. Plant heucheras and see the magic unfold.


Caladiums are considered ornamental foliage plants with a combination of shades like green, pink, and white. They are also called angel wings because of their large, arrowhead-shaped leaves. Caladiums grow in almost any soil but prefer hot, humid weather with rich, organic, well-drained soil. What’s more, is that you can plant caladiums directly to the ground or in containers. 


Artemisia plants include mugworts, tarragon, sweet Annie, and southernwood, some of the most popular artemisia plants. Although their flowers tend to be insignificant, their foliage is something that you should be in awe of. Most artemisia plants have silvery-gray foliage that makes them an eye-catcher for your home garden. In addition, they require partial to full sun and well-drained, rich soil.


A perennial plant, the hosta is considered one of the most popular plants nowadays because of its stunning and elegant foliage. They come in the shade of green, white, gold, blue, or a combination of those and bloom during summer. When planting hostas, you need to look for a location where partial shade is abundant. One tip is to plant them under or near trees.

Elephant Ears

The size of the foliage of elephant ears will undeniably make it the center of attention in your garden; even Dumbo’s ears would get jealous. Elephant ears prefer rich, moist soil and like being partially submerged in water. When planting elephant ears, you should also consider your hardiness zone. Elephant ears are hardy in zones eight and above.


Even without its banana-like leaves, cannas are still one of the best foliage ever to graze your home garden. Their tropical style foliage makes it an outstanding addition to any garden and can increase the overall aesthetics. They love full sun and well-drained soil. You can plant them in containers and put them in a water garden for a more favorable outcome.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses will undeniably add texture and movement to your home garden. The best way to plant ornamental grasses is in groups. They are more majestic that way. Also, ornamental grasses are low-maintenance, and a yearly “haircut” will do them just fine. Indeed, you would never go wrong with ornamental grasses in your garden.

Rex Begonia

Rex begonias are perhaps the most attention-grabber among all plant foliages. Although they are a bit demanding and need constant attention, the results would surprise you as they can be a superstar of their own. Rex begonias require a humid environment and indirect sunlight. Misting them using a spray bottle would also do the trick for these unusual plants.

Lamb’s Ear

Another garden favorite are these fuzzy, soft, gray leaves that are a comfort to see. Lamb’s ear is a winter favorite and can thrive in cold temperatures. They are also a children’s favorite because if you rub them, it’s as soft as a lamb’s ear! They are relatively low-maintenance, and you can even ignore them over the winter and still have them during springtime.

Dusty Miller

There is no reason not to like this powdery gray foliage that is as soft as cotton. Dusty millers are foliage plants that should be present in every home garden because they can give your garden a more aesthetic look. They like full sun, are drought-tolerant, and can be grown in containers. Enjoy a silvery foliage plant with dusty millers around!


Although bright, shiny, and colorful flowers will sit right in every home garden, a mix and match of the many kinds of plants will also do the magic. And one of which are foliage plants. Include the foliage plants mentioned above when starting your home garden and witness the magic unfold within your very eyes.